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Internet Publishing Service. Worldwide… people speak more than 7,100 languages…

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1 Internet Publishing Service

2 Worldwide… people speak more than 7,100 languages…

3 And the internet allows us to give them access to the Scriptures in their heart language in audio, text and video form…

4 Using their PCs, tablets and mobile phones...

5 Because there‘s a digital revolution...

6 Engulfing the peoples of the world...

7 Even where access to the Scriptures is often very difficult. Voice of the Martyrs

8 With a global population of 7,100,000,000

9 It’s amazing that the global number of mobile phone subscriptions exceeds 6,835,000,000

10 And of those, the number of mobile phone subscriptions in the developing world exceeds 5,200,000,000

11 And the average number of people per mobile subscription is:

12 Furthermore, by the end of 2013 the number of internet users will be 2,800,000,000 with over half in the developing world.

13 In response, we are taking advantage of this revolution by providing minority language Scripture website building and hosting services to 41 partner translation organizations.

14 Mission App We publish minority language Scriptures and related materials via the internet to computers, mobile phones and tablets…

15 By equipping language community members to create websites that fit their language and culture – like these….




19 Presenting Scripture text in their language.

20 Presenting narrated Scripture recordings in their language.

21 Presenting Scripture stories in their language.

22 Presenting Scripture videos in their language.

23 Presenting Scripture songs in their language.

24 Presenting Scripture drama in their language.

25 With all Website navigation in their language.

26 Their website. Their language. Their script. Their voice. God’s Word.

27 By December 2013 we expect live websites in languages spoken by 600,000,000 people.

28 After 2+ years of operation, we serve 665 language teams in 45 countries with 87 websites live and 578 teams in the process of building their websites.

29 The Lord is enabling us to: meet a challenge, seize an opportunity, and provide a solution.

30 Please pray with us that: The Word will flow freely into the most closed societies. The Spirit of God will use the Scriptures accessed on these sites to change people‘s lives for eternity. The Lord will provide 2 critically needed additional software developers.

31 The IPS team working from the UK, Germany and the US will deliver a new and more flexible software and server technology on schedule in March 2014. Planned workshops for nationals in India, Tanzania, Uganda, the Philippines and Malaysia will produce 100+ new Scripture websites. Please pray with us that:

32 Internet Publishing Service


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