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Biblical Interpretation 1 Keys to unlock the passage.

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1 Biblical Interpretation 1 Keys to unlock the passage

2 "It must be said that, for the mature Christian, every Scripture reading will be “too long”, even the shortest one, for the Scripture is a whole, and every word, every sentence, possesses such multiple relationships with the whole that it is impossible always to keep the whole in view when listening to details. It becomes apparent, therefore, that the whole of Scripture, and hence every passage in it as well, far surpasses our understanding. It is good for us to be daily reminded of this fact." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945), taken from Life Together

3 NAME OF GODMEANINGBIBLE REF Jehovah-Shammah The Lord is thereEzekiel 48v35 Jehovah-Jireh The Lord who providesGenesis 22v8&14 Jehovah-Nissi The Lord my banner Exodus 17v15 Jehovah-Tsidkenu The Lord our righteousnessJeremiah 23v6 & 33v16 Jehovah-ShalomThe Lord is PeaceJudges 6v24 Jehovah-RopheThe Lord, the healerExodus 15v26 Jehovah-M’kaddeshThe Lord who makes holyLeviticus 20v8 Jehovah-Rohi The Lord my shepherdPsalm 23v1 El-ShaddaiGod Almighty Genesis 17v1

4 HISTORY Gospels Matthew Mark Luke John Early Church Acts LETTERS (Many of these dates are tentative) 48-55Galatians 1&2 Thessalonians 1&2 Corinthians Romans 62-64 Ephesians Philippians Colossians Philemon 1Peter (2Peter?) 65-66 Pastoral Epistles James 68?Hebrews 80?Jude 90-95John’s Epistles & Revelation The Synoptic s

5 1Samuel 15:16-23 Luke 4:14-21

6 EVANGELISTIC Jesus-centred Accessible Approachable Vulnerable Concise Passionate Courageous PASTORAL Heart-centred Edifying Holistic Healing/Comforting Confrontational Protective Good APOSTOLIC Kingdom-centred Visionary Missional Empowering Team orientated Multiplying & Releasing Entrepreneurial Territorial PROPHETIC God-centred Encouraging/Edifying Discerning Wisdom/Knowledge Warning Confrontational Convicting

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