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Cheon Gi 3 HC 7/5 (Solar 8/22/12) Lecture 5 Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage / World Scripture.

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1 Cheon Gi 3 HC 7/5 (Solar 8/22/12) Lecture 5 Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage / World Scripture

2 Part 1 Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

3 I. Introduction (7/7/09) I. Introduction (7/7/09) A.Most recent Words B.Core contents 1. Who is TF 2. Who is God 3. Who am I as blessed family 4. Who are the 2 nd generation

4 1.I was born without the trace of the Fall. 2.I was born unrelated to the fallen lineage. 3.I was born from God’s sperm. 4.I was born as God’s direct son. (4/13/10) II. Who is True Father A. Origin of birth

5 1.Received teachings directly from God 2.Heard God’s voice since 3 years old 3.Knew the Principle of the Fall when 4 years old 4.Started matching by photo at 5 years old 5.“The fact that I heard from God directly is what keeps me steadfast” B. Who taught True Father

6 1.Directly educated Adam before the Fall, Jesus, and True Father 2.In low voice as if whispering (2012.1.30) 3.Indirectly educated fallen humans through angels 4.Language of Heaven and language of human beings C. God’s education method

7 1. Knowledge from birth ( 生而之知 ) 2. Knowledge through education ( 學而之知 ) 3. Knowledge taught by God ( 天而之知 ) 4. Knowledge by God’s Will ( 天意之知 ) 5. Where the Word is proclaimed, Satan goes away (p.116) D. Ways to find the Truth

8 III. Who is God A. God’s purpose of Creation (View of the Principle of the History of the Providence of Salvation) 1.God embodies Adam’s body 2.Meets and marries substantial wife, Eve, and makes love 3.Multiplies God’s direct sons and daughters 4.God directly experiences joy

9 1.Proclamation of God’s wedding ceremony (9/2/11) 2.When God marries, SW and PW are connected as one 3.God and humankind achieve oneness in TL 4.True Parents of HEH are completed. (4/29/10) 5.God’s Wedding will be held on Foundation Day (1/13/13) B. Completion of the purpose of Creations is achieved through marriage

10 1.“Wife of God, True Father, King, grandfather, father, self, Abel, and Cain 2.Wives of 8 stages were violated. (p.60.) 3.This is God’s anguish ( 恨 ). C. The position of wife was lost due to the Fall

11 1.End the journey of God’s sperm (p.61) 2.God’s wedding ceremony and the start of “Absolute Sex” 3.Absolute Sex and the temperature of Heaven’s love 4.36.5-38 degrees; 43-53 degrees; 53-120 degrees (11/17/09) 5.Children conceived at the temperature of Heaven’s love 6.Creation of female angels and the completion of the angelic world D. Purpose of God’s Providence of Salvation

12 A.I am a being who received CIG blessing. B.Church, national, world, cosmic level blessing C.Holy Wedding to Open the Gate of CIG and CIG Registration Blessing D.Restoration to original human being without trace of the Fall E.On Foundation Day, receive re-blessing and the Heavenly stamp (1/13/13) F.Life of gratitude and grace IV. Who Am I (10/14/09)

13 A.Prime marriage age of blessed 2 nd gen: 17-24 B.Blessing from the position of Adam and Eve before the Fall C.Directly educates and directly manages after the blessing D.“Establishment of the TP of HEH, 1014 Cosmic Blessing” (10/14/10) V. Who are 2 nd generations?

14 E. Mission of blessed 2 nd gens: 1. Right to the inheritance of Heavenly nation and authority of God’s divine representative (p.146) 2. Bless as the leader of family Hoon Dok Hwe 3. Protector of “Absolute Sex” 4. “TTM” are CIG Constitution, First draft of the UN Resolution 5. Active military of the Era of the Completion of the Realm of the 4 th Adam

15 VI. Conclusion A.The Providence changes in 1 second B.You can also do God’s work in His place. C.Association to Connect the SW and PW into One (10/8/09) D.Association to Create Oneness of God and Human Beings in True Love (10/9/09) E. Association( 協會 ) = Jesus( 十 )+God( 力 )+Cain( 力 )+Abel( 力 )

16 Part 2: World Scripture

17 God is not a sectarianist. God does not restrict by doctrine. We have to free ourselves from doctrines, rituals, and conflict and have a living relationship with God. God´s love does not distinguish among peoples nor the color of the skin. There is no wall separating nations nor culture and tradition. (1985, 1 st World Religious Counsel) I. Introduction

18 II. Background of the Publication of WS 1.WS I: Comparison scripture of religious scriptures 2.WS II: Religious scriptures and Rev. SMM’s Words 3.WS III: Centering on Rev. SMM’s Words 4.WS is “Copernicus-revolution” that recognizes the possibility of unification of the religions. A. Plan for the publication of World Scriptures

