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1 Prof. Carlo Naldi Prof. Carlo Naldi Vice Rector Vice Rector Politecnico di Torino.

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1 1 Prof. Carlo Naldi Prof. Carlo Naldi Vice Rector Vice Rector Politecnico di Torino

2 2

3 Historical site Castello del Valentino International campus inside the city.

4 The Campuses and the Regional Network Civil - Electronic - Mechanical Engineering Textile Engineering Information Technologies and Mechatronics Engineering Plastic Materials – Electrical - Civil - Mechanical Enginnering Architecture - Information Technologies – Mechanical Food and Agricultural Engineering – Water Engineering Verrès Mondovì

5 28.000 students (4.500 first year students) 2.300 students graduated with a Master of Science degree each year 2.000 students graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree each year 700 PhD students Facts and figures 116 courses: 34 Bachelor degree courses 35 Master degree courses 20 PhD courses 27 Post-graduate courses 82 students out of 100 are employed within 1 year after graduating (national average: 61% ) 92 students out of 100 are employed within 2 years after graduating (national average: 71%) 900 lecturers and researchers  engineering  (19.500)  architecture  (8.500)

6 The Politecnico di Torino currently position is 57 th in the world 7 th in Europe 1 st in Italy among the top Engineering universities (*) The reputation University World Rank Univ Cambridge16 Imperial Coll London27 Swiss Fed Inst Tech - Lausanne28 Univ Oxford41 Univ Manchester44 Chalmers Univ Tech51-75 Politecnico di Torino 51-75 Swiss Fed Inst Tech - Zurich51-75 Tech Univ Denmark51-75 Univ Bordeaux 151-75 Univ Bristol51-75 Univ Leuven51-75 Univ Sheffield51-75 (*) Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ranking 2008

7 7 Education: Education: Bachelor – Master - Doctorate Bachelor – Master - Doctorate Politecnico di Torino

8 1st level Specializing Master BS 180 cr. “Laurea” 2nd level Specializing Master PhD 180 cr. “Dottorato di Ricerca” MS 120 cr ” Laurea magistrale” Preuniversity education 13 years Structure of Education in Italy 1 year = 60 ECTS

9 9 MQ previsti: 7.600 …the new Politecnico Campus

10 10 Mechanics Automotive Aerospace & Aeronautical Biomedical Eng. Chemical Eng. Engineering Curricula Building Eng. Civil Eng. Environmental Eng. Electrical Eng. Energy Materials Textile

11 11 Logistics and Production Management Mathematics for Engineering Physical Engineering Automation Computers Electronics Cinema & Media Engineering Telecommunications Mechatronics Telematics

12 The Valentino Castle The XVII Century Royal residence Seat of the Schools of Architecture Representative site of ONU in Torino

13 13 Architecture curricula Architecture Eco-compatible Design Industrial Design Virtual & Graphic Design Town planning Cultural heritage preservation

14 PhD programs Three-year courses Relevant role of PhD students Increase in grants financed by business Incentives for businesses financing PhD grants from 22,5% (2000) to 48,7% (2008) 700 PhD students vs. 897 professors and researchers Tax reduction

15 15 Internationalization: Internationalization: Student Mobility Student Mobility Politecnico di Torino

16 International Cooperation 300 cooperation agreements with foreign universities Joint degree partnership with more than 90 European and non-European universities 3.500 foreign students attending the Politecnico 30% of the courses are in English 500 Politecnico students studying abroad in prestigious universities Politecnico di Torino offers International mobility programmes and opportunities for exchange in a multi-cultural and multi-linguistic environment

17 17 Bachelor of Science (Laurea)  Electronic and Computer Engineering  Automotive Engineering  Textile Engineering  1st year for all Engineering Curricula  1st year for Architecture Curricula Programme offering in English

18 18  Electronic Engineering  Computer Engineering  Communication Engineering  Nanotechnologies for ICTs  Computer and Communication Networks  Industrial Engineering and Management  Computer Engineering  Oil Engineering Master of Science (Laurea magistrale) Educational offer in English

19 19 BS 180 cr. “Laurea” II level Specializing Master PhD 180 cr. “Dottorato di Ricerca” MS 120 cr ” Laurea magistrale” Preuniversity education 13 years Standard UE 1 year full-time study  60 credits

20 20 2 nd level specializing masters  Wireless Communication  Satellite Communication using Galileo  E- business  Advanced Remediation Technologies for Contaminated Sites  Tunnelling and Tunnel Boring Machines  Space Exploration and Development Systems  Petroleum Engineering Educational offer in English

21 2 nd level Specializing Master in English

22 International Students Academic year N° of students

23 2007/2008: 2500 international students coming from 94 countries International Students

