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Acknowledges that HVAC systems play a role in the dissemination of diseases in buildings Key points: Infectious diseases can be transmitted via an airborne.

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2 Acknowledges that HVAC systems play a role in the dissemination of diseases in buildings Key points: Infectious diseases can be transmitted via an airborne path Designers have a responsibility to minimize that potential Dilution ventilation Building pressure control Filtration Oxidative technologies,  UVGI, PCO ASHRAE Position Paper, June, 2009 2

3 Passive Oxidation 3

4  What is the Product?  How does the panel work?  Testing  Product Features  Design Considerations  Why they buy  Applications 4

5 What is the product? Photo Catalytic Oxidation Panel (produces oxidizing agent) First Glance: Filter with a light in it? 5

6 Not a Filter / Is a PCO Panel  Think it is a filter; we have plenty  It is a panel and we have nothing like this  Filter = Commodity  Panel = Technology  Filter = Everyone sells  Panel = Let us consider, More information needed 6

7 How does the panel work? Have you ever used hydrogen peroxide on a cut? Did it bubble and boil up? What was it doing? Destroying infection causing virus, bacteria and spores. Our panels create OH. We are trying to replicate the natural process the troposphere uses to clean the air we breathe. “Detergent of the atmosphere” Katja Riedel and Keith Lassey explain how OH, the hydroxyl radical, works to cleanse the atmosphere of harmful trace gases. “Introducing OH, the hydroxyl radical Although it makes up about a fifth of our atmosphere, oxygen (O 2 ) is not the main oxidant. Other molecules that are produced naturally in the atmosphere, including ozone (O 3 ), the nitrate radical (NO 3 ), and the hydroxyl radical (OH), are much more reactive, even if their atmospheric concentrations are low. Radicals are highly reactive because they have unpaired electrons which tend to transfer to other molecules. The OH radical is the most important oxidant in the troposphere, the lowest part of the atmosphere (below about 10 km). Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen coined the phrase “detergent of the atmosphere” to describe this important cleansing role of OH. Most of the trace gases found in the troposphere are oxidised by OH into water-soluble products that are washed out by rain and snow. Specifically, OH is responsible for oxidising carbon monoxide (CO) and other carbon-based molecules, such as methane (CH 4 ).” Water & Atmosphere 16(1) 2008 Caution: Two Types – Active (No people) Passive (Safe for Occupied Spaces) 7

8 Photocatalysis Process Redox reaction: A reaction in which electrons are transferred from a donor (the reducing agent) to an acceptor molecule (the oxidizing agent) 8

9 Testing / Does it Work? Extensive 3rd Party and Field Testing Sample results from 3rd party testing. (With no pre-filter) PCO shows a single pass reduction in microbial contaminants. 9

10 Expected Results: Lower levels of VOC’s and Bio-aerosols in the conditioned space 10

11 Residential Unit Single Panel Scalable / Easy Retrofit Product Features: Array of Panels Side or Front Load San Francisco Airport 11

12 AHU’s: Location – In Air Stream Preferred down stream of coil Advantages - Low pressure drop (.05@500fpm) Easy to Service (12,000hr lamp) Requires little space (6” panel) Low energy (Cost of ODA) Sustainable (15 year panel) One Device – Three Solutions Cleans Coil Reduces VOCs Destroys Bio aerosols 12

13  Design Goal (Global / At the Source)  Panels encompass the entire airstream in a rack (Location)  Collection & Type of Contaminates (Source & Concentration)  Destroys in the airstream within the panel (Residence time)  Does not broadcast agents into the occupied space Design Considerations: 13

14 Hospitals: Odors……. Heliports & Generators Surface Recharge Integrity of Design The O.R. no one will use State of the Art Schools: Average Daily Attendance Resistant Strains (T.B.) E.P.A. “Tools for Schools” Lost teaching days Complaints Airports: Odors Airborne pandemic Casinos: Smoke Money Rooms Employee health (Liability Issues) Animal Care: Kennel Cough Odors Airborne Viral Why they buy: 14

15 Applications  Factory Mounted  Retrofit  RTU’s  Induct  Standalone  Portable 15

16 Factory mounted AHU (Trane PCC / Custom) Trane Performance Climate Changer 16

17 AHU Retrofit: 17

18 Curb Mounted RTU / Thybar 18

19 Panel In Curb Supply 19

20 Induct: 20

21 Standalone: Inlet Ducted Attached to Filter grilles Supply Out

22 Portable: 22

23 23 Hospital St. Luke’s Vintage Houston TX 1. Source Location a. Close proximity to freeway b. Non attainment area c. Automotive and Diesel exhaust migrating into fresh air vents. d. Ongoing construction 2. Type of Problem a. Ultra fine particles from outdoor pollution ODA - TVOC load. b. Biologic reduction ( Risk reduction HAI ) 3. Personnel Location & Challenges a. Limited access behind air handles b. Factory Trane Install for new hospital c. Four story facility 250,000 sq ft. 4. Equipment sizing and location a. 8-Trane Air handlers b. 8-2008 Standard PCP Systems c. 48-PCP Standard Catalyst Panels d. 112 Assorted UVGI lamps e. Spec Merv 13 pre filters in non critical areas and HEPA Filtration in Critical Areas

