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“Journeying With Abraham” By Joe Lenton

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1 “Journeying With Abraham” By Joe Lenton

2 Journeying With Abraham A fresh approach to a classic story Great for group or individual study Highly practical with a focus on application to our lives today Engaging questions Enables theological reflection using our experiences, imagination, emotions and analytical skills

3 The “Journeying With...” Study Series Bible study that really contributes to our lives and the life of our churches Can be used whatever your denominational affiliation – can bring people together Get people excited about studying the Bible together

4 Journeying With Abraham “Are you looking for a fresh way of interacting with the Bible?... I warmly commend Joe Lenton's approach to Bible Study; the material he has produced will help us to engage with Scripture in a life-changing way.” (Rev’d Canon Gordon Bridger, Retired Principal of Oak Hill Theological College, Author of “The Message of Obadiah, Nahum and Zephaniah” from the IVP Bible Speaks Today series)

5 Journeying With Abraham "With a mixture of background material and a plentiful selection of questions, this book helps us to journey with Abraham and to also journey deeper with God. I commend it to individuals and to groups for their own journeying of faith." (The Rev’d Dr. Ian McIntosh, Principal, Eastern Region Ministry Course)

6 Journeying With Abraham Written out of a passion for lifelong learning with the Bible, this book is designed to bring Scripture and everyday life together Each Chapter has a wide variety of questions to help you interact with the text There are suggestions for prayer based on ideas found in the text Both individuals and groups find these notes stimulating and fresh The focus is on transformation not information

7 The “Journeying With...” Study Series Can be used many times with different results Enriches prayer Suitable for a wide range of personality types

8 Providing tools to help you grow "My heart says of you, Seek His face! Your face, LORD, I will seek" (Psalm 27:8, NIV)

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