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New Members Orientation Linkedin new members orientation 1.

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1 New Members Orientation Linkedin new members orientation 1

2 New Members Orientation Class 3: SERVE HOW CAN I SERVE GOD AND NEIGHBOR? Spiritual Gifts Definitions Ministry Opportunities Staying Connected 13

3 New Members Orientation God has given each Christian two important gifts FIRST GIFT: FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST at Calvary cross – the forgiveness of sin SECOND GIFTS: GIFTS ARE TO BE USED to build the body of Christ Grow God’s Kingdom These are Spiritual Gifts. God gives them to us through the work of the Holy Spirit.

4 New Members Orientation Class 3: SERVE Spiritual Gifts 13

5 New Members Orientation Scripture References: The Apostle Paul addresses the presence of spiritual gifts in three main sections of scripture: Romans 12, I Corinthians 12, and Ephesians 4. Peter also verifies their existence in I Peter 4:10. Through these sections of scripture, we learn that all Christians have been given at least one spiritual gift. The purpose of spiritual gifts is twofold: (1) to unify Christians in their faith and (2) to produce growth within the church, both numerical and spiritual. These gifts are to be used out of love for one another, and in service to one another.

6 New Members Orientation The Spiritual Gift Assessment: The Spiritual Gift Assessment is an exercise that assists you in the discovery of your God given Spiritual Gift. These are activated in areas of ministry where you will be most effective. The tool helps you open your gifts through scripture reference and the self-assessment inventory.

7 New Members Orientation May the special abilities God has given you be deployed in areas of ministry where they will be most effective for the good of the entire church body. These gifts should also be affirmed by the body and utilized by the one who is gifted. Amen

8 New Members Orientation

9 Class 3: SERVE Ministry Opportunities -Invest in 1 Ministry -Go Deep, Have Impact -Value Fruitfulness over Busyness 13

10 New Members Orientation Ministry Opportunities Encouragement Ministries (Service) Empowerment Ministries (Life Stages) Enrichment Ministries Expressions Ministries 13

11 New Members Orientation 11 To provide assistance to individuals entering the worship facility by greeting them and directing them to the area of the worship facility that will serve their needs. ENCOURAGEMENT (Service) Greeters’ Ministry Ministry Leader Dora Braggs-Wilson

12 New Members Orientation 12 To extend hospitality on behalf of the Senior Pastor to our First Time Friends and offer food service for special events. Ministry Leader ENCOURAGEMENT (Service) Hospitality Ministry

13 New Members Orientation 13 To provide assistance to members and visitors by directing traffic, greeting an providing an umbrella escort for women, elderly and disabled when its raining. ENCOURAGEMENT (Service) Parking Lot Ministry Ministry Leader Clifton Crawley

14 New Members Orientation 14 To provide assistance in the worship experience by pleasantly and encouragingly ensuring that visitors and members are presented with literature distribution; welcomed, directed and seated; and collecting offerings. ENCOURAGEMENT (Service) Ushers’ Ministry Ministry Contact: Cheryl Turner

15 New Members Orientation 15 EMPOWERMENT (Life Stages) Children’s Ministry To empower children grades Pre-K3- 5 th with the tools, respect and biblical training necessary for a successful transition into their adolescent years. Ministry Assistant Leader Katherine White Children’s Church Sundays 8 am & 10 am Wednesdays 7 pm

16 New Members Orientation 16 EMPOWERMENT (Life Stages) Men’s Ministry To enrich the lives of men of the Luke by educating, enriching and empowering them to make a difference in the church, home, community and the world. Ministry Leader Andre’ Harris

17 New Members Orientation 17 EMPOWERMENT (Life Stages) Men’s Ministry Circles Men to Men Spiritual talk of Real Life Issues and what the bible has to say about them! For Men by Men! moMENtum Activities, sports, and male bonding events.

18 New Members Orientation 18 EMPOWERMENT (Life Stages) Women’s Ministry To enrich the lives of women of the Luke by holistically bridging the gap in age, race, social and economic differences for the enhancement of the ministry and the empowerment of women. Ministry Leader Dr. Sonya Sloan, First Lady

19 New Members Orientation 19 EMPOWERMENT (Life Stages) Women’s Ministry Circles Coffee & Conversation Real Talk for Real Women “Woman of Wisdom” (Mentoring)

20 New Members Orientation 20 EMPOWERMENT (Life Stages) Youth Ministry To empower youth grades 6 th - 12 th by building character, forming healthy relationships and learning biblical principles that will lead to a more fulfilling teenage experience and a smoother transition into the young adult years. Ministry Leader Rev. Sharee Johnson

21 New Members Orientation 21 Ministry Leader Evelyn Randle To partner within the church to respond to the needs of the pastor, church leaders, and membership of all ages with appropriate reading resources and materials. ENRICHMENT Bookstore Ministry

22 New Members Orientation 22 To offer assistance to the congregation and community by promoting health awareness, wellness education and advocating policies around health issues in the church and society including spiritual, physical, mental, relationship and environmental concerns. Ministry Leader Tiffany Crawford ENRICHMENT Health Awareness Ministry

