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FIND Fulfilling Iowa’s Need for Dentists Powerful Partnerships Across Iowa.

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1 FIND Fulfilling Iowa’s Need for Dentists Powerful Partnerships Across Iowa

2 Since 2008 A Partnership of Collaboration

3 All IOWA DENTISTS Age Distribution Comparison 1997-2010 YearTotal DentistsAverage Age 2010 1487 47 1997 1446 46


5 Targeted Dental Education Loan Repayment Program

6 The Delta Dental of Iowa Dental Education Loan Repayment Program  Overview Grant funds are tax-exempt Full-time dentist in one of the Delta Dental shortage areas $50,000 over a 3-year period

7 The Delta Dental of Iowa Dental Education Loan Repayment Program  Ongoing Requirements 35% patient load allocated to underserved patients Underserved patients include uninsured, Medicaid,handicapped, elderly, nursing home, refugees, homeless, indigent, etc.

8 The Delta Dental of Iowa Dental Education Loan Repayment Program  Qualifications Must have at least $50,000 in educational debt Must be fully trained, licensed (or in the process) and good standing with the Board of Dental Examiners

9 Delta Dental of Iowa 2010-2011 LRP Applicable Counties

10 The Delta Dental of Iowa / FIND Dental Education Loan Repayment Program 2010-2011 Current State Appropriation – 2 slots available Up to $100,000 award – repayment of dental education debt (w/community involvement) Must meet the Delta Dental program qualifications and at a minimum the ongoing requirements Must have a state license before June 15 th, 2012

11 Delta Dental of Iowa Loan Repayment Recipients 2003 -2010

12 Community Outreach Opportunities & Testimonials

13 IADG MISSION Advance business and community development projects and strategies on behalf of our utility sponsors, members and economic development partners.

14 IADG History & Overview

15 Electric Cooperative Service Territory

16 IADG Partners & Services –Electric Cooperatives & Municipals –Independent Telephone Companies –Services Incentive Financial Packaging Site & Building Location Services Project Management & Technical Support Existing Business & Industry Outreach Marketing Support Efforts / 5-Points –Accomplishments & Projects Projects / Jobs / Capital Investment

17 Connecting Points Recognize the Importance of Good Health Care in Rural Iowa for Business & Industry. Business & Industry Needs Your Services Dental Practice Sales, Retirements, Transfers & Closures Incentives, Business Financing & Available Space Community Preparedness & Marketing Coaching & Support

18 The Strategy FIND Outreach to Dental Students  Liaison with Practice Opportunities Office, U of I School of Dentistry (70 to 75 students graduate each year)  Creighton University Graduates  Outreach to Private Sector Partners  Annual Practice Opportunity Fair –  Annual Rural Community Resources Panel  Provide CONNECTIONS To Iowa Communities

19 The Strategy FIND Outreach to Communities Plan early Assist/facilitate with dental profession succession Cultivate local engagement Compile/Assemble your resources (financial, real estate, grants, funders, etc.) Community profile on FIND website Take action – call us with your needs

20 Success Story Dr. Maria Fuller - Corning  Burlington, IA native  Conducted bus tour of the state  Chose Corning  City, CIPCO, and USDA partnered to make offer Maria could not refuse  Thriving practice, has become community leader, AND  Plans to stay in rural Iowa until she retires!

21 Dr. Maria Fuller Dr. Fuller: “If you want to be busy in your practice, go to rural Iowa!” Beth Waddle*: “This was not a text- book method, the project happened by the nature of the unique local leadership of Corning.” *Adams County Development

22 Success Story Dr. Louie Ching – Sac City oNative of the Philippines oHad considered Nebraska, BUT oDecision to locate based on the quality of life in rural Iowa for his family oOther factors included-affordable housing, daycare services, and job opportunities for Mrs. Ching

23 Dr. Louie Ching Dr. Ching: “I chose Sac City because of its openness and welcoming attitude. The local leadership was very accommodating and openly concerned about my wife’s needs in locating to Sac City.” Shirley Phillips, Sac County Development: “Spin-off you don’t think about - having a dentist in the community prevents retail leakage.”

24 Dr. George North Dr. Travis Harbaugh Allison, Iowa Location Highlights: Mentor Arrangement Succession Management Building Customer Base from Dr. North Hometown Area FIND Recipient Local Foundation Match Other Incentives

25 Dr. Roberto Mareno West Liberty, Iowa Location Highlights: Family Practice / Mentor Arrangement Delta Dental Loan Repayment Recipient He is gaining a “huge amount of experience” with the underserved population

26 Project FIND Reaches $1 Million Mark Dr. Kirstina Gratz Bloomfield, Iowa (Office Opened This Week) Location Highlights: Renting Space Bought the Equipment FIND Recipient Local Revolving Loan Funds Helped Project May consider USDA financing in the future IADG assistance with application Bloomfield, Iowa Davis County

27 New Partners: Downing Construction Great History / Proven Record 40 Locations in Five Years Partner for the Future 17 Point…Plan of Action Debt Financing Path for Ownership

28 Downing Action Plan for “Turn Key” Operation… Vision Feasibility Study Site Selection or Remodeling Financial / Legal Design Planning & Zoning Technology through Patterson Cost Analysis Construction Accounting Services And Much More… Planning / Consultation Drawings / Estimates are all free of charge prior to construction.

29 Examples of Community Incentives Among Others  Signing bonuses;  Low interest loans; (RLF / USDA / other)  Facility purchase assistance;  Financial assistance for leasehold improvements;  Existing Practice Purchase Support;  Community Visitation / Interview Expense Reimbursement;

30 Examples of Community Incentives Continued -  Employment assistance for spouses;  Housing assistance;  School integration assistance for children, and  Delta Dental School Loan Repayment!

31 FIND Marketing Opportunities

32 University of Iowa College of Dentistry Office of Iowa Practice Opportunities Strategies Student Mentor Program Lunch-and-Learns Practice Opportunities Website Office of Iowa Practice Opportunities Iowa Practice Opportunity Fair Rural Practice Panel Student Surveys

33 4/20/2015


35 Website picture

36 What Can You Do To Help the FIND Mission? Start Today! 1.Be aware: Take note of dental practices and other business changes in your territory. 2.Be knowledgeable: Visit the FIND website; learn more about communities that are seeking new dentists. 3. Be in touch: Contact IADG when we can be of assistance to you with rural communities or businesses in Iowa.

37 How to Engage with FIND Partners For Delta Dental of Iowa Dental Education Loan Repayment Program-- Suzanne Heckenlaible, Delta Dental,, (515) 261-5559 For Practice Opportunities in Iowa -- Deb Hoyle, Office of Iowa Practice Opportunities, The University of Iowa College of Dentistry, (319) 335-9865

38 How to Engage with FIND Partners For Community Assistance-- Rand Fisher, Iowa Area Development Group, (800) Bruce Hansen, Iowa Area Development Group,, (800) Sue Cosner, Ripple Effect, (800) For Dental Demographics and Economic Research of Iowa’s 99 counties & the I-Smile Program -- Dr. Bob Russell, Oral Health Bureau, Iowa Department of Public Health, (866) 528-4020

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