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Where Life and Learning Meet Metropolitan State University.

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1 Where Life and Learning Meet Metropolitan State University

2 An urban university serving primarily older students of diverse backgrounds

3 Minnesota 12th largest state 225,181 sq. KM Population about 5.2 million

4 Twin Cities – Minneapolis & St. Paul

5 Founding about 600 years younger that PTE Began in 1971 as upper-division university offering bachelor’s degrees for working adults No classrooms No library No grades – pass or fail based on competency assessment No dorms No football team

6 And the University has been moving to a more traditional status ever since While other universities and colleges are becoming more “untraditional” Traditional, 18-22 year old students in a residential school, have dropped to about 40% of the higher education population

7 Use of Words University means institution has more than one college combined with offering graduate programs as well College is made up of Departments Faculty are the professors and lecturers Work under labor union contract in Minnesota state system Shared governance model

8 Metropolitan State Mission To provide accessible, high-quality, liberal arts, professional, and graduate education to citizens of the metropolitan area, with continued emphasis on underserved groups, including adults and communities of color

9 Accessible Classes during day, evening, and Saturday Online and web-enhanced In various city locations Tuition Undergraduate student, resident: 177.15 Nursing, Metropolitan State, resident: $247.43 Online course enrollment: $252.43 U of Minnesota nursing credit hour: $489.76 Underserved Working adults Populations of color Producing alumni to work with underserved populations

10 High Quality Accredited MSN Entry students had 100% board pass Accounting professionals rate the business school best Emphasis on teaching, not research Small classes – 32 is the largest possible class

11 Student Population ~ 10,000 students 5,115 full time equivalent 91% undergraduate 59% female 29% students of color Average age – 32 years

12 Student Examples Commencement—Graduation is May 6 Student speaker is Roman E. Rowan, age 69, who retired from executive management in the computer software industry and now completed a new BA in natural sciences and environmental issues One MBA graduate, David Urbia, is in Iraq with the US Department of State and will be represented at graduation by family members

13 Differences Students pay tuition plus fees; some get government grants or loans, but no one gets free higher education Books also a significant expense Students also expected to come to every class. Mandatory report after 2 nd class Some faculty grade also on classroom participation

14 Library Share a building with a branch of Saint Paul Public Library

15 How many use library


17 Colleges College of Arts and Sciences College of Management Partnership with China University of Technology College of Professional Studies College of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice First College Peace Corp partnership Prior Learning or Student/Faculty Designed Independent Learning College of Nursing and Health Sciences

18 Top 10 Majors Individualized Study Business Administration Accounting Criminal Justice Nursing Psychology Law Enforcement Finance Social Work Human Services

19 College of Nursing and Health Sciences Undergraduate Nursing RN-BSN Associate degree completion program; 5 cohorts LPN-BSN Graduate Nursing MSN Leadership and Management Nursing Education Nurse Practitioner oFamily Nurse Practitioner oAdult/Geriatric Nurse Practitioner

20 MSN Entry Level Practice For students with at least a bachelor’s degree in another field Doctoral Program Doctor of Nurse Practice (DNP) Applied Doctorate Requirement for Nurse Practitioner for 2015 board exams Developing BSN-DNP curriculum

21 Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene Completion Program Oral Health Practitioner

22 Anticipated Programs Bachelor’s completion and graduate program for orthotics and prosthetics health professionals Generic, basic BSN program Both of these will be held in conjunction with a community college

23 Community Based Learning Center provides leadership and coordination Academic Internships Study Abroad Project Shine (students Helping in Naturalization of Elders) College for Kids United We Serve Day Often recruit students to work with elementary students to help them learn to read

24 DUET Clinic Located in public housing area with large Hmong population Will provide a clinical site for nurse practitioner students Staffing: Dual certified Family and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, also Certified Diabetes Educator VISTA Volunteer, serving as Business Manager


26 Grand Opening – November 2009

27 DUET Clinic Services Child physicals Basic adult physicals Treatment of ear, tooth, and sinus pain Colds/upper respiratory infections Hemoglobin check Diabetes screening Blood pressure screening

28 Homeless Clinic Wednesday Evening program sponsored by nearby Lutheran Church Community health nursing students experience Provides an opportunity for nurse practitioner experience as well



31 Thank you for your attention.

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