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Preferred Vendor Rollout for Cylinder Gases Wayne State University June 2013.

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1 Preferred Vendor Rollout for Cylinder Gases Wayne State University June 2013

2 Airgas Participants James Flemming Specialty Gas Specialist – SE Michigan Amy Turjanica University Specialist - Great Lakes Region Michael Marihugh Sales Manager – SE Michigan Michael Abshire University & Life Science Sales Manager – Great Lakes Region Robert Elliot Local Sales Representative – Detroit 1

3 2 We are a Solutions Company Gas is our principal product – Leading position in $12B+ U.S. packaged industrial, medical, and specialty gas market – Significant position in U.S. bulk market – Leading platform for U.S. refrigerants, ammonia, and process chemicals markets We also produce various gases – Fifth largest U.S. producer of atmospheric gases – Leading U.S. supplier of liquid CO 2 and dry ice – Largest U.S. producer of nitrous oxide Engineered Solutions are important complement – Cryogenic management and storage – Laboratory design and installation – Complete gas management solutions for all markets and applications We sell through multiple channels: – Branch-based field sales – Retail stores – Strategic Accounts – Distributors –Catalog –Telesales –eBusiness –Corporate Tech Support

4 Known Locally Nationwide 3 ~1,100 Locations 875+ branches 325+ HP fill plants 16 ASU’s 18 acetylene plants 5 liquid CO 2 production plants 63 regional spec gas labs 8 national spec gas labs 6 hardgoods distribution centers 14,000+ Associates ~1,500 sales people (25% specialists) 5,000+ drivers 10M+ Cylinders 13,500+ Bulk Tanks 5,000+ Vehicles

5 4 Airgas Great Lakes Region A Closer Look Headquarters in Independence, OH 10 main fill plants 80 branches Local Manufacturing and Distribution Sites – Ferndale Plant/Branch – production & distribution of all industrial products. – Triangle of industrial gas support; AA, Ferndale, Toledo, and Lansing – Specialty Gas infrastructure; Royal Oak, MI & Lansing, MI production plants ISO & A2LA – Wayne, MI Medical Gas Production                                                    

6 5 Local Branch Support - Ferndale 24/7 Operations - 3 shifts 11 Trucks 40 Employees Customer Service Team Industrial gases: Atmospherics (oxygen, nitrogen, argon) Liquid Dewars CO 2 - Hydrogen Propane Stocking Point for Specialty and Medical Gases

7 6 Local Account Management Support Years of Industry Experience Local Airgas Account Manager -Vendor managed inventory -Technical information & updates -Troubleshooting -Verification of order & delivery locations -Cylinder audits Local Specialty Gas & Medical Specialists Application support and product recommendations Safety & application training, reviews and compliance Gas distribution and equipment recommendations Customized cost savings recommendations Regional product specialists for bulk gases, safety, welding & cutting, cryo-freezers, gas equipment, and refrigerants

8 7 Airgas customer service representative for WSU will be designated with branch team support Local inventory min/max levels will be defined and maintained Scheduled and emergency deliveries Initiate cylinder audits – ordering, invoicing inquiries Root cause analysis for any concerns – Airgas CAT system Dedicated and trained drivers to develop knowledge of WSU campus and needs of end users Technology from around the world, service from around the corner Local Customer Service

9 8 The Right Range of Supply Modes 300 / 200Size 304 / 228SCF Cylinders Dewars MicroBulk Tube Trailers, Bulk 230 / 180Liter 61 / 48Gallon 5,658 / 4,428SCF TT45,100 / 181,155SCF Bulk500 - 13,000Gallon 46,500 – 1.2 mmSCF 230 - 2,000 Liter 61- 528 Gallon 5,658 – 49,162 SCF Size ** SCF expressed in nitrogen volumes

