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1 DOW POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingle

2 Dow recognized as a 2012 Top Global Innovator by Thomas Reuters
World’s largest industrial consumer of power and steam, Dow recognizes the importance of tapping new energy sources We have a team of more than 6,500 at our R&D sites worldwide and are growing our science and technology footprint globally About Dow 60+ Year history of providing energy saving solutions to the global commercial and residential construction industry 115 Years of innovation, ensures stability and reliability 1897 Founded by Herbert H. Dow in Midland, Michigan $57 Billion in revenue in 2012 ~160 Countries in which we serve customers 54,000 Approximate Employees worldwide More than 5,000 products are manufactured at 188 sites in 36 countries DOW RESTRICTED

3 A Commitment for Dow Chemical in Solar Innovation
Importance of Energy to Dow World’s largest industrial consumer of power and steam ($5 Billion / year, 3.7GW) More competitive as a result of eliminating over $26 billion in energy costs since 1990. Reduced absolute energy use by 20% since 2005 (119 trillion BTUs). Efforts have significantly reduced emissions, representing over 270 million metric tons of emissions since 1990. World Leader in Material Science Extensive thermoplastics portfolio Films, top sheets, encapsulants Fabrication processes DOW RESTRICTED

4 DOW POWERHOUSE: The Roof, Reinvented!
POWERHOUSE isn’t ON the roof, IT IS the roof! Existing trades working in their preferred environment Reduced installation time & cost Minimum penetrations Class A fire rating DOW RESTRICTED

Disruptive design addresses the four historical obstacles to residential solar adoption: Installation Complexity Aesthetics Warranty Concerns Affordability The roof that protects your home can now provide for it, too.

6 It’s a Revolutionary Solution
Standard roofing nails Incorporated with standard roofing Dow System Parts CIGS solar cells Connector between each shingle DOW RESTRICTED

7 POWERHOUSETM Installation Process
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8 The most aesthetically appealing solar solution.

9 And…Manufactured in Michigan

10 Where do we put DOW POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingles?

11 Excitement leads to results
Market Appeal Excitement leads to results Another builder including POWERHOUSE as a standard feature outperformed their sales goals for the first 10 weeks by over 100% This builder increased contract size only 4 months after signing the original contract Homes including DOW POWERHOUSE as a standard feature were sold at a 10:1 ratio compared with non-POWERHOUSE homes in the same community In general - Solar homes sell up to twice the rate of conventional homes, 8 out of 10 homeowners want builders to offer solar power DOW RESTRICTED US Department of Energy: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

12 Awards & Recognitions NOVEMBER 2009
Named one of “The 50 Best Inventions of 2009” by TIME magazine. MARCH 2010 Won the GLOBE Award for Environmenta l Excellence in Emerging Technology. MARCH 2011 Received the “Editor’s Choice” Award at the 2011 International Roofing Expo. APRIL 2012 Awarded Gold for Best New Product by the Edison Awards.™ OCTOBER 2012 Popular Mechanics’ Top 10 Technology Breakthroug- hs for 2012. FEBRUARY 2013 MIT Technology Review’s Disruptive Companies List Green Builder Magazine’s 50 Hot Products for 2013

13 Launched in Colorado in October 2011
Growth Initiatives Launched in Colorado in October 2011 Now in 12 States & D.C. Rapidly Growing List of Builder and Contractor Partners Now Offering Competitive Financing Buyer Retains Incentives and 30% Tax Credit Interest Write-Off On Electricity Supply Now Partnering With Commercial Market Segment Out-of-the-Box Utility Partnership Opportunities 13

14 Colorado Solar Industry, by the Numbers
Total Economic Output of $1.42 Billion Colorado Solar Industry Created 10,790 job-years, Leading to Employee Earnings of Over $534.1 M Tax Revenues Between $34.1 M and $59.7 M Property Taxes: $3.1 M - $9.3 M Sales Taxes: $18.7 M - $38.1 M Income Tax Revenues: $12.3 M Approximately $24.3 M in Environmental Benefits Saved Nearly 300 Million Gallons of Water 14

15 Taylor A. Henderson Colorado Account Manager Dow Solar (303) 815 – 6080

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