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Shinto Shinto (神道).

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1 Shinto Shinto (神道)

2 Shinto (神道) is the main religion in Japan.
Shinto has no known founder or single sacred scripture. Shinto became a national religion for Japanese in the 8th century.

3 Kami (神) are the spirits that are worshiped in the religion of Shinto
Kami (神) are the spirits that are worshiped in the religion of Shinto. They are the four elements, nature, animals, souls of the dead. Amaterasu is the principal god (Goddess of Sun) in this religion.

4 Nachi Falls is the main object of worship with a height of 133 meters

5 Miyamairi is Japanese version of infant Baptism
Shinto ceremony sometimes marks life stages of Japanese. One month after birth parents and grand-parents bring the child to a shrine, where they express gratitude to the Shinto spirits

6 Shinto festivals Shichigosan

7 Japanese wedding

8 Rituals The method of prayer before the alter at shrines is quite different from that of Buddhist temples. As part of prayer ritual, worshipers bow twice, clap their hands twice, bow once more and then throw coins into a offertory box. During the rituals people communicate with kami. Most of Shinto shrines house sacred objects such as mirrors (the symbol of the Sun Goddess), swords and jewel on the altar, where the gods are believed to live, and the objects serve as spirit symbols of the gods.

9 Shinto priest and priestess

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