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Pope Fellows 2013-2014 Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving 1.

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1 Pope Fellows 2013-2014 Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving 1

2 2 Jonathon Cannon Major: Nursing Hometown: Statham, Georgia “I am proud to be a Betty Pope fellow for the 2013-2014 academic year. The Caregiving Program will add value to my degree in nursing. ”

3 3 Aryn Christina Beall Major: Nursing Hometown: Midland, Georgia “The Pope Fellowship gives me an excellent opportunity to be around people that have similar goals to mine. All of the people in this group are perusing a career in caregiving and it is inspiring to see the older members accomplishing what I will accomplish in a few years. It means so much to me to be surrounded by a group of people that encourage me to do well in everything. Being a part of this fellowship gives me an opportunity that I would not have had otherwise.”

4 4 “It is a tremendous honor to be chosen as a recipient of the Pope Fellowship. This scholarship program has been very beneficial to me by providing vital tuition assistance, the opportunity to gain valuable volunteer caregiving experience, and has granted me the distinct privilege of meeting wonderful people including Mrs. Rosalynn Carter, Mrs. Betty Pope, and Dr. Leisa Easom as well as my fellow Pope Fellows. I am very grateful to Mrs. Pope, GSW, and the staff at the Rosalynn Carter Institute for making this possible for myself and others. “ Will Ellerbee Major: Biology/Pre-Med Hometown: Thomaston, Georgia

5 5 Rachel Medlin Major: Exercise Science Hometown: Cordele, Georgia "Caregiving is the devotion to the improvement of the lives of those who cannot care for themselves. During my time as a Pope Fellow, I aspire to learn how to positively impact the lives of such people through the field of healthcare."

6 6 Rebecca Greenslade Major: Nursing Hometown: Albany, Georgia “My experiences as a Pope Fellow have shaped my perspective on all aspects of care that professionals provide to clients as well as to their families. I will strive not only to provide the best care possible to my ill clients, but rather to meet the needs of the family as a whole. Without my training in the caregiving certificate program, I would never have fully grasped the enormous and vital contributions of family caregivers. The program has presented me with paradigms that will guide every aspect of my professional career.”

7 7 Owen Dillard Major: Education Hometown: Andersonville, Georgia “I believe that caregiving is a way for individuals to care for other individuals in a time of need. While I am in this program, I hope to learn how to be a better caregiver for my family members and how to encourage others to be better caregivers.”

8 8 Brandi Mixon Major: Nursing Hometown: Cordele, Georgia "Taking part in the Pope Fellow program has opened my eyes to all the struggles and hardships caregivers experience and their need for support!"

9 9 Anna Hall Major: Psychology Hometown: Buena Vista, Georgia “I’m excited about the amazing opportunity given to me by the Pope Fellow program. I hope to learn many skills that will be useful in the future when I begin my career of a Child Life Specialist.”

10 10 Kinsey Powell Major: Chemistry Hometown: Buena Vista, Georgia “The Pope Fellowship Program has done many things for me through my three years here at Georgia Southwestern. It has taught me the needs of a caregiver and how to help those that need it most. As I earn a degree and continue to Optometry school, I am sure that the Pope Fellowship Program will help me in many ways. I will use the things I have learned with my patients when I become an optometrist, and will always remember the lifelong friends this program has provided me with.”

11 11 Miriam Rodriguez Major: Nursing Hometown: Perry, Georgia "I continue to be amazed at the importance caregivers play in our society. I have learned that they are very strong and committed individuals but even the strong need help."

12 12 Brittney Paige Bragg Major: Sociology Hometown: Americus, Georgia “I believe the Pope Fellowship Program will be very important in relation to my future career as a social worker. To me, Caregiving is supporting and caring for people who may or may not be able to take care of themselves. Throughout this program, my biggest goal is to learn how to care for people in situations I have never been faced with before. After this program I hope to be a better person and I hope to be able to put smiles on the faces of those who deal with many struggles in their daily lives.”

13 13 Jasmin Taylor Major: Early Childhood Education Hometown: Oglethorpe, Georgia "Caregiving is something I want to devote my life to; something that will make me feel accomplished by making other people happy."

14 14 Sally Anne Russell Major: Nursing Hometown: Americus, Georgia "The John and Betty Pope Fellowship program has allowed me tremendous opportunity to see caregiving from every angle, therefore enhancing my knowledge of how to provide the best possible care to others."

15 15 Melissa Waters Major: Early Childhood Education Hometown: Ellaville, Georgia “I believe caregiving literally means to give care to others. Someone who dedicates their time to the well-being of others in need. I hope this program allows me to become a caregiver as well as instruct others to be caregivers. I also hope it allows me to help caregivers in the community in any way that I can. They are essential to our lives and deserve the utmost respect.”

16 16 Priscilla K. Oglevie Hometown: North Richland, Texas Pope Scholarship Program "Caregiving is a wise teacher. It teaches me important lessons about life, about others and about myself. It is a sacred opportunity to serve."

17 17 Thank you, Mrs. Betty Pope, for your dedication and commitment to the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving.

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