10 9 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) - Helium and nitrogen cryogens - Cryogen equipment Where can we help you at WSU LIN Storage - Nitrogen (dewars, Microbulk, bulk) - Cryogen handling equipment - RDF, inventory systems, supplies Mechanical and Other Storage - Backup cryogens (CO 2, nitrogen) - Scales, supply mode change equipment - Dry ice Glove Boxes - Nitrogen (dewars, microbulk, bulk) - Argon (dewars, Microbulk, bulk) Laboratory GC - MS, ICPMS, ICP, ECD, FID - Various analytical gases Laser Research - Pure Gases - Mixed and Rare Gases Medical Research - Electron microscope nitrogen - Anaerobic and Culture Gases - Oxygen for fermentation Advanced Engineering and Electronics -Gas Cabinets & Equipment -Research Grade Products Animal Research - Nitrous oxide - CO 2 - CO 2 /O 2 blends

11 10 The Right Products Specialty gases and equipment Pure Gases and Precision blends Laser Gases and Rare Gases Environmental Gases Hydrocarbons Equipment solutions Specialty gas equipment

12 11 The Right Products Medical gases and equipment Airgas Puritan Medical focuses exclusively on medical gases and related equipment Serving hospitals, home health care providers, doctor- dentist-veterinary offices, and other medical businesses Medical gases – Medical air – Cylinder oxygen U.S.P. – Bulk liquid therapy oxygen –Blood gas mixtures –Nitrous oxide –Carbon dioxide

13 12 Safe-T-Cyl TM Returnable Package Green Initiative – Lecture Bottle Replacement Replaces lecture bottles with a much safer and economical chemical supply solution Main Valve – High integrity valve used for primary shutoff – Used for high flow control applications Secondary valve – High integrity regulating valve – Common flow path with main valve – Used as secondary shut-off valve – Used for fine flow control applications Custom outlet connections Available for NH 3,Cl 2,HCl,and SO 2

14 BIP ® Built in Purifier Purifier sealed inside cylinder in a high-pressure, inert atmosphere – transparent to user Removes – Oxygen – Water – Hydrocarbons – Carbon Monoxide – Carbon Dioxide – Halocarbons Each purifier is tested Performance guaranteed for lifetime of the cylinder Built-in purifier 0.5 micron frit to remove particles Nice for lasers!

15 BIP ® Gas Specifications O 2 <10 ppb H 2 0<20 ppb THC<100 ppb Batch Certificate of Conformance O 2 <10 ppb H 2 0<20 ppb THC<100 ppb N 2 <3 ppm O 2 <10 ppb H 2 0<20 ppb THC<100 ppb N 2 <5 ppm Carrier Gas ECD Make-up Gas FID Make-up Gas Inerting ICP-MS (non dewar) Atomic Absorption High-grade welding Carrier Gas Lasers Note - the specifications are for the product coming out of the cylinder, not for the product in the cylinder.

16 15 Engineering Solutions Group We are the Gas Experts Located at Technical Center in Oakwood Village, OH Design/Build/Install Custom Engineered Gas Equipment Systems – Specialty Gases, Process Chemicals, Industrial Applications – Flammable, Toxic, Corrosive, High purity, High Pressure, and High Flow Systems – Complete Project Management – Universities, Life Sciences (Pharm/Bio), Utilities, Chemical, R&D Will design and can install (following all required codes): – Complete Lab Systems – New Building or Retrofit – Fully Automated Gas Cabinets and Safety Systems – Gas Detection Systems, etc.

17 What kind of regulator do you need for your application? – Stainless steel diaphragms – Low "dead" volume to minimize contamination – Diaphragm "packless" valves to avoid off-gassing of halogenated compounds High Purity Analytical Regulators Do You Have The Right Tool For The Job?

