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Atonement’s New Website Member Introduction Last Updated: 19 December 2006.

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1 Atonement’s New Website Member Introduction Last Updated: 19 December 2006

2 Overview We have recently revamped our website We hope you will find it more inviting and more useful This is a brief overview of the new site If you have questions or suggestions for the site, please contact Brent Nemmers (

3 Public Site—Home Page Link to WELS Home Page Site Search Flash Animation Control (Off for dial-up) Physical Address & Email Link Member Login Side Menu Top Menu (Short List) Calendar Preview Preview of Last Posted Sermon

4 Public Site—Top Bar Menu Google Map of Atonement’s Address Guest Book for Visitors to Leave Comments Archive of Previous Sermons Calendar of Upcoming Events List of Bible Study/Fellowship Groups Brief Statement of Beliefs

5 Public Site—Side Menu Link to Public Home Page The side menu contains items not found on the top menu List of Service Times List of Council Members and Group Leaders Calvary Lutheran School Info Collections of Atonement Photos Bible Search, Verse of the Day, WELS Daily Devotions Link to Pages for Members Only

6 Public Site—Sermon Archive RSS Feed for Sermons Most Recent Sermon Click Here to See Full Sermon Note: There is a button for emailing comments/questions to Pastor at the bottom of each sermon

7 RSS Feeds An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is sometimes called a news feed An RSS feed reader can automatically check for new items and notify you when they are available for reading Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox web browsers both support RSS feeds Contact Brent Nemmers if you would like more information on using RSS

8 Public Site—Groups The Groups section lists Atonement’s Bible study and fellowship groups Each group name is a hyperlink that provides more details

9 Public Site—Groups (Details)

10 Public Site—Calendar Select Month & Year of Interest Click on an Event for Details

11 Public Site—Calendar (Details)

12 Public Site—Scripture Search Enter Reference (e.g. John 3:16) to Look Up Text Enter Words or a Phrase (e.g. God so loved) to Find Passages WELS Daily Devotions Verse of the Day

13 Public Site—Photo Galleries Brief Gallery Description Gallery Thumbnail Click to View Gallery

14 Public Site— Photo Galleries (Details) Click Here to Step Through the Gallery Set an Interval in Seconds and Click Here for Slide Show

15 Public Site—User Login User Login Allows Members to Access Password-Protected Pages Each Family is Assigned a Username and Password for the Site

16 Members Only Link Back to Public Home Page Menu of Password- Protected Pages Link for Emailing Webmaster

17 Members Only—Pictorial Directory If You are Logged in, You See a List of Families in Pictorial Directory (Click for Picture) What Appears if You are Not Logged In

18 Members Only Pictorial Directory (Detail) Click to Browse by First Letter of Last Name

19 Members Only—Council Blogs The Blogs Section Allows Posting of Council / Voters’ Meeting Agendas, Reports, and Minutes Blogs are Available for Other Groups as Well Blog Format Matches Sermon Blog and Also Contains RSS Feed Option

20 Members Only—Document Downloads Menus Select Timeframe and Document Category Click to Download File List of Available Documents

21 One Last Note This is only intended as a brief overview of the site. Please check it out and send any questions/comments to Brent Nemmers (

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