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A Discussion of Elder Jay Jensen’s Education Week Talk August, 2011.

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1 A Discussion of Elder Jay Jensen’s Education Week Talk August, 2011

2 D&C 88: 122 Elder Jensen gleans 5 principles of teaching and learning from this scripture. Any thoughts on what they might be? 1. a teacher is appointed and recognized as such by the learners 2. teaching and discussion are governed by order and reverence 3. what is discussed or said revolves around divine doctrines or truths 4. those who are not speaking have a duty to actively listen 5. both teacher and the listener or learner participate respectively to invite the spirit

3 Most teachers spend most of their time on “The How”

4 Elder Jensen suggest there should be a balance in the pyramid. What implications does that suggestion have for the teaching of mathematics?

5 Elder Packer “True doctrines understood changes attitude and behavior more than the teaching of behavior will change behavior.” How is this related to the teaching of mathematics?

6 When the teacher improvement program was redone, they realized that the concept of learning was relegated to the backseat of teaching. The February 2007 worldwide broadcast was developed to put learning in its proper role. This same emphasis on learning is evident in the new “Teaching, No Greater Call” and in the new Handbook 2. How does this focus on learning relate to our teaching of mathematics?

7 Teaching No Greater Call “I consider it one of the finest books on education anywhere.” “Pay particular attention to section 5: Basic Principles of Gospel Teaching: Inviting Diligent Learning” How do we “invite diligent learning”

8 I am becoming a diligent learner when … I am teachable and want to learn I study, search, ponder and liken the scriptures to myself and my circumstances I ask questions and listen to both what is said by the teacher and not said verbally by others but by the spirit to me I do not resent correction or instruction I stay at it and demonstrate persistence I observe others, especially the example and counsel of older people I pray in specifics for myself and the teacher I retire early and arise early I write impressions I am a punctual, reverent listener in church meetings and at home Elder Packer June 2007 Ensign

9 “Parents and teachers need to provide opportunities for others to participate, discuss, ask questions, and share insights and experiences. Remember inspired questions lead to inspired participation and revelatory experiences.” (Elder Jay Jensen, August, 2011) What role does questioning play in the teaching of mathematics?

10 “Teaching settings are more successful when parents make them relaxed, inclusive, expressive, and engaging. Gospel learning that leads to edification at home is more effective when it is more like a conversation than another meeting.” (Elder Jay Jensen, August, 2011) What does this suggest about the classroom norms that you establish?

11 The comment "we must hurry on to cover all of the material" indicate a type of teaching. “Those who teach in this way do not allow us to act rather we are being acted upon. Increasing our exercise of agency as teachable learners increases our spiritual growth. Agency is central to authorize the Holy Ghost to edify or instruct.” (Elder Jay Jensen, August, 2011) How is your role as a teacher related to the agency that he is talking about here?

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