24 24 Hospital John Muir Medical Center Concord CA 1. Source Location a. Close proximity to freeway b. Non attainment area c. Close proximity to Helicopter Landing Pad d. Ongoing construction 2. Type of Problem a. Ultra fine particles from outdoor pollution and high outdoor TVOC load. b. Stage 1 for helicopter odors c. Stage 2 Critical areas bio aerosol reduction 3. Personnel Location & Challenges a. Limited access behind air handles b. Dedicated fresh air unit for c. Five story 168 bed facility d. Field Retro 4. Equipment sizing and location a. One custom dedicated fresh air unit b. Stage 2, three AHUS

25 25 Hospital Terrebonne General Medical Houma LA 1. Source Location a. High environmental fungal levels b. Physical Training Weight Room c. Limited Ventilation d. High people traffic 2. Type of Problem a. Odors from physical training b. Biologic reduction (Risk Reduction HAI ) 3. Personnel Location & Challenges a. Rooftop mechanical room isolated b. Field retrofit c. Four story facility 400,000 sq ft. 4. Equipment sizing and location a. 1-Trane Air handlers b. 1-2008 Standard PCP Systems c. 2-PCP Standard Catalyst Panels d. 8 Assorted UVGI lamps e. Spec MERV 13 pre filters in non critical areas

26 26 Airports San Francisco Airport T 2 Terminal 1. Source Location a. Jet Exhaust and Jet Fuel from runways & gates b. Large volume of people c. High levels of outdoor air required by code 2. Type of Problem a. High levels of outdoor CO & TVOCs 3. Personnel Location & Challenges a. Humid environment / cost of maintenance using capture systems b. Ineffective (off gassing) c. Cost prohibitive 18 month replacement cycle 4. Equipment sizing and location a. 9 Custom AHUs totaling 539,000 cfm b. 474 Catalyst Panels 576 UVGI Lamps c. Equipment installed in the mixing box before the coils because of existing humidity levels and AHU manufacture specs.

27 27 Labs Medical Examiners Office & Labs 1. Source Location a. Decomposition bodies in various locations b. The issue - cadavers are moved through out building 2. Type of Problem a. Odors & bio-hazards b. The exhaust system was contaminating an area of several blocks around the facility. 3. Personnel Location & Challenges a. Units had to be near the source b. 12 inch wide returns 4. Equipment sizing and location a. 2 custom 2006 DTs and 4 portable 2006 GS b. The GS units are moved to populates areas. c. The DT units are in the returns near the source of the contamination.

28 28 Casino & Bingo Mohawk Bingo Palace and Casino 1. Source Location a. Environmental Tobacco Smoke 2. Type of Problem a. 30 foot open dome building b. 1600 bingo seats c. HVAC returns are in central location and out of smoke layer. d. Ash tray every 4 feet with 3 to 5 burning 3. Personnel Location & Challenges a. Placement of inlets in smoke layer b. 12 inch wide returns c. Incorporated with EMS system 4. Equipment sizing and location a. 18 2008 GS Units 2 2008 B3s & 6 2008 DTs b. GS units mounted 13 foot level in the smoke layer. c. odor control / AHU return grill mounted

29 29 Schools Bellevue Elementary 1. Source Location a. New Construction Late 2009 b. Outdoor Mold and Pollen c. Long Winters 2. Type of Problem a. Under ventilation in winter months b. 80% carpet facility c. Permanent animals in some classrooms 3. Personnel Location & Challenges a. Long Winters less ventilation b. Crowded Classrooms c. Chemicals brought from home by staff to spray or burn in classrooms 4. Equipment sizing and location a. 5 Trane M Series Air Handlers b. Genesis Air units field installed in AHUs during construction c. odor control & biologic control d. Case study available

30 Prisons Ramsey County Prison St Paul, MN 30

31 Helping Hands for Humanity Animal Shelter Topeka, KA 31

32 Laughlin AFB Fuel Maintenance Hanger & PT Building Fort Sam Houston Corp of Engineers Regional Offices & Dorm 1001 FLETC PT Building & Command Building Goodfellow AFB School Age Facility & Pipeline Dormitory Federal 32

