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Regional Medical Assistance Team SC-RMAT-03

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1 Regional Medical Assistance Team SC-RMAT-03
Hosted by Lexington County Emergency Medical Services

2 Man Made Or Natural Disaster Response, Mass Casualty Incidents
What is RMAT for? Man Made Or Natural Disaster Response, Mass Casualty Incidents When Local Resources Are Overwhelmed

3 DHEC-EMS Regions

4 Why is there a need for RMAT?
To provide a rapid response capability to assist local medical agencies, during times of disaster or crisis. To augment local medical surge capacity. To assist with mass prophylaxis during large scale illness outbreaks.

5 Who should be on RMAT? Physicians Nurses Respiratory Therapist
Paramedics Emergency Medical Technicians Law enforcement officers Communications specialist Pharmacists Logistical staff Social workers Chaplains Coroners

6 Team Organization

7 What is required of team members?
Each team member will be required to attend quarterly training. Be available for a THREE DAY deployment once the team is deployed .

8 Each team member is trained in:
Incident Command/NIMS Disaster Life Support Basic Disaster Life Support Advanced Disaster Life Support Haz-Mat awareness

9 Resources/Equipment Ford F-550 box type truck
One MCI trailer stocked with medical supplies One John Deere gator Pharmacy-cache for treatment of patients and team members Communications equipment Oxygen Plant

10 Tents and Shelters Allow self-sustained operation, even in austere conditions. Inventory: 2 – 22x42 shelter, 1 – 22x22 shelter 2 – 5-ton HVAC units and Supplemental Heat Fluorescent lighting Cots Gasoline and diesel powered generators

11 Inflatable Shelter Setup at Palmetto Richland Hospital

12 Electronic Patient Tracking
First Trak by Disaster Management Solutions Handheld Scanners Web based “dashboard” for monitoring status, location and destination of all patients Allows numerous hospital/EOC logins Wireless communication between host/handhelds and host/internet Minimal operator input needed for transfer of information, automatic uploads Fast and simple

13 How Patient Data is Transmitted

14 Handheld Scanners for Patient Tracking

15 How is the team requested?
The team will be requested from other jurisdictions throughout the midlands through the South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD)

16 Deployment Goal To be assembled at a predetermined site within two hours of notification. In-route to the incident location within three hours, with a minimum of 15 responders. On site, set up and ready to receive patients within six hours.

17 How long will the team be deployed?
Up to 72 hours, in conjunction with the other state teams located in Spartanburg, Beaufort and Horry counties. Goal is to have a seamless transfer of care between state and federal assets.

18 RMAT IN ACTION! Photos of our equipment and team members…

19 Box Truck with Lift

20 28’ Trailer

21 Ready to roll…

22 Medical Supplies

23 The Gator ATV

24 Inflating the Shelter

25 Flooring System

26 Assembled and ready for occupancy in less than 1 hour

27 Questions

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