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3 rd Grade PowerPoint Biographies. Mrs. Siverly’s 3 rd Grade Biographies.

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1 3 rd Grade PowerPoint Biographies

2 Mrs. Siverly’s 3 rd Grade Biographies

3 Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Amy Paston Martin Luther King, Jr. changed the laws about black and whites. The laws were not fair to the black people. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15,1929 in Atlanta, Georgia; and as a young boy, he loved to play football, basketball, and the piano. Martin wanted to be a minster and Martin met and married Coretta Scott when he was studying in Boston. In 1953 they were married. In 1953 Martin received a doctorate degree. He could now be called Dr. King. Rosa Parks was arrested because she didn’t give her bus seat to a white man. She was a friend of Martin’s. In 1963, Dr. King gave a famous speech which said “I have a dream that little black girls should be treated equally.” Kailey ogy/instruct/lessons/elementary/m lking/king_files/mlk.jpg

4 Elizabeth Blackwell Alex Elizabeth Blackwell A life Of Diligence by Ann-Marie Kishel http://www.sba- arlySuff5.jpg Elizabeth Blackwell is famous because she showed diligence. She was the first woman to be in medical school. She started a medical school in London. She was born in the city of Bristol, Great Britain. She opened a clinic for poor people in New York.

5 Francis Scott Key Billy The National Anthem by Patricia Ryon Quiri FSK.JPG Since 1960 the flag of the United States has had fifty stars and thirteen red and white stripes and the stripes stand for the thirteen original states. The Star Spangled Banner is the national anthem of the United States. The Star Spangled Banner was written by Francis Scott Key. The Star Spangled Banner is a nickname for the flag of the United States.

6 Abe Lincoln Blade Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln by Judith St. George Lincoln.jpg Abe Lincoln is famous because he freed and he stopped slavery. He was born in 1809. He was six years old when he went to school. He went fishing with his first friend. Abe`s mother Nancy Lincoln died in 1818.

7 Richard Petty Eion Richard Petty by A.R. Schaefer Richard petty is famous because he made racing better. Richard drove in his first NASCAR race in an Oldsmobile convertible in Columbia, South Carolina. Richard won his first NASCAR at Columbia. Richard won his first Daytona 500 and first the NASCAR points championship. Richard has a record of 27 races and his second points championships.

8 Emma Folk Singer of Peace by Martisa Romeo She was born on January 9 th 1941 on Staten island New York. Joan was raised as a Quaker and they don’t believe in violence. She was invited to sing at the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island in 1959. She protested the Vietnam war in 1968 and was put in jail. http://www.greatthoughtstreas n+Baez%5B1%5D.jpg Joan Baez

9 Justin Bieber Grace Justin Bieber by Gillian Gosman Justin Bieber is famous because he is a double platinum artist as well as a superstar. He taught himself to play guitar,piano, and the trumpet. He plays the drums too. He sings about young love, setting goals, and growing up. Justin was born on March 1, 1994. He grew up in the small city of Stratford, Ontario, Canada, with his mother, Pattie Mallette. His fans are what keep Justin excited about making music and touring. As Justin said in an interview with MTV “At the end of my day my fans are my everything.” content/uploads/2013/12/Justin-Bieber- Wallpapers-Hd-1920x1200.jpg

10 Mary Breckinridge is famous because she cured the poor and fixed broken bones. She is a nurse and a very helpful lady. She wants to help the poor people feel better. Her voice has a softness to it. She loves to find out new things. internship/courier_photo_3.jpg Mary Breckinridge Mary on Horseback by Rosemary Wells Holly

11 Helen Keller Jaden Helen Keller by David A Adler Helen Keller is famous because she won the medal of freedom prize. Helen Keller was a writer and speaker. When she pushed someone she meant go. She learned to read by feeling tiny bumps on paper. Later Helen wrote other books. Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880 and she was both blind and deaf. kipedia/commons/thumb/f/f7/ Helen_KellerA.jpg/220px- Helen_KellerA.jpg

12 Martin Luther King, Jr. Jayden Learning About Dignity from the Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Jeanne Strazzabosco Martin Luther King, Jr. is famous because he believed in the value of self dignity, and self respect. He was a respected activist and pastor known for fights for African American civil rights through nonviolent practices he believed all people were equal. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15, 1929. He was shot on April 4, 1965 by someone in Memphis, Tennessee. Mr. King had a large role in ending segregation. Mr. King loved school and enjoyed writing and giving speeches. In 1964,Martin Luther King Jr. Was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. content/uploads/2014/01/couragelg.jpg

