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Denex Industrial Inc. – snow removal from trailers Representing.

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1 Denex Industrial Inc. – snow removal from trailers Representing

2 Scraper Systems - Denex Industrial Scraper Systems Inc. is the Pennsylvania based manufacturer of the premier patented snow removal system developed for the trucking industry. Denex Industrial Inc. is the Canadian distributor for Scraper Systems. Rob Ritcey and Jon Denman are the managing partners of Denex and are responsible for developing and servicing the Canadian market for Scraper Systems Inc.

3 Facts – trucking and the law  6” wet snow on a 53’ trailer weighs 2,500lbs  Many jurisdictions either have or are planning to have legislation to force trucks to travel without snow on top. Fines range from $250 upwards with point deductions of 2 points or more for drivers as well penalties for the carrier.  OSHA regulations make it impractical for drivers to climb atop their rigs.  Your trailers are mobile billboards for your company or your clients – one accident caused by flying snow and ice onto following traffic could have catastrophic results for your brand image equity.

4 7 reasons to use the Scraper Using the Scraper……….. Protects your brand equity Improves safety for vehicles following, great reduction in blowing snow etc. and reducing chances of claims. Improves safety for employees – no risk of Workmen’s Compensation claims from falls off the roof etc. Avoids weight issues for the scales. Reduces fuel consumption and wear and tear due to less weight being carried. Peace of mind in compliance with Provincial legislation. Possible insurance savings due to safety leadership.

5 Scraper Systems – fast – reliable – easy to maintain  To date, nearly two hundred Scraper Systems have been installed across North America. See the website for locations and testimonials at  The system is rugged, proven and effective and is offered on a turn key basis with limited options.  The system can be delivered and installed within 3 weeks of ordering. For more information visit:-

6 Five easy steps for operation  Step 1Driver positions the vehicle  Step 2 Exits the cab to lower the blade with an electric winch into position  Step 3 He then slowly drives through as the blade removes snow, quickly, safely and efficiently.  Step 4He then exits the vehicle a second time and returns the blade into the original position.  Step 5Vehicle then leaves safely cleared of snow. Scraper Blade

7 Typical Installations

8 Corporate priorities ROI for shareholders and sustained growth are two of the highest priorities for companies. Scrapers expedite dispatch Keep drivers safer and more productive Much less expensive than hiring temporary help to clean trailers of snow. Improves employee retention

9 Frequently asked questions  Can it be adjusted? – Yes, from 17’ through 9’  Is it safe? - Steel bollards protect the unit in front, rails and guide bars control blade movement, winch has safety stops, driver controls the action thus protecting the rig.  Delivery? - First unit in 2 weeks, successive units dependent on preparation being completed.  Who does the installation? - Denex has appointed qualified, experienced contractors.  Warranty? - One year from date of installation.  Pricing? – We have a basic unit price along with an installation charge and can readily provide a turn key operation. The cost of electrical service varies greatly according to distance and terrain and can be supplied by the user or added as an additional charge.

10 Current North American locations Locations in the USA A. Duie Pyle (14 locations) Air Products & Chemicals Amscan Big Lots Bradley Caldwell (2) Champion Container (3) CVS Pharmacy Dutch Valley Food Distribution East Penn Manufacturing Edy’s Grand Ice Cream Efficiency Enterprises F.W. Webb Distribution Centre Family Dollar Trucking Fedex Express (7) Fedex Freight (6) Fedex Ground (4) Fedex Home Delivery Feeser Foods General Electric Plastic Giant Food Stores Hutting Distribution Centre Interstate Brands Company Jordan’s Furniture Kohl’s Distribution Centre Kraft Foods Lord and Taylor McLane Northwest New York Times Northeast Utilities Ocean State Jobbers Old Navy Distribution Pepperidge Farms Pepsi Bottling Pocono Produce Simmons Bedding Southern Wine & Spirits of NJ The Children’s Place The Sansom Company Toys-R-Us Turkey Hill Dairy UPS (21) United Envelope United States Postal Service Univar USA Inc. Viwinko Inc. W.E. Aubuchon Co Wal-Mart Watkins Motor Lines Wegmans Food Markets White Rose Frozen Food Yellow Transportation (4) Locations In Canada CFB Petawawa 2nd Battalion, Transport Company - Petawawa, ON CN Transport – (2) - Moncton,NB Brampton,ON Fedex Ground - Dorval, QC Midland Transport - Moncton, NB Nova Scotia Dept. Transportation (2) - Enfield and Amherst, NS Old Navy Distribution Centre - Brampton, ON Purolator - Moncton, NB Reimer Express, - Mississauga,ON Sobeys – Stellarton, NS Supply Chain Management - Cornwall, ON Xtra Leasing (4) - Ayr, Concord, Miss, ON - Lachine, QC

11 Testimonials  A. Duie Pyle Inc. is a major LTL carrier with locations throughout the NE USA “After five winters of use your Scraper Systems are still performing very well at all 13 locations. I believe this is due to the sturdy construction and the simplicity of the design which makes it very user friendly and virtually maintenance free. The few times that we’ve needed service/support after the sale, the response from you and your team has been top notch.” Richard R. Massi, Manager of Facilities “Scraping snow off of trailers eliminates a road hazard that haunts trucking safety professionals. Scraper System’s Trailer Snow Scraper does a nice, efficient job of clearing snow off of trailer roofs. We were a little concerned the process could damage our translucent roof trailers, but that has not been an issue at all.” Peter L. Dannecker, Director of Loss Prevention

12 Contact Information For quotations or more information please contact: Jon Denman or Rob Ritcey Denex Industrial – Scraper Systems Toll free: 1-866-554-6555 Tel: 902.820.3300 Fax: 902.820.3301 Direct lines: Jon Denman 902.880.7941 Rob Ritcey 902.452.1956 Email:

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