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Eyeing the future of healthcare David Schafran

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1 Eyeing the future of healthcare David Schafran

2 Source: Essilor, Infomarket 2009, CPB Research, numbers may not add due to rounding 1.6 Billion 2.4 Billion 2.4 Billion People w/out Glasses who need them around the world 2 Problem

3 Patients: “Eye care is inaccessible and costly” Eye Care Providers/Vendors: “There’s no easy way to inexpensively or effectively: -Test patients -Deliver eye care products and services” 3 Why?

4 4 Medical Diagnostic Devices


6 6 Slit Lamp ExamRetinal Scan

7 Phoropter Reading Charts

8 What if we could create a new platform for eye care that: Is accessible virtually anywhere by almost anyone Produces high quality measurements for eyeglasses that patients can trust Efficiently connects patients to products and services through the mobile network ….all at a low cost? 8 Question

9 Digital ecosystem for eyecare to serve 1 Billion people Introducing EyeNetra 9

10 Near Eye Tool for Refractive Assessment “Mobile Phone + Software + Eyepiece” 10 Introducing NETRA-G

11 Shack-Hartmann WS Wavefront aberrometer Refraction Map using Wavefront Sensor

12 12 Spot Diagram on LCD User interactively creates the Spot Diagram 1. Displace 25 spots with smart UI CellPhone LCD EyePiece 2. Displace spots till single dot perceived NETRA = Inverse of Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor 12

13 13 300+ DPI LCDs

14 Breakthrough Science Off the Shelf Components Piggybacking on Mobile Phone Hardware 14 3 Major Innovations

15 Split Image Focus

16 16 Software replaces moving parts

17 17 NETRA-G of the near future

18 NETRA-G Auto-refractorPhoropterRetinoscope Accurate Economical Portable Minimal training Fast Automatic Networked 18 NETRA-G is a superior refractive testing tool

19 Awards Click Images to view award pages and press articles/videos 19 Clinical Test Partners Press

20 Confidential20 NETRA-G UX Testing Worldwide

21 21 Mumbai Slum Outreach: Lotus Eye Hospital in Dharavi Hyderabad Eye Hospital: LV Prasad Eye Institute Patient’s home, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil School, Nairobi, Kenya Mumbai Optical Shop Chennai Optical Shop Mumbai Optical Shop Hyderabad Eye Clinic: LV Prasad Eye Institute Primary vision center

22 Worldwide: $750 M *Device sales only 22 Markets: Current Worldwide: $75 B India: $1 B China: $5 B *EyeNetra will significantly expand this market Ophthalmic DiagnosticsEyeglasses

23 Underserved Consumers in India and underdeveloped markets Worldwide: 2. 4 B people w/out glasses who need India: > 300 M China: > 400 M 23 Disruptive opportunity #1 Source: Essilor and Procter & Gamble

24 32 *Source: Essilor Base of Pyramid Need but no demand Not affordable Little access Emerging Middle Class Need and demand Affordable Need testing Top of Pyramid Need and demand Affordable Access to testing 10% 40% A small rise in income = Massive jump in demand for Eyecare A small rise in income drives massive jump in demand for eyecare

25 Big Need/Market: 300M+ without glasses who need them Underserved: 10K optometrists for > 1B people Demand: 100K Optical shops demand auto-refractors and quality/low cost glasses No Regulation on medical devices or prescribing/selling glasses Good infrastructure: Eyeglasses makers available in major cities Expertise of founders Great traction with partners 25 Why India

26 Today: Entrepreneurs have to spend a lot of money to open up an optical shop: Autorefractor* - $5000. Large up front cost. Rely on patients coming to store Must have own linkages to fulfillment – difficult to negotiate good rates 26 India Opticals Today Vs. Tomorrow *Many don’t have testing equipment because of price or lack of trained professional/optometrist.

27 Tomorrow:  FREE (or low cost) diagnostic  High quality product fulfillment included NETRA – G, free or low cost Access to new clients via 1-800-EYENETRA call center which funnels and relays testing requests Wireless connection to discounted brand-name lenses and frames 27 India Opticals Today Vs. Tomorrow

28 Point of care in USA and developed markets 28 Disruptive opportunity #2 28

29 29 Product Pipeline: Eyecare Medkit Tablet example


31 Hardware App Store 31

32 3d Printing + Maker Spaces 3d Printer for PrototypingWorkspace Snapshot

33 Slit Lamp ExamCataract

34 CATRA: Cataract Screening Tool Vitor Pamplona Erick Passos Jan Zizka Manuel M. Oliveira Everett Lawson Esteban Clua Ramesh Raskar

35 CATRA: Radar for Cloud Cover Moving patterns on Screen Cell Phone Display Pinhole Lens


37 37 Eye is mirror of health

38 Impacting lives of hundreds of millions Disruptive technology | Disruptive business model | Global Social Impact 38

39 Symbiotes for Health

40 Dr. Smartphone  Tricorder

41 41 Diagnostic/monitoring data + AI Analytics Engines = Predictive Medicine

42 What’s the role of the doc?



45 Consumer health Emerging markets AI Analytics cloud POC diagnostics Democratization of Hardware Tricorder XPrize

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