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LSLB WA Welcome to the Panel Colin Shipp – Chairman and SSSI rep. Murray Dolling – Member and Landgate rep. Alistair Millar – Member and SSSI rep.

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1 LSLB WA Welcome to the Panel Colin Shipp – Chairman and SSSI rep. Murray Dolling – Member and Landgate rep. Alistair Millar – Member and SSSI rep.

2 Today’s Reference Statement It is the duty of a Licensed Surveyor to re-establish the land boundaries exactly as run by the original surveyor How do we achieve this ????

3 Panel Topics Alistair – Certificate of Competency in Surveying issued by the LSLB. Colin – Boundary Definition including the order & hierarchy of evidence and relevant Legislation. Murray – Understanding the SCDB – Spatial Cadastral Data Base and the application in boundary definition.

4 Current makeup of LSLB of WA - Surveyor General – Mike Bradford. - 1 nominated by CEO Landgate – Murray Dolling. - 1 rep of user of LS services – Jenny Bryant. - 2 nominated by SSSI – Colin Shipp & Alistair Millar. - 1 nominated by education body – Tony Snow. - 1 appointed master secretary – Richard Browne.

5 A bit of survey background 1890’s registration of surveyors and formation of the Western Australian Institution of Surveyors. 1890’s Land Surveyors Licensing Board of Western Australia. 1909 Licensed Surveyors Act.

6 WA Lands Department Surveyor General Department Head. After private surveyors commenced lodging surveys the Surveyor General required all surveys to be approved by his department. Inspector of Plans and Surveys appointed to maintain a high standard of work.

7 To be Licensed in WA Licensed already in Australia or NZ. Undertake a Professional Training Agreement (PTA) overseen by the Land Surveyors Licensing Board of Western Australia (LSLB WA). Award of a Certificate of Competency. Registered as a Licensed Surveyor.


9 Certificate of Competency Survey degree Pass Survey Law Projects – boundary definition ability Field test – control network at Curtin Field test – survey at Boya Reduction of above field results Professional interview – Viva Voce

10 Certificate of Competency Role of the Supervising Surveyor in a Professional Training Agreement (PTA) Role of the Graduate / Cadet in a PTA Role of the LSLB inc imminent changes to the Board’s Practical Exams.

11 Professional Training Agreement Lodge with the Secretary: 1. Three (3) originals of the signed agreement. 2. Evidence of official name and age of the Graduate (Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport) 3. Copy of the Graduate’s Academic Degree (transcript) 4. Registration Fee (currently $37.00)

12 Experience during PTA Two years with 25% reduction for Cadastral Option at Curtin. Under a supervising surveyor  15 months boundary definition including: 3 months rural surveys. 6 months urban surveys. Keep a diary of experience.

13 Supervising Surveyor Essential items to pass on to candidates Professional Ethics Leadership

14 Skills to acquire under a PTA Safety Basic field skills Re-establishment of alignments Map, geodetic & height datums Accuracy Team Leadership Survey information

15 Skills to acquire under a PTA con’t Survey Computations Drafting / CAD Documentation Calibration Ethics Statutory requirements Building set-out

16 Skills to acquire under a PTA con’t Total Subdivision process Survey Office procedures Strata Titles Digital survey data Regulation 26A Mining Surveys

17 Skills to acquire as a Licensed Surveyor Tenure choices Subdivision design options Survey of lands under Deeds Act Adverse Possession Conversion of Old System to TLA 3D land parcels Riparian boundaries

18 Specialists Skills Global positioning systems Use of Robotic Total Stations Structural engineering or mechanical engineering control Survey control of hydraulic projects including sewerage and drainage

19 Supervision of Graduate / Cadet Supervision will vary according to the experience, skill and ethics of the graduate. Supervisor to brief and debrief each field survey. At start of PTA supervisor to be on site until graduate is able to act as team leader.

20 Supervision con’t In the period of off-site supervision:- Supervising surveyor should inspect the field record of each simple job. In other cases the graduate should prepare a short survey report describing important aspects of each survey (particularly the re-establishment). This record be retained by the supervising surveyor and forms part of the off-site supervision. These reports could form part of the documentation presented to the Land Surveyors’ Licensing Board supporting the graduate’s application for registration as a licensed surveyor.

21 Responsibilities of the Graduate Fundamental educational matters (Acts, regulations, guidelines and manuals) The time before licensing is dependant on the amount of personal time that the graduate is prepared to contribute The graduate is responsible for ensuring that sufficient time is spent on continuing professional development. The graduate is responsible for keeping records of the training received and for informing the supervisor of any slippage of time.

22 PTA Agreement & Reporting What to do Change the LSLB supplied “model” agreement to suit the candidate Send reports to LSLB every 3 months for 1 st 2 reports Then report half yearly

23 Records by Graduate By the Graduate:- work folder of representative completed jobs: 1. summary assessment of graduate’s perception of progress. 2. personal work diary recording individual jobs validating the type of work experience and the accrual of training days. 3. a record of the professional development courses attended.

24 Supervisor’s Declaration A declaration is required to be signed by the supervisor in the agreement, testifying that in his / her opinion, the graduate is capable of becoming a licensed surveyor in their own right. This form is set out in the Regulations.

25 LSLB WA Examination The purpose of the examination process is to give the Board confidence that the candidate has acquired the requisite knowledge and skills and has the necessary attributes and characteristics to fulfil the public officer role of a licensed surveyor.

