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Brief overview of activities 2004 – 2013 (10 years) Techno – E media under SSSVIP* Kerala Dr Unnikrishnan Valiathan, State Incharge-Techno-e media Kerala.

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1 Brief overview of activities 2004 – 2013 (10 years) Techno – E media under SSSVIP* Kerala Dr Unnikrishnan Valiathan, State Incharge-Techno-e media Kerala +919446559919, October, 2014

2 Kerala Kerala lies along the coastline, to the extreme south west of the Indian peninsula, flanked by the Arabian Sea on the west and the mountains of the Western Ghats on the east. This land of Parasurama stretches north-south along a coastline of 580 kms with a varying width of 35 to 120 kms. The nature of the terrain and its physical features, divides an east west cross section of the state into three distinct regions- hills and valleys, midland and plains and the coastal region. Located between north latitudes 8018' and 12048' and east longitudes 74052' and 72022', this land of eternal beauty encompasses 1.18 per cent of the country. * SSSVIP - Sri Sathya Sai Village Integrated Project


4 Districts of Kerala On the basis of geographical, historical and cultural similarities, the districts are generally grouped into North Kerala (Kasaragod, Kannur, Wayanad, Kozhikode, Malappuram), Central Kerala (Palakkad, Thrissur, Eranakulam, Idukki) South Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta, Kottayam). The districts have the same name as the important town or city in the district, the exception being Wayanad district.


6 Location : North Latitude Between 8º - 18' and 12º - 48' East Longitude Between 74º - 52' and 77º - 22' Area - 38,863 Sq.Km. % Area to the area of Indian Union -1.18 Length of Coastal Line - 580 KM Highest Peak - Anamudi (2694 metres) West flowing rivers - 41 Nos East flowing rivers - 3 Nos Districts - 14 Nos Taluks - 63 Nos Revenue Village - 1452 Nos Panchayat - 978 Nos Corporations - 5 Nos Municipalities - 60 Nos M.L.A.s Elected - 140 Nos Nominated - 1 No M.P.s Lok Sabha - 20 Nos Rajya Sabha - 9 Nos Community Development Blocks - 152 Nos Kerala at a glance

7 Population 2011 Census Total population (lakhs) - 333.88 Male population (lakhs) - 160.21 Female population (lakhs) - 173.66 Rural population (lakhs) - 174.56 Urban population (lakhs) - 159.32 Increase of population (%) - 4.86 Density per - 859 Sex ratio (Females per 1000 males) - 1084 Literacy(%) - 93.91 Male Literacy(%) - 96.02 Female Literacy (%) - 91.98 Kerala at a glance

8 Livestock Population (2007 Livestock Census) Cattle - 1740117 Buffaloes - 58145 Goat - 1729127 Pig - 59017 Sheep - 965 Fowls - 11820376 Duck - 865331 Other Poultry - 407841 Rabbits - 151552 Production of Milk, Egg and Meat (2010-11) Production of Milk (Thousand tonnes) - 2537 Production of Egg (Lakhs) - 16330 Production of Meat (Metric Tonnes) - 102026 Kerala at a glance

9 Techno – e media briefs - 2004 - 2013 Beneficiaries in 14 districts- 1,92,538 nos Total samithis in Kerala- 190 nos Animal care : ( in nos ) Total veterinary camps conducted- 212 nos Fertility cases & other ailments –cows – heifers- 12,450 Deworming & other ailments – calves – growing stock- 1,63,638 Fertility & other ailments in Buffaloes- 538 Vaccination in poultry- 1200 Rabies vaccination in dogs- 390 Deworming & other ailments in goats- 2434 Application of ‘morrah’ (cow halters)- 7375 Supply of minerala & vitamins to animals- 320 tonnes Affection to animals

10 a. Effect of the fertility camps during the period (2004 – 2013) at Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Alleppey, Ernakulam, Patahanamthitta, Kottayam, Calicut and Wynad. Total animals (cows and heifers) involved – 2200 nos (cows 1200, heifers 1000) Intercalving interval – reduced from 576 (48 month) days to 528 (44 months)days Age at first calving - reduced from 42 months to 36 months Fertility check up

11 b. Benefit of application of “morrah” (cow halters) – 7375 Considerable improvement in the general body condition of the animal. Increase of milk yield by – ½ kg to 2 kgs per day Punching nose of the animal and application of nose rope causes injury, pain and discomfort. Cow with the “morrah” Nose pierced cow

12 Agri activities : (2004-2013) Supply of vegetable seeds-95,840 pkts Supply of fodder seeds – grasses & legumes-1,45,200 pkts Supply of fodder slips HNCO3 variety-65,000 nos Establishment of vermicompost pits-250 nos Kitchen garden in farmers premises & schools-2200 nos

13 Agri activities : (2004-2013) Establishment of high yielding fodder crops, very important to meet the nutritional needs of high yielding cows Planting rooted slips Fodder crop established

14 Water conservation & harvesting : Rain water harvesting – cloth method-620 nos R water from roof tops and soak pits around wells-160 nos Water from wells, ponds tested for quality-826 nos Preliminary disinfecting of village wells & tanks-1625 nos Providing continuous water supply to toilets attached to schools and public places (Tribal settlements)-50 nos


16 Other activities : Helping and implementing the 7 focus seva activities of SSSVIProgrammes in 28 adopted villages in Kerala. Building new toilets and cleaning and repair of existing toilets in schools and public places mainly in adivasi colonies and tribal settlements. Assisting in establishment of Vasthuhara Projects. Motivation classes in technical colleges-14 nos Motivation classes in schools-160 nos Training courses for youth – boys & girls for technical skills-60 personnel Temple animal care – Sabrimala, Guruyavoor, Ettumanoor, TDM Devasom, other temples Care & management of culled animals for slaughter (18 places) Helping and assisting in medical camps, youth camps, Sai publications, news paper projects, food packet collection & distribution, Saineethi activities (jail service) Assisting & conduct of vety camps in association with Vivekanada Medical Centre, Wynand and YMCA in Trivandrum. Conduct of gramasevas & vety camps in Adivasis colonies in Wynand, Agasthigoodam in Trivandrum. Conduct of motivation classes for residential association, milk society members. Establishment of 30 nos kitchen garden and planting of 175 nos shade trees in villages near Chittoor in Palakkad district and other adopted villages (SSSVIP). Care and management of stray dog house -1no.

17 Preparing land for planting fodder crops Clean drinking water Motivating children Self service is the best help

18 People with love for animals & fellow beings are the wealth of a nation Jai Sai Ram

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