24 Double degrees

25 Bachelor of Science courses in English 1st year for all Engineering Curricula (Torino) 1st year for Architecture Curricula (Torino) Automotive Engineering (Torino) Textile Engineering (Biella) Electronic and Computer Engineering (Vercelli) International Programs Master of Science courses in English Communication Engineering Computer Engineering Electronic Engineering Electronic Engineering (Communication Systems Eng.) Computer and Communication Networks Engineering Industrial Engineering and Management Nanotechnologies for ICT Environmental Engineering (Petroleum Engineering)

26 The Master of Science Degree of the University of Illinois at the Politecnico di Torino TOP-UIC program Since 1997 Master in Mechanical Engineering and in Electrical and Computer Engineering All classes and are taught in English at Politecnico di Torino, by local teachers accredited by UIC

27 ATLAS Project ATLAS Project The EU-USA Atlantis Program Dual MS Degree program with Georgia Institute of Technology Fields: Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications.

28 Joint project promoted by Italian Ministry of University and Research in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano and the Shanghai Tongji University. Chinese-Italian Joint Campus Scientific area : Mechanical Eng. and ICT Educational level : Bachelor of Science Length-Chinese students : 4 years (1st, 2nd, 3rd in China, 4th in Italy ) Italian students: 3 years (1st and 3rd in Italy, 2nd in China) No. of students enrolled : 80 for first year activity Beginning of activities : September 2006 – Opening Ceremony

29 29 Alta Scuola Politecnica Mission Joint venture  Politecnico di Torino  Politecnico di Milano Education  to form the leading class of the future  MS programs for a solid technical background in Torino or Milano  specific additional ASP activities.

30 30 Specific ASP activities  15 credits for interdisciplinary courses  15 credits for interdisciplinary projects Admission  top students  25% reserved to outstanding foreigners:  no tuition fees  no cost for lodging

31 The online application form for the 2008/2009 academic year application has been published in December 2008: 6.700 registrations (+50% of last year) The application process for all foreign students is carried out via Internet Application for all available Politecnico scholarship projects is automatic Apply@Polito

32  Strengthen presence of Piedmont in LA  Attract LA best students to Politecnico America Latina PIemonte Politecnico Partners National and local government, industrial board, chamber of commerce, bank foundations, Boella Institute Goals Funding ~8.3 M€ in 8 editions, starting from 2001 Results 4225 applications - 406 scholarships 118 scholarship awarded to Brasilian

33 33 Candidates per country

34 34 Candidates per programs

35 35 Grants distributed per country

36 36  Joint PhDs with best Brazilian institution  Scholarship for 10 students  Selection at national level America Latina PIemonte Politecnico Conycit  PhD level (2 years)  Scholarship for 5-6 Chilean students per year selected at national level. Capes

37 ACTIVITIES WITH BRASIL COLLABORATION WITH FIAT BRASIL  Agreement on:  Scientific and research collaboration  Joint education initiatives  Promotion of students and researchers mobility  Support to Brasilian students selected to attend the Bachelor of Science in Automotive Engineering in 2008/09 academic year

38 ACTIVITIES WITH BRASIL PROJECTJOVENS MINEIROS CIDADAOS DO MUNDO  Pilot project sponsored by Regione Piemonte and by the Government of Minas Gerais  20 UEMG students attended a 6 weeks course in Industrial Design on January 2008

39 Agreement with Brasilian institutions  Universidad do Maringà  Universidade do Sao Paulo,  Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso do Sul  Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais  Universidade Pontificia Catolica do Paranà  Universidade Estadual Paulista "Julio de Mesquita Filho"  Universidad Estadual de Campinas  Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul  Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro  Universidade Federal do Pernambuco  Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais  Fondaçào Universidade de Brasilia  Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro  Universidade do Pernambuco  Secreteria da Ciencia,Tecnologia, Desenvolvimento Economico e Turismo de Estado do Sao Paulo  Secreteria da Ciencia,Tecnologia, do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul  Prefeitura de Santo Andre e Cicsene  Federação das Industrias do Estado do Santa Catarina  FIESP  FIERG  Estado do Minas Gerais  CAPES  Prefeitura de Osasco (S.P.)  FIAT Brasil

40 40 Brasilian students at the Politecnico Politecnico di Torino

41 Brasilian students 21 scholarships awarded to Brasilian students in the 2008/2009 academic year :  9 Bachelor of Science (mainly Automotive Engineering)  11 Master of Science  1 II level Specializing Master

42 Brasilian students Academic year No. of students

43 Brasilian students per academic level

44 Brasilian students per Institution

45 Brasilian students per domains

46 The end

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