23 New Members Orientation 23 To assist potential members in their transition into membership by providing New Members Orientation and strategic follow-up until new members are assimilated into ministry participation. Ministry Leader ENRICHMENT New Members “Connect” Ministry

24 New Members Orientation 24 To provide intercessory prayer support for the ministry. Ministry Leader Annie Butler ENRICHMENT Prayer Ministry

25 New Members Orientation 25 To win souls for Jesus Christ through the ministry of music and maintain an effective worship and arts ministry capable of reaching a diverse community of believers as well as non believers for Kingdom Building. Ministry Leader Rev. Chad Brawley WORSHIP ARTS MINISTRY Music

26 New Members Orientation 26 Provides technical audio and visual assistance to enhance the worship experience through the aid of multimedia technology. Ministry Leader Meagan Pinkney WORSHIP ARTS MINISTRY Audio/Visual

27 New Members Orientation 27 WORSHIP ARTS MINISTRY Music Reflections of Christ (ROC ) (Mass Choir) Coach: Bridgette Adams Brothers Of Praise (BOP) Men’s Choir Coach: William Colman Women’s Choir Coach: Linda Smith Children’s Choir Coach: Rev. Chad Brawley Youth Choir Coach: Rev. Chad Brawley The Front Line (Praise &Worship Team) Team Leader: Rev. DaMarion Lewis Music Director (Band Ministry) Team Leader: William Lott

28 New Members Orientation 28 To praise the name of Jesus Christ, encourage and uplift the hearts of God’s people through the ministry of expressive movements of artistic and inspirational dance. Team Leader Phaedra Burton WORSHIP ARTS MINISTRY Women’s Praise Dance

29 New Members Orientation 29 To praise the name of Jesus Christ, encourage and uplift the hearts of God’s people through the ministry of expressive movements of artistic and inspirational dance. Coach Jordan Wilcots WORSHIP ARTS MINISTRY Youth Praise Dance Coach Keyona Louis

30 New Members Orientation 30 To provide ministry assistance and hospitality to the Pastor, pastoral staff and special guests in such a way that they are free to minister to the congregation with clarity, compassion and focus. Armor Bearers (appointed) Ministry Leader Ramone Harper

31 New Members Orientation 31 To provide ministry assistance to the First Lady and her family in such a way that they are free to minister to the congregation with clarity, compassion and focus. Armor Bearers – Dr. Sloan (appointed) Ministry Contact: Timia Lott

32 New Members Orientation 32 To provide ministry assistance to ensure that the mission and vision are established and executed effectively. To assist the ministry in preparing candidates for baptism, communion preparation and visitation of members who are sick, shut in, hospitalized and bereaved. Diaconate Ministry (appointed) Ministry Leaders Lonnie Jackson, Deacons Renae Jackson, Deaconesses

33 New Members Orientation 33 Office of the Minister of Congregational Care Develops church leaders for quality membership care. Provides teaching and training for the congregation on care and self-care to encourage a healthy church community. Serves as the Point Manager for Sunday morning worship and other church initiatives as assigned by the Senior Pastor. Offers Pastoral care on behalf of the Senior Pastor. Plans strategic new care and counseling initiatives. Nurtures the ministerial staff under the direction of the Senior Pastor Ministry Leader Minister Anthony

34 New Members Orientation 34 To provide assistance, encouragement and prayer for families within the ministry who are experiencing health challenges, bereavement and other difficulties. To provide support for members who are unable to attend services as a result of physical ailment. Visits may take place at a home, nursing home, rehabilitation facility, or hospital. Ministry Assistant Leader Rev. Betty Landers Care & Counseling Ministry (appointed)

35 New Members Orientation How do I determine in which ministry God is calling me to serve? By Spiritual Gifting Administration, Exhortation, Faith, Leadership, Teaching, Service Children’s Ministry Health Awareness Ministry Men’s Ministry Women’s Ministry Youth Ministry Administration, Helps, Hospitality, Knowledge, Service Armor Bearer Ministry Bookstore Ministry New Members “Connect” Ministry Exhortation, Faith, Intercession, Leading Worship, Prophecy Clergy Ministry Worship Arts Ministry Helps, Hospitality, Service First Touch Ministry Hospitality Ministry Discernment, Intercession, Wisdom Prayer Ministry 35

36 New Members Orientation How do I determine in which ministry God is calling me to serve? By Category Encouragement (Service) First Touch Ministry Hospitality Ministry Empowerment (Life Stages) Men’s Ministry Women’s Ministry Youth Ministry Children’s Ministry Enrichment Bookstore Ministry Health Awareness Ministry New Members “Connect” Ministry Prayer Ministry Expressions Worship Arts Ministry Other (by appointment only) Armor Bearer Ministry Care Ministry Clergy Ministry Diaconate Ministry 36

37 New Members Orientation 13 Staying Connected 1. Does The Luke have a Face Book and Twitter account? Yes, you can follow us on Facebook: The Luke-Humble Twitter: The Luke Humble 2. What is the website for The Luke? (you can your contact information here…) 3. How do I sign-up to receive The Luke e-blast? Simply go to, click Contact Forms, then click E-News sign-up and fill out the requested For text updates text ‘TheLuke’ to 313131.

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