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Technologies to Enhance Traffic Safety Robin D. Smith Presiding Judge City of Midland, Texas.

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1 Technologies to Enhance Traffic Safety Robin D. Smith Presiding Judge City of Midland, Texas


3 Event Data Recorder Originally conceived and designed to gather air bag deployment information Information is now being used for other purposes Currently General Motors and Ford have contracted with Bosch Diagnostics to provide the reading unit and software


5 EDR Locations Under the Driver or Front Passenger Seats

6 Under the center console behind the dashboard controls

7 Collecting the data

8 What Type of Data is Collected? Vehicle Speed Engine Speed Brake status Throttle Position State of Driver’s Seat Belt Switch Passenger’s Air Bag Enabled or Disabled Air bag Deployment Information


10 Who is currently using the data? Automobile Manufacturers NHTSA Insurance Adjusters Vehicle Fleet Managers Accident Reconstructionists Law Enforcement Others...

11 Where Can I Buy a Crash Data Retrieval Unit? Bosch Diagnostics 1-800-321-4889 Cost is $4,998.00 plus software subscription of $749.00 annually

12 The “Sniffer”

13 Passive Alcohol Sensor Designed to formulate “probable cause” by functioning as an “extension” of the operator’s nose Can detect alcohol is closed areas Can detect alcohol in open beverage containers

14 How does it work? Pump runs for 5 seconds and takes in a one cubic inch air sample Should be held 6-8 inches from the person’s mouth Color coded bar graph with 9 LED bars

15 PAS “Clip Mate”

16 Where can it be used? Used at sobriety checkpoints School functions Workplace applications

17 Problems? Admissibility in Court Residual mouth alcohol Environmental effects on the sample Can get false readings from other sources Illegal search?

18 Where can I buy a PAS IV “Sniffer”? PAS Systems International Fredericksburg, VA 800/660-SNIF Cost is $695.00

19 Global Positioning System GPS is funded by and controlled by the U. S. Department of Defense (DOD). While there are many thousands of civil users of GPS world-wide, the system was designed for and is operated by the U. S. military. GPS provides specially coded satellite signals that can be processed in a GPS receiver, enabling the receiver to compute position, velocity and time.

20 Newer “receivers” also send a signal which allows for tracking and location data.

21 What other applications are possible? Determine speed of a vehicle Track probationers Track or Locate vehicles –Stolen vehicles –Fleet Services –Rented vehicles

22 Installed GPS Boxes

23 Informer Lite Locates Vehicles (30 second intervals) Map Tracking Geofencing Speed Alerts

24 Rocky Mountain Tracking 800/242-0500 $295 plus installation, wiring, brackets and activation Monthly $16.95 (500 updates)

25 Teen Track & Teen Track Pro GPS WorldWide Group 877/628-3055 $169 to $279 plus installation and options $50-$99 year *There are several other companies and price ranges

26 Is there a cheaper alternative?

27 PhoneGuard & PhoneGuard Premium Two versions – one free Free Version: –Blocks Incoming Texting & Typing –Sends a Programmed Reply –Blocks Dialing/E-mail/Surfing –Notifies of Speed by Email –Override and Emergency Button

28 PhoneGuard Premium –Locate/Track –Geo Fencing –Family View –Time-Outs to block use during designated periods $29.99 year for two licenses $49.99 year for five licenses

29 Several other Apps are available for all phone platforms. Can be defeated

30 Stop Distance Warning iOnRoad –Using the camera on the phone, it warns drivers of objects in front of the car. –Also designed to keep you in the lane –Uses calculations of object size to determine if a danger exists

31 Installed systems –Several manufacturers are using Radar to detect cars, pedestrians and fixed objects. –Saab was experimenting with Lidar to prevent crashes. –Mercedes Pre-safe: radar in the car detects impending crash and the brakes are automatically applied at 40 percent, the seatbelts are pretensioned, windows and sunroof closed, seat adjusted and the seat bolsters inflated

32 Other safety features: –Mercedes Attention Assist based upon steering behavior –Mercedes Pedestrian Impact hood that springs up giving more –Toyota Hybrid Vehicle Proximity Notification System for pedestrians –Adaptive Cruise Control slows for cars ahead –Blind Spot Detection technology gives a visual light showing a car in the blind spot

33 SCRAM Alcohol Monitor Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor Eight ounce ankle bracelet Measures sweat / non invasive Can test as frequently as every 30 minutes Bracelet radios the modem which dials in a report


35 Who is currently using? Probation/Parole –Driving While Intoxicated Defendants –Domestic Violence –Underage Drinking Bonding Drug/DUI Courts

36 Where can I buy a SCRAM system ? Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc. Highlands Ranch, Colorado 303/785-7821 Cost is approximately $84 per week plus $50 - $100 set up

37 Ticket Writers

38 Eliminate entry errors Reduce time entering tickets manually Can capture photograph Can capture fingerprint Can upload warrants back to device

39 Video Recorders

40 Video Sunglasses 640 x 480 resolution 30 frames per second 2.5 hour battery life Length of video depends on card $120 - $200 I-Kam

41 In Car Police Video

42 Features Integrated Information (Speed/Time etc.) Backtrack 30 seconds Rear camera Warning systems Built in GPS Mapping Face Detection Software

43 Vehicle Alcohol Sensing DADSS – Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety –Ignition Interlock –Optical Scan –Transdermal Test –Odor Sensors - Nissan –“Alcokey”

44 Telematics Integrated use of telecommunications and informatics Typically transmissions of 100 meters Interact with a network of transmissions from other vehicles and fixed based systems

45 What will telematics do for vehicle safety? A vehicle braking ahead will alert the vehicles behind Construction zone beacons will slow vehicles Two vehicles approaching an intersection will warn of collision before the drivers can see the other vehicle

46 Sensors in one vehicle can warn other vehicles about road conditions Pedestrians and bicycles using a smart phone can warn drivers of their location A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that 81% of all crashes can be averted once telematics is fully integrated

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