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TEXAS STATE GUARD A Texas Military Force

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1 TEXAS STATE GUARD A Texas Military Force

2 Texas State Guard We are the third component of the
Texas Military Forces under the Adjutant General’s Department of the State of Texas Army National Guard Air National Guard Texas State Guard

3 Texas State Guard Originally constituted during World War II
10 FEB 1941 Defense Act (H.B. No. 45) authorized a new volunteer militia.

4 Texas State Guard Constituted and reorganized over the years,
the current Army units have been structured as Civil Affairs Regiments since Sep 2006. The Regiments have their original roots from the “Alamo Guards” that were constituted in October of 1885 as part of the Texas Volunteer Guard.

5 Texas State Guard The 4th Air Wing was organized in 1996.
Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) organized in November 2003. The Air Division and the 5th Air Wing were established in October 2006. Texas Maritime Regiment (TMAR) organized in November 2006.

6 Texas State Guard Mission
Mission Statement The Texas State Guard provides mission-ready, military forces to assist State and local authorities in homeland security and community service.

7 Texas State Guard Vision
Our Vision …is one of a continually evolving World Class organization that accomplishes the mission and take’s care of its people.

8 Texas State Guard Values
Our Guard Values Integrity Leadership Professionalism Service

9 Air Division Mission Mission Statement
The Air Division provides mission-capable airmen as a force multiplier for the Texas Air National Guard and for other missions in support of Homeland Security throughout Texas.

10 Air Division Organization
Air Division Headquarters - Camp Mabry Two Air Wings 4th Air Wing – (North) Ft. Worth & Garland 5th Air Wing – (South) Austin, San Antonio, Houston & La Porte

11 Camp Mabry, Austin, TX Since 1835

12 WHO IS ELIGIBLE Resident of Texas Age 17 to 60 Reasonable Good Health
Pass Criminal Background Check Prior Military Service not Required No Education Requirement for Enlisted All Skill Sets Welcome Education & Age Requirements for Commissioning

13 HOW CAN YOU SERVE? Non-Prior Service (NPS) Prior Service (PS)
Basic training is provided for civilians with skills and/or certifications that the Texas State Guard can utilize to support our missions. Appointments to Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officer are available. Prior Service (PS) Retirees & veterans from all branches of service, active duty and reserve, are eligible. You may serve in your old AFSC/MOS/AOC/Rate or retrain for new military skills. Prior Service may qualify for one rank higher than previously held.

14 Education & Training Courses of instruction are conducted at Camp Mabry and local units; Basic & Advanced Officer and NCO Courses Leadership Courses AF Skill Courses Annual Training Communications Swift Water Rescue Red Cross Shelter Operations & Management

15 WHERE CAN YOU SERVE? Army Regiments, the MRC & TMAR
units are located throughout Texas. Air Division units are co-located with the Texas Air National Guard.

16 UNIT LOCATIONS Lackland AFB - San Antonio Ellington ANG Base – Houston
The Air Division is located on these bases: Lackland AFB - San Antonio Ellington ANG Base – Houston ANGS - La Porte Joint Reserve Base – Fort Worth Garland ANGS - Garland Camp Mabry - Austin

17 WHAT WILL I DO? Each Unit is Involved in a Myriad of Tasks Each Year
Provide Direct Support to Air National Guard Units in Various Career Fields Provide Security Administrative Services Train & Execute Search & Rescue Operations Coordinate Emergency Response Actions with FEMA Prepare Operations Plans & Orders

18 WHAT WILL I DO? Cont’d Assist Texas National Guard in Local
Natural and Man-Made Disasters Attend Training for Concealed Handgun License Train at NO COST for Emergency Management Courses National Fire Academy Courses American Red Cross Courses

19 You will be prepared during times of disaster.
WHAT WILL I DO? Cont’d The previous is just a small listing of some of the things you’ll do or be involved with. Your commitment is for 8-16 hours duty per month (some duty is also paid) You will be prepared during times of disaster. Meet others who, with you, work toward the protection of our nation, state and community

20 TXSG SERVICE TO TEXAS Riots, Beaumont 1943 Storms, Texas City 1943
Explosions, Texas City 1947 Flooding, Alice 1951 Guadalupe river Flood, Victoria 1951 Tank Fire, Corpus Christi 1952 Hurricane Alice, Rio Grande Valley 1954 Flooding, Victoria 1956 Tornado, Dallas 1957 Hurricane Audrey, Orange & La. 1957 Flooding, Edinburgh 1958 Flooding, Rio Grande City, 1958 Tanker Fire, Houston 1959 49th AD DIV Activation 1961 Storms, Midland 1966 Tornado, Lubbock 1970 Tornado, Zapata 1970 Tornado, Bishop 1970 Hurricane Cecilia, Corpus Christi 1970

21 TXSG SERVICE TO TEXAS (continued)
Hurricane Fern, Gulf Coast 1971 Train Wreck, Luling 1971 Flooding, New Braunfels 1971 Pipeline Rupture, Pasadena 1972 Riots Dallas 1973 Tornadoes, Burnet & Hubbard 1973 Tropical Storm Delia, Gulf Coast 1973 Flooding, Lake Worth 1974 Flooding, Nacogdoches 1974 Fires, Anthony 1974 Anthrax Quarantine, Gatesville 1974 Flooding, Refugio 1974 Tornadoes, Trickham & Coleman 1975 Flooding, Baytown & Pasadena 1975 Elevator explosion, Galena Park 1976 Hurricane Anita, McAllen 1977 Tropical Storm Amelia, Kerrville 1978

22 TXSG SERVICE TO TEXAS (continued)
Governor’s Inauguration, Austin 1979 Tornadoes, Wichita Falls & Vernon 1979 Hurricane Allen, Gulf Coast 1980 Texas Sesquicentennial, 1985 Governor’s Inauguration, Austin 1987 Papal Visit, San Antonio 1987 Ice Storm, Abilene 1987 Train Derailment, Marshall 1987 Power Outage, Midland 1990 DFW Tornadoes 1994 Tropical Storm Bonnie, Pasadena 1999 Governor’s Inauguration, Austin 1999 Flooding San Antonio, New Braunfels & Brownwood 2002 Hurricane Katrina and Rita, 2005

23 WHAT CAN I PROVIDE? Put your military experience and/or your civilian
skills to their optimum use to be responsive to the needs of the Texas Air National Guard, your nation, state and community. “We want a Nation that serves goals larger than self….” President George W. Bush Jan 2002

24 WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? Texas Guard License Plates (no extra charge)
Tuition Assistance at State Supported Colleges 50% Reduction in CHL License Fees Military Training in Emergency Management, WMD’s & Firearms Training National Guard Association of Texas (NGAT) Member Benefits Military Career Advancement Personal Pride in Helping Your Community

25 or

26 TEXAS STATE GUARD A Texas Military Force Join Today!
Major General Wayne D. Marty The Adjutant General of Texas Command Philosophy TEXAS STATE GUARD A Texas Military Force Join Today!

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