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Virginia Port Authority - Governance

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1 Northeastern North Carolina and the Port of Virginia: Doing Business Together For Mutual Benefit

2 Virginia Port Authority - Governance

3 VPA Cargo Terminals Hampton Roads Harbor
NIT NNMT Future CIMT PMT APM Terminals

4 Norfolk International Terminals

5 Portsmouth Marine Terminal
Land Area: 285 acres (land and pier only) Direct rail service with CSX; also Norfolk Southern via Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line. Shipside rail service is available

6 APM Terminals Virginia Leased to the VPA, Operated by VIT, Inc.
Phase 1 – Sept Total Acreage: Pier Length: 3,200 ft Depth: 55 ft Cranes: 6 Capacity: 1 Million TEUs Cost: $500 Million CSX and NS Served

7 Newport News Marine Terminal

8 Virginia Inland Port Five-day-a-week rail service between the VIP and the Hampton Roads marine terminals Within 1 mile of Interstate 66 and within 5 miles of Interstate 81

9 Historic Port Performance

10 Intermodal Gateway 4% Barges 28% Rail 68% Trucks
Nearly 1.84 Million TEUs moving over the Port in 2010 were transported by: 4% Barges 28% Rail 68% Trucks Source: Terminal Operator CY2010

11 CY 2010 Top Trading Partners
TEUs EXPORT IMPORT China Belgium Germany Brazil Netherlands India Japan Italy United Kingdom Indonesia Spain Taiwan Saudi Arabia France Source: PIERS Source: PIERS 11

12 CY 2010 Top Customers – NC employers highlighted in red
TEUs EXPORT IMPORT MeadWestvaco Target Archer Daniels Midland Wal-Mart Weyerhaeuser Home Depot Domtar Paper Red Bull US AID Lowe’s Honeywell QVC E I DuPont De Nemours Pergo Celanese Lumber Liquidators The Scoular Company Cost Plus Army & Air Force Exchange BSH Home Appliances Source: PIERS & Others Source: PIERS and others % are North Carolina shippers 12

13 Northeastern NC Customers
Weyerhaeuser – New Bern BSH Home Appliances – New Bern Domtar – Plymouth CDC/Cummins – Rocky Mount/Whitakers NACCO – Greenville Overton’s – Greenville DSM Pharmaceuticals – Greenville Lowe’s – Garysburg Alliance One Tobacco – Wilson Stanadyne - Washington

14 Panama Canal vs. Suez Canal
Port of Virginia Hong Kong, China Suez Canal Suez Canal Panama Canal Via Panama Canal Distance: 11,021 nautical miles Via Suez Canal Distance: 11,705 nautical miles

15 Expansion of the Panama Canal
$5.25 billion capital investment program to modernize and improve the Canal $190 million channel deepening project began in 2002 $1.6 million project to redesign a third set of locks

16 New Locks Will Accommodate Post-Panamax Vessels
Panama Canal Expansion - New Locks Will Accommodate Post-Panamax Vessels Existing Locks Max Vessel size: 4,400 TEU’s 294.1 m (965’) 32.3 m (106’) 12.4 m (39.5’) Existing Locks 304.8 m (1,000’) 366 m (1,200’) 12.8 m (42’) 49 m (160’) New Locks 427 m (1,400’) New Locks Will Accommodate Post-Panamax Vessels 18.3 m (60’) 15.2 m (50’) New Locks Max Vessel size: 12,600 TEU’s

17 Suez Canal Mediterranean Sea Port Said Lake Timsah Bitter Lakes Suez Sinai Peninsula Gulf of Suez Overall length: 120 miles Width: 590ft / 622ft Max. permissible draft: 62ft The canal is sea level, no locks.

18 MSC Tomoko at Norfolk International Terminals
Largest Ship to Call at Port of Virginia 8,400 TEU capacity 17 containers across Larger than a Nimitz class aircraft carrier Approx. 1,090 feet long

19 Emma Maersk One of The World’s Largest Container Ships
15,000 TEUs 22 containers wide 1,302 ft. long Eiffel Tower = 986 ft. Beam = ft Olympic pool length = ft. Draft = 50.8 ft. Crew = 13 people

20 Channel Depth, Ship Capacity
JAX NY/NJ Savannah Charleston Norfolk 38 ft 42 ft 45 ft 50 ft Norfolk 55 ft (authorized) 4,500 TEU 8,500 TEU 12,500+ TEU

21 Future Craney Island Marine Terminal
Phase 1 – June 2025 Total Acreage: Pier Length: ft. Depth: 52 ft. Cranes: 6 Capacity: 1.5M TEUs Cost: $1.2B

22 The Port of Virginia Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!
Virginia International Terminals Updated June 2010 Virginia Port Authority

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