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World Religions Notes.

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1 World Religions Notes

2 World Religions Interesting Facts
Oldest to Youngest: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam Largest Religion: Christianity (Why?) Worship: Muslims (Friday), Jews (Saturday) & Christians (Sunday) Branches: Christianity (3), Buddhism (2), Islam (2), Hinduism (4), Judaism (3) Symbols: Christianity (The Cross), Islam (Crescent Moon), Judaism (Star of David), Hinduism (Sacred Ohm), & Buddhism (The Wheel) Holy Scriptures: Christianity (The Bible), Islam (Koran), Judaism (Torah), Hinduism (Vedas), & Buddhism (Sutras) Famous Quotes On Religion People have just enough religion to make them hate, but not enough to make them love one another. --Jonathan Swift Philosophy is questions that may never be answered. Religion is answers that may never be questioned. --Unknown Religion is for people who are trying to keep from going to hell. Spirituality is for people who have already been there.

3 Hinduism Founded: 3000 B.C. Oldest Religion. No founder
Holy Scriptures: Vedas, Upanishads & Bhagavad Gita God: Brahman (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva) Many manifestations (Rays of light) Hindus Believe: Law of Karma (Action & Reaction) Reincarnation (Soul travels until released) All Paths Lead To God (Tolerance) Vegetarian Lifestlye= All Life Sacred (Ahisma) Personal Guru & Family Shrine Mantras, Caste System Goal of Hinduism: “To escape the physical realm (time) or cycle of reincarnation and become one Spirit with Brahman (eternity) by purifying the soul over many lifetimes.” Hinduism

4 Family Shrine Gurus Ganges River

5 Judaism Founded: 2000 B.C. By Abraham (Father of the Jews)
Holy Scriptures: Torah (Moses), Talmud & Kabbalah God:“YAWEH or JEHOVA” (Monotheism) Types: Orthodox, Reform, & Conservative Jews Believe: Torah, Talmud & 10 Commandments Must Be Obeyed Observe The Sabbath (Saturday, NO WORK!) Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah & Bar Mitzvah) Kosher Laws (No Pork, Shell Fish, Blood In Meat) Messiah (Christ) Coming To Rule The World Land Of Israel Belongs To The Jews Goal of Judaism: Live Moral Lives, Worship One God, Heaven May Exist, Follow the Torah, God Forgives Faithful Jews Moses

6 Father Abraham Moses The Torah

7 Buddhism Founded: 5th-6th BC By The Buddha (Prince Siddhartha Guatama)
Holy Scriptures: Tripitaka, Sutras & Tibetan Dead Book God: There Is No God Types: Theraveda (Monks) & Mahayana Beliefs Of Buddhism 4 Noble Truths (Cure For Suffering) Eightfold Path (The Middle Way) Life Is An Illusion (We Are Asleep & Dreaming) Nirvana Through Meditation (Thought Control) Goal of Buddhism Is to awaken to Enlightenment. There is no god. There is no soul. There is no reincarnation only rebirth. Only the eternal exists & time is an illusion…We are dreaming we are alive and must be awakened to see Enlightenment, Nirvana = Eternity… Buddha


9 Christianity Goal Of Christianity Founded: 26 A.D. By Jesus Christ
Holy Scriptures: The Bible (Old & New) God: Father, Son & Holy Ghost (Trinity) Types: Catholic, Orthodox & Protestants Christians Believe: Exclusiveness (One Way), Morality (Heart), Miracles Baptism (Water), Sacraments, Prayer, Sin, Forgiveness 2nd Coming Of Christ, Resurrection, Judgment Day Goal Of Christianity Called The Gospel: All Have Sinned, Jesus Died For Sins & Rose Again, Believe In Christ, Receive Eternal life & Escape Judgment, Live In Heaven For Eternity Jesus


11 Islam Founded: 610 A.D. By Prophet Mohammed
Holy Scriptures: The Quran & Sunnah God: “Allah” Is The One True God Types: Sunni & Shia (Imams) Beliefs Of Muslims (Islam) Mohammad Is The Final Prophet Allah Gave Mohammad The Quran By The Angel Gabriel 5 Pillars Of Faith 5 Daily Prayers, Confession, Ramadan, Tithes, & Pilgrimage (Mecca) Goal Of Islam: Muslims Must Follow The 5 Pillars Of Faith, Live A Submissive Life, & Await Allah’s Mercy On Judgment Day Mohammad

12 Mecca Kabba Quran

13 Ways To Exercise Religion
Prayer Meditation Fasting Worshipping Chanting Tithing Pilgrimage Giving to poor (Alms) Baptism Begging/Vows Shrine Worship Reading Scripture Sermon/Guru Holy Days Kosher (Dietary laws) Communion Saints Witnessing Sacraments Clothing

14 Religious Wars Charlemagne The Crusades Northern Ireland vs. Ireland
Forced Conversions Of Saxons The Crusades Christians vs. Muslims (Holy Land) Thirty Years War Protestants vs. Catholics St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre Catholics Killing French Protestants Salem Witch Trials Christians Killing Women Holy Inquisition Jews, Muslims & Heretics Russian Pogroms Christians Persecuting Jews Northern Ireland vs. Ireland Protestants vs. Catholics Bosnian War Christians Christians Killing Muslims Sudanese Civil War Muslims Killing Christians Sri Lanka Hindus Killing Buddhists Kashmir Hindus vs. Muslims Al Queda Muslims Killing Westerners



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