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1 Building a Culture of Inclusion One Person at a Time! “The business case is clear. Different voices and viewpoints are essential elements of innovation,

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1 1 Building a Culture of Inclusion One Person at a Time! “The business case is clear. Different voices and viewpoints are essential elements of innovation, and innovation is essential to our strategy. We’ve seen volumes of research that clearly link diversity to engagement, growth, high performance and bottom-line results.” – Gregory Freiwald Dow Executive VP, HR

2 2 Agenda Strategy Attracting, developing & retaining Culture Engagement inside Thinking outside the Diamond A picture of success

3 3 People with disabilities are moving to the forefront of the Dow diversity and inclusion strategy: Changing workforce composition Social responsibility Passed and pending legislation Common mismanagement of individual differences and fairness High Stakes Business Case

4 4 Dow Global Disability Strategy Retaining Developing Communicating Attracting Global Position Statement: People living with disabilities are a unique source of talent who can deliver substantial value to our company, our customers and our communities. Dow is committed to the recruitment and development of top talent, including individuals who happen to live with a disability. Shared accountability among all stakeholders is embedded in all four strategic areas.

5 5 Attracting Partnerships Disability Outreach Internship Program Rotational Programs Experienced Hiring

6 6 Developing Awareness/Etiquette Unconscious Bias Understanding Diversity & Inclusion HH Dow Partnership with National Technical Institute of the Deaf

7 7 Retaining Global Accommodations Policy Accessibility Governance Team Mentoring Diversity & Inclusion Council Breaking down barriers

8 8 Current State We have made progress in the of alignment of messaging and actions, internal collaboration, and ultimately improving outcomes. Dow’s emphasis on creating and managing an inclusive culture for people with disabilities is becoming increasingly important. North America Launched DEN Refresh Strategy in 2011 Dow has been a two time sponsor of the Paralympics Expanded relationship with National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) since 2010 2012 sponsorship of NTID’s DeafTec Grant focusing on educational awareness New DEN Chapter established in 2011 - Delaware Valley Sponsoring a Wounded Warrior to participate in “Soldier to the Summit” 2012 USBLN member Disability Mentoring Day E. Asia and the Pacific Developed country-specific disability strategy in 2011 2010 GEOAS results indicated 121 employees who self-identified with a disability Conducted facilities assessment to determine accessibility gaps Implemented disability hiring targets Europe 2011 sponsorship of the Special Olympics Launched “Power of Words” educational activity on the importance of respect Participated in 2011 “R-word” campaign to promote tolerance and respect in the disability space Collaborated with Ministry of Social Affairs Project to facilitate placement of 10 people with disabilities Conducted disability leadership awareness training Latin America Has 5 partnerships with specialized recruitment firms on diversity Has conducted 21 Diversity sessions to over 180 employees Active DEN Chapters in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina Expanded Global Disability Accommodation process to Mexico Participated in the Inter-American Development Bank A World of Solutions: Innovations for People with Disabilities contest

9 9 Human Capital Development Employee Experience Commitment to Community Inclusion of People with Disabilities

10 10 DEN – Employee Experience Vision Improve attraction, retention, and advancement of employees with disabilities Mission Create opportunities for career development and advancement of all employees with disabilities

11 11 Mentoring & Culture Activities

12 12 Olympic Partnership

13 13 Champions of Inclusion Program Marcus Vinicius Kerekes Marketing Intelligence Specialist Sao Paulo, Brazil Marie Madeleine Hentsch Administrative Leader Lauterbourg, France Salman Ajaz Merchant Senior Technologist EH&S Mumbai, India Rhonda Henning Talent Acquisition Specialist Dow Workforce Planning Midland, MI Heather Cole HCP Improvement Engineer Fort Saskatchewan, Canada Recognizing employees who are role models in breaking down stereotypes of people with disabilities.

14 14 DEN Profile Around the World Europe, Middle East, Africa France/Paris Germany Horgen Iberica Italy Rhine Center Schkopau (Central Germany) Terneuzen/Benelux UK North America Bound Brook Freeport Midland Philadelphia Spring House DEN has active chapters at the following locations: Asia Pacific India Japan Latin America Buenos Aires, Argentina Guadalajara, Mexico Mexico City, Mexico Sao Paulo, Brazil

15 15 Commitment to Our Community It’s embracing diversity… in each one of us… in all of us.

16 16 BLN Website Homepage

17 17 A Picture of Success Dow has a comprehensive disability training program that is adaptable and responsive to different service roles, cultures and local needs Dow has an active and broad recruiting strategy that targets individuals with disabilities DEN is recognized as an effective internal source of support for people with disabilities within Dow Dow has active community engagement that focuses on disability Employees and managers are committed to Dow’s position statement regarding people with disabilities Disability is a recognized component of Dow culture

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