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Texas Political Culture

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1 Texas Political Culture

2 Texas Political Culture
Texas culture stresses Individualism Conservatism Death Penalty Welfare Environment Gambling

3 Texas Political Culture
Factors Contributing Southern Conservatism Old West Individualism Hispanic Culture Northern Migration Immigration Urbanization

4 Historical Influences on Texas Politics
From Republic to State Independence 1836 Statehood 1845 Slavery delayed admission Texas retained ownership of public land because US refused to assume debt This land was rich in mineral resources such as oil and gas Contributed to Permanent University Fund

5 The Civil War and Reconstruction
Sam Houston Pro-Union Resigned from US Senate Ran for Governor Refused US troops Secessionist Convention Voted to leave Union Reconstruction Republican EJ Davis Rampant corruption Anti-Republican attitudes until Ronald Reagan Gov EJ Davis

6 End of Reconstruction Southern Democrats
Former Confederates allowed to vote in 1873 Elected Democrat Richard Coke as Governor in 1874 EJ Davis refused to vacate Democrats rewrote Texas Constitution Texas Grange Legacy of Reconstruction All White Democratic Party Poll Taxes White Primaries Small predominately African-American Republican Party Gov Richard Coke

7 Progressives and Populists
Governor James Hogg Reform Candidate Support from East Texas Farmers Regulated Special Interests Governor James Pa Ferguson Farmer and Progressive Impeached and Convicted Governor Miriam Ma Ferguson Two Governors for Price of One “If English Good Enough for Jesus, it’s Good Enough for School Children of Texas” Gov Miriam Ferguson

8 Democrats and Al Smith Al Smith was the 1928 Democratic Presidential Nominee Catholic Wet Texans cast votes for Republican Hoover Protestant Dry Dem Al Smith

9 Gov W Lee “Pappy” O’Daniel
Host of Radio Program Flour Salesman Light Crust Doughboys Platform Ten Commandments Golden Rule Old Age Pensions Reformer Never paid Poll Tax Did not believe any politician worth $1.75 O Brother Where Art Thou characters drawn from “Pappy” Broom of Reform Represented the “Little Man” Gov W Lee “Pappy” O’Daniel

10 Governor Allen Shivers
Fought to keep 10 miles of the Gulf of Mexico rather than 3 miles Conservative Texans supported Eisenhower Eisenhower supported Texas on Tidelands issue Supporters were called “Shivercrats” Liberal Democrats supported Stevenson Resulted in split in Texas Democratic Party Conservatives Liberals Gov Allen Shivers

11 Notable Texas Politicians
Sam Rayburn US Speaker of the House Regarded by many as “The Most Effective Speaker” in US history Lyndon Johnson US House and Senate Senate Majority Leader Vice President President Civil Rights Act of 1964 Voting Rights Act of 1965 Civil Rights Act of 1968 Vietnam War

12 Notable Texas Politicians
John B. Connally Governor Secretary of Treasury, Navy Henry B Gonzalez US House Bill Clements 1987 Became 1st Republican Governor since Reconstruction

13 Notable Texas Politicians
Barbara Jordan In 1972 she became first African American Woman to represent a Southern state in US House of Representatives Ann Richards Defeated Clayton Williams to become 2nd woman to serve as Governor George HW Bush “born with a silver foot in his mouth” at 1988 DNC Defeated by George W. Bush in 1994 Henry Cisneros Elected Mayor of San Antonio in 1981 First Hispanic to serve as mayor of major US city Secretary of HUD

14 Texas Geography Second Largest State Rich in Natural Resources
Alaska (land) California (population) Rich in Natural Resources Agriculture Minerals Oil Gas

15 Texas Cultural Regions
East Texas Gulf Coast South and Southwest German Hill Country West Texas Panhandle North Texas Central Texas

16 East Texas Social and Cultural Extension of Old South
Tyler Marshall Lady Bird Johnson Bill Moyers Nacogdoches Jasper Rural and Biracial Segregated Dominated by Old Families

17 Gulf Coast Discovery of oil in Beaumont (Spindletop in 1901) gave birth to Gulf Oil and Texaco and “Fueled” Development Economy Refineries/Petrochemicals Beaumont, Port Arthur, Baytown, Pasadena, Deer Park, La Porte Shipping Port of Houston 2nd only to South Louisiana Port Facility Bayport Expansion Economy Diversifying Globalization

18 South and Southwest Texas
Ranchero Culture Creoles Meztizos NAFTA stimulated economic development in South Texas and along the Border in Mexico Brownsville McAllen Harlingen Edinburg Pharr Laredo Eagle Pass

19 German Hill Country Farming and Ranching Conservative
Republican Stronghold East European Immigrants established a “German Belt” stretching from Texas's Coastal Plain to the Hill Country Flatonia Weimar Shiner New Braunfels Gruene Fredericksburg LBJ born near Stonewall

20 West Texas Individualistic Socially Conservative
Bible Belt Fundamentalism Oil and Gas Midland George HW Bush began oil business in Permian Basin Odessa Odessa Permian Panthers Friday Night Lights El Paso Largest city in West Texas Loving County has smallest population of any county in US 2000 population of 67

21 Panhandle Midwestern Protestant Conservative Republican

22 North Texas Urban Commercial Economy Cosmopolitan Dallas
Banking Corporate Cosmopolitan Dallas Old West Fort Worth

23 Central Texas Bounded by San Antonio, Dallas, Houston Austin Economy
Dramatic Population Growth Top 5 Metro Areas Considered the most liberal city in Texas Economy State of Texas University of Texas Texas Silicon Valley

24 Texas Population One of fastest growing states at twice the national average 1990 pop—17 million 2000 pop—21 million 2007 pop—24 million 80% Urban Four urban areas account for over 50% of state’s population Harris Tarrant Bexar Dallas Population Concentrated in East of Line from Dallas/Austin/Brownsville Harris Co SMSA 5.6 million

25 Ethnic Diversity Texas Officially Minority-Majority State Anglos—48%
Hispanics—36% South and Southwest Texas African Americans—12% East and Southeast Texas Asian Americans—3.4% Native Americans—1%

26 Southern Baptists in Texas
Religious Diversity Population Rankings First in Evangelical Protestants Third in Catholics Third in Buddhists Fifth in Muslims Fifth in Hindus Tenth in Jewish Political Candidates Must Consider Broad Range of Social and Moral Issues When Campaigning Abortion Same Sex Marriage Gun Control Gambling Alcohol Southern Baptists in Texas

27 Poverty Rates in Texas Counties
Education and Poverty State Rankings 8th Persons Below Poverty 31st Average Teacher Salaries 30th Household Income 50th in population over 25 with HS Diploma 27th in population over 25 with Bachelors Degree Poverty 16.2% poverty rate compared to 12% national poverty rate 36 of 254 counties considered persistently poor with greater than 20% poverty rate Poverty Rates in Texas Counties

28 2008 Democratic Primary Map
Can you see how demographic variables influenced the outcome to the Texas Primary?

29 Texas Primary Democrats and Republicans
Why do you think Huckabee did so well in Northeast Texas and the Panhandle? Why did Obama do better in Beaumont-Port Arthur, Houston, Austin and DFW?

30 Texas Democratic Caucus
Why did Obama do much better the caucuses than he did in the primary?

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