13 Oprah Winfrey adence Oprah Winfrey by Will Mara Oprah Winfrey is famous because she is on television and a movie star an owns a company. Winfrey was born in Mississippi in 1954 she lived on a farm with her grandmother. When she was 19 Winfrey got a job on the radio where she read the news. Later Winfrey got a job reading the news on television. When she was 13 Winfrey went to live in Nashville Tennessee with her father. Kadence images/Oprah-Winfrey154891.jpg

14 Ray Charles Kayla Ray Charles by Sharon Bell Ray Charles is famous because he sang and played piano. His neighbor Mr. Wiley had a piano on his front porch that he used to learn. Kids called Ray ‘’Foots’’ because he didn’t have any shoes. Ray was blind. When he was a kid, other kids teased him. When he was 15 he would say he was 21 to get into a music club. He was a successful performer and people still listen to his music. http://assets- eries/ray-charles/ray-charles- 84197/500x595/002_ray_charles.jpg

15 George Washington Koren George Washington by Tracy Dils George is famous because he helps people when there sick. He was famous because he was the first president. He was famous because he was a farmer. He explored the wilderness for 33 days. It took 8 years for George to lead the army to victory. /Presidential_Dollars_Washington_Coin.jpg

16 Amelia Earhart Liam Amelia Earhart Pioneers of the Sky by John Parlin Amelia Earhart is famous because she was the first women to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Amelia became a teacher and she taught at Purdue University in Indiana. The kids called her The Flying Professor. She wrote a book called 20 Hrs. 40 Min. She also wrote about flying for Cosmo http://www- anexperience/media/upl oads/films/heroImages/ amelia_banner_newsize. jpg

17 Vince Carter Libby Super Sports Star Vince Carter by Stew Thornly Vince Carter is famous because of his Dazzling Dunks! He also is famous because he was a member of the 2000 United States Olympic Basketball Team. He and his teammates won a gold medal! Vince Carter was born on January 26, 1977, in Daytona Beach, Florida. Vince played the saxophone when he was young. Later, he played in his high school marching band. Carter even helped write his school’s Homecoming song. Carter also was a drum major. For college he went to the University of North Carolina and he was drafted by the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and was then traded to the Toronto Raptors. Carter took part in the slam-dunk contest and the fans loved it and the other All- Stars enjoyed it, too. Shaquille O’ Neal stood with a video camera, his mouth dropped open in amazement. Other players stared in disbelief. ds/105790/play_pow14.jpg

18 Abraham Lincoln Lillian Abe Lincoln by Lynda Jones Abraham Lincoln is famous because he ended slavery. He loved to read books and loved school and was nice to people. He grew up as a poor boy and worked hard. When he was older he was rich and he got lots of jobs. Then he became president and then nominated him president the second time because they liked his rules. content/uploads/2012/01/abraham-lincoln.jpg

19 George Washington Marcy George Washington Young Leader by Laurence Santrey George Washington is famous because no man was better suited to be nation`s first president. When George could not spell a word, he began looking through his father`s books. George had a willingness to learn everything he saw, heard, and did. He became a symbol of strength, honor, and unshakeable faith in freedom. ow/george-washington/george-washington- portrait.jpg

20 Peyton Manning Matthew Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts By Michael Sandler Peyton held dozens of passing records and was named the national football league’s Most Valuable player(MVP). Peyton's powerful arm made him a star and set national records. Many (NFL) teams wanted Peyton to play for them. In 1998, the Indianapolis Colts choose him for the very first pick in the draft. Peyton became the quarterback that coaches hated to face. He was among the best passers that anyone had ever seen. Peyton became a talented passer and as a starting quarterback. He took the Colts on to win the SUPER BOWL 41. content/uploads/2013/12/peyton-manning- sportsman-cover-2013.jpg

21 Justin Bieber Nevaeh Justin Oh Baby Bieber By Justin Bieber In 2010, Justin broke his foot win he was 15. Justin is left handed. He had a song called Never Say Never. His favorite color is purple. He was in a movie. content/uploads/2013/11/justin- bieber-2013-justin-bieber-33194067- 1295-1500.jpg

22 Abraham Lincoln Abe. Lincoln The Boy Who Loved Books Oistin Abraham Lincoln is famous because he was the 16 th president of the United States of America. He lived in the White House. He was great. He helped slaves in the war. He was shot. His life felt good. He was a wood cuter. He loved books. Biography/Images/Profiles/L/Abraham-Lincoln- 9382540-2-402.jpg

23 Theodore Roosevelt Rylan Amazing President Theodore Rosevelt by Mary Dodson magecache/lightbox- large/images/press_clippings/Theodore-Teddy- Roosevelt-955x1196.png Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president. Theodore Roosevelt married Edith Carow and had many children. He was the head of New York’s police. Theodore Roosevelt was born on October27, 1858 in New York.

