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Session 6F2013 Hi-Tec ConferenceAustin, Texas Why Should We Hire You?

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1 Session 6F2013 Hi-Tec ConferenceAustin, Texas Why Should We Hire You?

2 About BATEC  Center of Excellence … Computing & Information Technology … NSF Sponsored, based at University of Massachusetts … National ATE Center (MPICT, CSN, CCC, Boston)  Scope of Activities … Authentic Curriculum Development … Engaging Outreach Programs … Actionable Research 21 April 2015 / Slide 2

3 Why Should We Hire You?  This session is about STUDENT PREPARATION … in PROFESSIONAL (SOFT SKILLS), … with a FOCUS ON PRE-EMPLOYMENT SKILLS,... for STUDENTS seeking INTERNSHIPS or … INITIAL EMPLOYMENT.  This session offers educational guidance to … academic faculty, and career center professionals. 21 April 2015 / Slide 3

4 21 April 2015 / Slide 4

5 21 April 2015 / Slide 5

6 The BATEC Employability Skills Seminar  Curriculum and Supporting Materials … Six hours of classroom preparation … Pre-employment professional skills … Lesson Plans, handouts, websites, tools, exercises  Three Modules  1A/1B/1C:Who are you (Self Assessment)  2A:Where do you want to go (Career / Job Selection)  3A/3B:How do I make this happen (Getting Hired) 21 April 2015 / Slide 6

7 Module One: Who Are You?  Self Assessment a) Academic Experience b) Project Portfolio c) Personality Tests (Meyers-Briggs, Focus II) d) Interest Inventory e) Appearance & First Impression f) Digital Imprint (Facebook, Linked-In) g) Professional Resume h) Cover Letter i) Elevator Pitch 21 April 2015 / Slide 7

8 Preparation & Appearance 21 April 2015 / Slide 8

9 Module Two: Who Do You Want to Be?  Career / Job Exploration a) Industry / Company / Job Research b) Identification of References & Mentors c) Solicitation of Recommendations d) Creating a Professional Network e) Elevator Pitch(Revised) 21 April 2015 / Slide 9

10 Engaging the EcoSystem 21 April 2015 / Slide 10

11 Module Three: How do I make this Happen?  Getting that 1 st Professional Experience a) Identification of Key Websites b) Attending 1 st Industry Event c) Effectively Supporting the Elevator Pitch d) Mock Interviews e) Managing the Recommendation Process f) Professional & Diligent Follow Up 21 April 2015 / Slide 11

12 21 April 2015 / Slide 12

13 How do I access this?  Today  Leave a business card  Send an email (  September  21 April 2015 / Slide 13

14 Thank You Lou Piazza, Director – BATEC GrantDimitri Linde – Outreach Coordinator University of Massachusetts, BostonBATEC Center for Computing & Information Technology

15 About BATEC 21 April 2015 / Slide 15  Broadening Advanced Technological Education Connections (BATEC) a National Science Foundation- funded Center of Excellence for IT Education, is dedicated to the complex mission of developing career- focused pathways to high-technology education and practical work experience for motivated, typically underserved high school, community college and university students in four urban regions – Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Las Vegas. These four regions feature a high demand for skilled labor coupled with great opportunities for building new connections in skills-training and workforce development. Learn more about BATEC at  This material is based on work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Numbers DUE 1104145, CNS 0939089, CNS 0837739, DUE 0302912, DUE 0703097, CCF 0722237, and CNS 0634412. Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the National Science Foundation.

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