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2 M ISSION USFLN Mission The United States Fab Lab Network (USFLN) promotes responsible collaboration in digital fabrication. It evolved in November 2009 from the regional Midwest Fab Lab Network (MFLN, formed in December 2006). The mission of the USFLN, in the spirit of The (MIT) Fab Charter, is to support digital fabrication in academics, business, and community outreach: In academics, the USFLN encourages Fab Labs to engage students and teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), as well as other disciplines. In business, it promotes invention, entrepreneurship, and skills needed for a 21st- century global economy. In community outreach, it makes resources available to empower underserved and non-traditional populations. The USFLN fosters innovation and creativity that contribute to the nation's well-being. Membership is open to any person and/or organization that follows The (MIT) Fab Charter. updated: January 27, 2011 2

3 M EMBERSHIP USFLN Membership Guidelines A member of the USFLN is an individual and/or organization working collaboratively with the leadership and other members of USFLN. In most cases, members have – or are in the process of installing – Fab Labs in their own communities and/or organizations. Members that do not have Fab Labs are otherwise engaged in USFLN activities (e.g., providing resources to other groups, organizations, and individuals seeking information on Fab Labs, etc.) in addition to developing their own Fab Labs. USFLN Members are strongly encouraged to: Participate in the annual USFLN symposium. Participate in USFLN webinars and seminars. Mentor other USFLN members who are planning or considering Fab Labs. Attend the annual MIT global Fab Lab network meeting, when possible. Make themselves available to be subject-matter experts to others. Provide a nominal amount of time to the USFLN initiatives, as requested. Share advice and suggestions with others in project information (including instructions, plans, etc.). Provide regular updates on progress and activities to USFLN for distribution to others. Follow The (MIT) Fab Charter. updated: January 27, 2011 3

4 PRIORITIES Priorities from an external formal survey of seventy people associated with Fab Labs include the following: Creating a robust clearinghouse for data and support materials. Developing educational support materials. Documenting the impact of Fab Labs in academics, business, community outreach, and research. 4

5 PRIORITIES Priorities from an external formal survey of seventy people associated with Fab Labs include the following: Strengthening communications and interactions among Fab Labs domestic and global. Cultivating collaborative projects between and among Fab Labs. Marketing to increase local, regional, and national visibility of the USFLN. Growing resources to strengthen USFLN administration 5


7 PRODUCTS Products Available Three planning guides, developed as part of the Midwest Digital Fabrication Partnership grant from the National Science Foundation: Initial Planning Guide Fab Lab Introduction Guide Fab Lab Instruction Guide Available, at no cost, by request: Fab Lab Lifecycle (Planning & Justification) Webinar, May 2011 Webinar guide and full webinar available online. Fab Lab Lifecycle (Implementation & Sustainability), December 2011 Webinar guide and full webinar available online. 7


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