19 1.Background of publication of WS I: International Religious Foundation a. 1 st World Religious Counsel Keynote Address (1985) b. Realization of humanity’s universal value from the World Scripture c. Understanding of commonality, universality, and similarity among the world religions d. Understanding of the distinguishing qualities of world religions B. Publication of WS I (1991; 1994)

20 2.Purpose of WS I a. Understanding of the transcendent beings of other religions b. Tolerance and respect for other religions c. Through comparison of similar topics d. Common moral values and spiritual wisdom of other religions e. Scriptural comparison of common themes

21 3. Composition of World Scripture I a. Scripture of 5 major religions: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism b. Small religious traditions: Judaism, Zaina, Sikhism, Shintoism, Zoroastrianism c. Traditional religions of Africa, North and South America, Asia, South Pacific Ocean d. Comparison of religious scriptures of new religions from 19- 20 th century e. Scripture: Materials used by the founder and direct disciples

22 1. Background of the publication of WS2 a. Comparison between religious scriptures and Rev. SMM’s Words b. Rev. SMM lived according to the teachings c. Rev. SMM’s perspective of God: Parent-child relationship d. World religions are brothers and sisters in God’s family e. Religion is a repair shop (3/2/03) C. Publication of World Scripture 2 (2007; 2009). UPF

23 2. Distinguishing characteristics of WSII a. Includes traditional books of Hellenism and Rome Socrates, Plato, Aristotle b. Includes modern issues: Women’s rights, freedom, arts, etc. M. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Dalai Lama c. God’s Providence: Limited to Old and New Testaments

24 3. Process of selecting from Rev. SMM’s Words a. World Scripture and Teachings of SMM b. Principle of selecting from Rev. SMM’s Words c. Primary source of Rev. SMM’s Words: S/SMM’s Words, public speech, EDP, The Way God’s Will d. For the publication of World Scripture III

25 III. Analysis of the Contents of WS I Part 1 God and Creation Chapter 1: Ultimate Being Chapter 2: Holy Law, Truth, and the Divine Principle of the Universe Chapter 3: Purpose of Individual Life Chapter 4: Purpose of Family Life and Social Life Chapter 5: Purpose of Life in Nature Chapter 6: Afterlife and the Spiritual World

26 Part 2: Evil, Sin, and the Human Fall Chapter 7: Situation of Human Beings Chapter 8: The Fall and Deviation Chapter 9: Major Criminal Acts Part 3: Salvation and the Savior Chapter 10: Salvation-Liberation-Realization Chapter 11: Founder

27 Part 4: Religious Life Chapter 12: Responsibility of Human Beings and God’s Predestination Chapter 13: Self Development and Spiritual Growth Chapter 14-16: Faith, Wisdom, Worship Chapter 17: Dedication and Sacrifice Chapter 19: Living for the Sake of Others Part 5: Providence Chapter 20: Good Politics and Social Welfare Chapter 21: Eschatology and the Hope of Saving the World

28 III. Analysis of the Contents of WS II Part 1: God and Creation Chapter 1: God Chapter 2: Truth and Universal Law Chapter 3: The Purpose of Human Life Chapter 4: God’s Creation and Human Creativity Chapter 5: Life after Death and the SW

29 Part 2: Sin and Salvation Chapter 6: Evil, Sin and the Human Fall Chapter 7: Salvation – Liberation – Enlightenment Chapter 8: Religion Chapter 9: History of God’s Providence Chapter10: Eschatology and Messianic Hope

30 Part 3: The Path of Life Chapter 11: Growth, Responsibility and Destiny Chapter 12-15: Morality, Love, Wisdom, Faith Chapter 16: Prayer and Worship Chapter 17: Obedience and Sacrifice Chapter 18: Humility and Self-Denial

31 Part 4: Family and Society Chapter 19: Family Chapter 20: Society Chapter 21: Leadership and Governance Chapter 22: Peace

32 1.Public achievement of making religious people’s dream into a reality 2.Reconciliation and unity among religions 3.Rally for the Exploration of God (12/27/02) 4.Similarities and differences A. Value of World Scriptures V. Value and Prospect of WS I-II

33 1.Edited centering on Rev. SMM’s Words 2.Includes topics not in other religions 3.“Absolute Sex,” Absolute Value, Creativity, Sexual Organ 4.Life courses of the Messiah, TP, King of All Kings 5.Recent Providence and new Words B. Prospect for WS III

34 VI. Conclusion of the 8 Great TTM A.Founding of True Parents Foundation (10/30/97) B.New understanding of the value of TP’s Words (5/1/99) C.8 Great TTM and blessed families D.Providential significance of HDH (10/13/97) E.Heavenly Law, Constitution, and Heavenly Law Academy


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