33 Where is This Technology is Use? Federal, State & Local Government 914 Airlift Wing Fire and Crash Rescue Station, Niagara Falls, New York Aguadilla, Puerto Government Center Camp Pendleton Fire Station, Camp Pendleton, California City of Norman Library, Norman, Oklahoma City of Norman Police Station, Norman, Oklahoma City of Scottsdale Technology Center, Scottsdale Arizona City of Scottsdale Office Complex, Scottsdale Arizona Department of Public Safety, Austin, Texas El Paso VA Clinic, El Paso, Texas FLETC Command Building, PT Building, Artesia, New Mexico Fort Sam Houston Building 4196, San Antonio, Texas George Bush Library, Dallas Texas Goodfellow AFB Pipeline Dormitory, School Age Facility, San Angelo, Texas Johnson County Communications Center, Kansas City Kansas Lackland AFB MP Canine Training Facility, San Antonio, Texas Laughlin AFB Fuel Systems Building, PT Building, Del Rio, Texas Long Beach Fire Station, Long Beach, California Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building, Bangor, Maine Marshal Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama National Archives and Records Administration, St Louis, Missouri New Jersey State Police Office, West Trenton, New Jersey North Little Rock VA Hospital, North Little Rock AR Ocean County Health Department, Toms River, New Jersey Ohio University, Athens, Ohio Patrick Air Force Base, Cape Canaveral, Florida Plano Police Department Evidence Room, Plano, TX Ramsey County Prison, Maplewood, Minnesota St. Croix County Government Center, Hudson WI University of Chicago Zoology, Chicago, Illinois U.S. Postal Service, Sundown, Texas Wright-Patterson AFB Airports Birmingham-Shuttlesworth Int Concessions, Birmingham, Alabama Detroit Metro Airport-Delta Terminal, Detroit, Michigan JFK International-Delta Delta Terminal, New York, New York Oakland Int. Airport FAA Control Tower Oakland, California San Francisco Airport T2 Terminal, San Francisco, California San Francisco Airport 575 T1 Terminal San Diego Airport T2 Terminal, San Diego, California San Diego Airport, San Diego, California Extra Unit Hospitals Labs & Cleanrooms Analytical Food Labs, Grand Prairie, Texas Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Little Rock, Arkansas Atlanta Medical Center (TENET) Atlanta Georgia Baylor Medical Invetro Clinic, Dallas, Texas Big Spring VA, Big Spring, Texas Brookwood Medical Center, Birmingham, Alabama CCMC Ambulatory Service Center, Bloomfield, Connecticut Citrus Memorial Health Center, Inverness, Florida Citizens Medical Center, Wichita, Kansas Conroe Regional Hospital, Conroe, Texas Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Houston, Texas Deaconess IVF Center, Boston Massachusetts Del Ray Medical Center, Del Ray Florida Dr Spenelli, NYC, New York Durango Mexica Hospital, Mexico Forbes Regional Hospital ER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Fort Smith Health Care Center, Yellow Knife, NT Canada Gateway Health Center Laredo, Texas Grand Junction VA, Grand Junction, Colorado Gunderson Lutheran Hospital, Lacrosse, Wisconsin Hancock Health Center, Round Rock, Texas Integrated Cancer Center, El Paso, Texas John Muir Hospital, Oakland, California Kingsbrook Medical Center, Brooklyn New York Koch Cordis Class 100 Cleanroom, Juarez, Mexico Las Cruces Surgical Center, Las Cruces, New Mexico Lahey Clinic, Boston, Massachusetts Lubbock County Medical Examiner’s Office, Lubbock, Texas Mid Michigan Medical Center, Midland, Michigan NE Alabama Medical Center, Anniston, Alabama New Albany Medical Center, Columbus, Ohio Palm Beach gardens Medical Center, Palm Beach Florida Park Plaza Medical Center, Houston, Texas Portsmouth Regional Hospital, Portsmouth, New Hampshire Providence Main Surgery, Midland Texas Quebec, Canada Rincon Health Center, Rincon, Puerto Riviera Beach Health Clinic, West Palm Beach Florida Round Rock Hospital, Round Rock, Texas Ruby Hospital, Morgantown, West Virginia Sarasota Memorial, Fort Meyers, Florida Scott & White Hospital College Station St David's Medical Lakeside, Bastrop, Texas St Joseph Mercy, Oakland, Michigan St Joseph Hospital, Tampa, Florida ER & Pathology St Luke’s Vintage Hospital, Houston, Texas Stamford Bennett Cancer Center Stamford, Connecticut Tenet Hilton Head Hospital, Hilton Head, South Carolina Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) Houma LA TTUHSC, Lubbock, Texas TTUHSC, El Paso, Texas U of LH Pharmacy Clean Room Class 1000, Louisville, Kentucky Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) Houma LA Wellstar Douglas Hospital Labor & Delivery, Douglas Georgia West Boca Medical Center, Boca Raton, Florida West Boca Medical Center (TENET), Boca Raton, Florida William P Clements Jr. University Hospital,(UTSW) Dallas, Texas (2015) Weill Cornell Medical Center, Cornell University, New York City, New York 33

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