18 17 Flexible Stainless Steel Pigtails High Purity Regulators High Purity Automatic Changeover Panel High Purity Flow Meters Zero Air Generator Tee-Purge Assembly Hydrogen Generator SIR with Tee-Purge Assembly High Purity Line Regulator Wall Mounted Protocol Station Analytical Components for Gas Line Purity Taylors, SC facility Gas Detection

19 Do You Even Need Cylinders? Consider generated gas options – Some systems may have a payback as short as a few months! Other more economical supply modes – Bulk/MicroBulk – Packs – Dewars – BIP ® BIP is a registered trademark of Air Products & Chemicals

20 19 Cryogenic Gas Management & System Design Life Science Applications Onsite and Offsite Cryorepositories Design-Build Services Vacuum Insulated Piping for Liquid Nitrogen Freezer Supply Redundant Monitoring and Alarm Systems, data is recorded on-site and off-site Maintenance Program

21 20 Analytical Laboratory Design Central Gas Management and Supply Systems Turn-key Laboratory Piping Design and Installation Solutions High Purity Point-of-Use Equipment

22 21 Central Gas Management

23 22 Complete design and software programming Can Provide: – Remote control and operation – Cylinder tracking – Multiple billing options  By department – Automatic replenishment protocols – Warnings – Safety Administration Gas Monitoring Support Systems

24 23 Dry Ice Products for Universities Largest Dry Ice Distributor in the U.S. Full Block Approximately 10" x 10" x 10" Airline Cut Approximately 5” x 5” x 5/8” Cut Block Approximately 10” x 10” x 2” Standard Pellets Approximately 1/2" – 3/4” Pellets Half Cut Block Approximately 5” x 10” x 2” Rice Pellets Approximately 1/4" Pellets

25 Refrigerants & Recycling Services Largest Refrigerants Distributor in the U.S.

26 Airgas Inventory Management (AIM™) 25

27 Airgas Inventory Management - AIM™ Internal and External inventory tracking software Tracks all products sold by Airgas and other vendors Enterprise visibility of cylinders (by type, location, bar code, etc.) Report of all products in use / sold to a location Standard Reports with filters / Export reports to Excel Provide Monthly usage data (by type, location, lab, etc.) Calculates charges by specific account Optimized Inventory & Cost Savings

28 Visibility of Inventory and History History link with order details

29 Visibility of Inventory and History cont.

30 E-mail Delivery Confirmations-Detailed Real time email notifications with order details to include P.O. and cylinder barcodes/serial numbers

31 30 P.O. Alert…$ Limit

32 31 P.O. Alert…Expiration Date

33 32 Excessive Usage Alert

34 33 Airgas Emergency Response Organization (AERO) Airgas Great Lakes Region Largest ER Network in the industry Team Headquartered in Midland, MI – 8 trained technicians 3 located in metro Detroit – Fully equipped response trailer  Includes all necessary equipment to respond to most gas emergencies  Fluorine burner, chlorine kits, high/low pressure containment devices, scrub materials, level A PPE – Team Response  Assess  Control  Mitigate  Remediate

35 34 Training Programs Safety and Compliance is Paramount We offer many training classes to EH&S, students, staff, and professors as well as the chance to train with our AERO team for cylinder emergency response. When Wayne State University procures it gases through Airgas, we provide training at no cost – below are some of the classes we offer: – Safe handling of compressed gases – Cryogenic safety – Welding and gas safety – Lab safety audit and Code Compliance – NFPA bulk safety audits – Emergency Response Training AERO – Regulator safety training – Helium optimization – How to order from Airgas

36 Campus Walkthrough & Safety Audit Program Safety and Compliance is Paramount Safety Audit Checklist – Analytical Labs – Cryo-storage Facilities – Cylinder and Bulk Storage – OSHA, NFPA, ANSI, CGA, DOT Presentations and Reports Safety Training Sessions – Gas and High Pressure Cylinder Handling – Equipment Operator Training Schedule Meetings to Formalize Safety Procedures 35

37 36 Site Audits - Airgas teams to visit key users and locations Inventory Count, Order Frequency, Critical Stocked items Delivery Access – Dock or Lab Bar Code Airgas Items Key Contacts Ordering and Billing Requirements Cost Savings Measures & Initial Safety Review Transitioning Suppliers Developing the Game Plan

38 37 Thank You Any Questions??

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