26 Examination Submission of 5 projects. Field Survey at Curtin – 1 day. Field Survey at Boya – 1 day. Reductions, Calculations & reports on the above field surveys – 1 day. Professional Interview / Viva Voce

27 Projects 1. Rural Cadastral Survey 2. Urban Cadastral Survey 3. Strata (Built) Survey & Plan 4. Land Development and Management 5. Mining Tenement Survey

28 1. Rural Cadastral Survey Project Survey rural land & present documents as if for formal lodgement. Signed DP. Field notes, computations, checklists. Brief report – purpose of survey; difficulties Full search SSM connection (this or urban subdivision project)

29 2. Urban Cadastral Survey Project Urban 2-lot subdivision for issue of titles. ( not a Strata ) Difficult enough to demonstrate a good knowledge on re-establishment of existing boundaries. Signed DP. Field notes, computations, checklists. Brief report – purpose of survey; difficulties, etc. Full search

30 3. Strata Plan Project Built strata – not a survey strata. Substantial building on or near parcel boundary. Re-establish parcel boundaries. Fully compliant strata plan with all forms & management statement if applicable. Field notes of ALL including improvements. Report as for other survey projects.

31 4. Land Development & Management Project. Client Communications; discussion of options Land development regulatory processes including any required rezoning and appeals; Understanding of contract/service agreements; Flow charting; Costs assessment, economic viability, cash flow model Skill in design for submission/application to a planning authority including appeals; Management processes in controlling development and obtaining the required Government clearances and approvals; Communications with regulatory and service departments. Required forms. Demonstrate your knowledge and application of the above topics for a subdivisional development.

32 5. Mining Tenement Survey Project 1. Case study of a mining tenement survey carried out by the candidate or 2. Theoretical project based on a survey lodged with the Department of Mines and Petroleum WA. 3. The report is to demonstrate that a client's instructions would be satisfied and all of the statutory requirements are met by providing in your report copies of: Correspondence with the parties involved: client; DMP; Warden's Court and adjoining owners. survey search field notes and any drafting instructions registered plan computations and checklists brief description of the purpose of the survey, the methods adopted and describing any difficulties encountered during the survey.

33 Professional Project Face Sheet


35 Defensive Practice criteria – does the report, plans, field records and correspondence (as presented) constitute a sound basis for the defence of a professional indemnity claim?!?

36 Professional Project Face Sheet Declaration by Graduate "I certify that this project was carried out by me personally between the........... day of................. 20.... and the............ day of............ 20....., ………………………….. Graduate Surveyor

37 Professional Project Face Sheet Declaration by Supervisor I have examined this project, completed the checklist and approve of the submission of the project for examination. …………………………… Supervising Surveyor …………………………… Date

38 Presentation of Projects Demonstrate high level of presentation skills.  Reports to be in printed A4 format, paper copies of plans and co-ordinate listings should be included at up to A3 format, Electronic “PDF” and “CSD” copies of all plans should be lodged with the secretary.  Single sided  Double spaced in 12pt type; the required digital images should be printed in colour at a suitable size and resolution to provide an easy reference for the Examiners  Spiral bound or collated in a new ring folder

39 Presentation of Projects con’t Thorough checking for spelling and grammar. Examination and certification by your supervising surveyor including the completion of the covering checklist (this cover sheet will be provided by the Board). One hard copy report (note electronic lodgment requirements above) should be lodged and a “PDF” copy of your report, plans and listings should be retained by you as they may be requested by the examiners.

40 Field Survey Practice Day 1 – Adjustment of instruments and position fixing and heighting of a control network at Curtin. Day 2 – Survey and height determination at Boya. Day 3 – Reduction of field results and calculations at Landgate, Midland. These are currently under review with the thought to be more meaningful in today's surveying environment.

41 Adjustment of survey instruments. It is suggested and encouraged for candidates to calibrate their instrument within 2 months of the Field Survey Practice exam at a recognised Base Line.

42 Day 1 – Curtin Determine the height and position of two or more fixed points as part of a control network, within the time allocated, by whatever methods and means you choose. Candidates must use a “least squares” adjustment to derive the position of the two specified control points at a 95% confidence interval.

43 Day 2 – Boya Under direct and implicit written instructions, carry out a survey for position & height over pre-determined fixed points. The survey is to be completed on the day, by whatever means the candidate may choose to obtain the desired results.

44 Day 3 – Reduction of survey At Landgate Midland: Using the field observations of Day 1, reduce the data and calculate MGA coordinates and heights for two or more control stations in an existing control network. Using the field observations of Day 2, reduce the data, complete calculations and prepare a FB suitable for lodgement at Landgate & for the preparation of a DP.

45 Viva Voce At this reasonably informal interview, candidates can be questioned on their understanding of relationships between their clients, the public, other surveyors, the various controlling authorities, job scenarios or on any aspect of professional practice.

46 License & Registration 18 + years of age Certificate of Competency Not been to prison or convicted of fraud ( present police clearance ) 2 testimonials – good fame & character Declaration Licensed Surveyors Act Fee paid

47 Licensed Surveyors Act 1909 I, Alistair Cameron Millar, do hereby solemnly and sincerely declare that I will, to the best of my ability, and without partiality, favour, or affection, correctly survey and delineate the boundaries of any lands I may be instructed to survey. And I make this solemn declaration by virtue of section 106 of the Evidence Act 1906. Declared at ………this……. day of……. 20…, before me, …………………… Justice of the Peace.

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