24 Peyton Manning Tanner Peyton Manning by Geoffrey M. Horn Peyton Manning is a player in the NFL because his dad was. He set some of the best world records. Peyton manning wore 18 as a tribute to his brother. Because his brother had something wrong with his spine. Peyton manning got married to Ashley Thompson. Hurricane Katrina took damage to Peyton’s parents house. /73b5cff96a669c767848ba46d4c9e27805262c 9e/c=0-0-534-402&r=x404&c=534x401/local/- /media/WBIR/WBIR/2013/10/04/1380887006 000-peyton-manning.jpg

25 Rosa Parks Waylon Nikki Giovanna http://blog.thedetroithub.c om/wp- content/uploads/2013/01/r osa-parks-bus2-650x400.jpg She was tired of being treated unfair. She got arrested because didn`t give up her seat on the bus for a white man. Her husband was a barber. They put posters up to help Mrs. Parks. Black people had to sit in the back of the bus.

26 Mrs. Sitarski’s 3 rd Grade Biographies

27 Tomie DePaola Macy Tomie DePaola by Tomie DePaola content/uploads/2014/01/Tomie- dePaola3002-copy.jpg Tomie DePaola had a tornado in 1939. Tomie drew pictures of his family on the walls. Tomie went to the movies and Buddy, his brother, got scared. Tomie DePaola writes books for little kids. Tomie and his family finally moved into their house and loved the house.

28 /02/Will-Eddie-George-lose-8550-square-foot- home-0P1JIT1I-x-large.jpg Eddie George Eddie George is famous because he was a famous football player. His nickname is the beast. He was the best NFL runner. He was born in 1973. In 2004, he played for the Dallas Cowboys. Super Star Eddie George by Stew Thornley David

29 Barack Obama Madilyn Fritz d/images/Biography/Images/Profiles /O/Barack-Obama-12782369-2- 402.jpg Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. He has a little sister named Maya. He loved to play basketball when he was in High School. Barack has 2 girls, Sasha who is 7 and Malia who is 10. Meet President Barack Obama by Laine Falk

30 Rosa Parks content/uploads/2013/01/8x10-Rosa- parks-2.jpg Rosa Parks did not give up her seat because she wanted to make a stand so everyone was treated the same. Rosa Parks rode the bus everyday after work. She stood up to the bus driver when he told her to move. Rosa Parks was friends with Martin Luther King, Jr. She was born on Feb. 4, 1913. Jade I Am Rosa Parks by Rosa Parks

31 Harriet Quimby m/vcrsys/Images/Alco/0303018_1.j pg Harriet Quimby was famous because Harriet was the first lady to ride an airplane over the English Channel. One thing I learned from Harriet was no matter what happens keep trying. Do it again. I learned never to have fear. Be fearless. Harriet taught me to live my dream. To do what I want to. The last thing is to go my own way. Live your own life. Alexandra Harpole Brave Harriet Quimby By Marissa Moss

32 Gabrielle Reece CY/TT9_qftQ1MI/AAAAAAAAAGc/a- Uadh0xd4I/s1600/gabbyreece.jpg Keysha Gabrielle Reece is famous because she is a famous volleyball player. Gabrielle Reece was born on January 6, 1970 In La Jolla, California. When Gabrielle was just two her mother got divorced. Her mother decided that she couldn’t take care of her so she decided that she was going to live with her friends in New York. She stayed with her mother’s friends for five Years. By the time Gabrielle was 15, she was six- feet, three inches tall. Gabrielle Reece Star Volleyball Player by Liza N. Burby

33 Babe Ruth Grace R. Babe Ruth by Matt Christopher V5BMTczODA1Mjk1NV5 BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMT cxMzYxMQ@@._V1_SX2 14_.jpg Babe Ruth is famous because he was pretty close to a god when it comes to baseball. His record is 714 homeruns. Babe was born on February 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland. Ruth died on August 16, 1948 in New York, New York. Babe went to St. Mary’s. That’s where he learned to play baseball and to hit and to pitch. Babe’s team was the Yankees. On his first day, his teammates played a trick on him. Babe Ruth won the silver bat for best hitter.

34 H ines Ward Hines is a Receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hines ward has been chosen to play in the Pro Bowl four times. Jimmy Hines is one of very few Asian American players in the NFL. Hines’ catch helped lead to a Steelers touchdown. content/blogs.dir/58/files/2012/03/hines- ward2.jpg NFL teams with the best regular season records are rewarded. Hines Ward and the Pittsburgh Steelers By Michael Sandler

35 ommon/b/b6/Gilbert_Stuart_Williamsto wn_Portrait_of_George_Washington.jpg George Washington Zane Our First President George Washington By Garnet Jackson George Washington was born in a Virginia farmhouse. George’s schoolmaster would say he was a born leader. When he was twenty he became a major in the Virginia army. One day George met a lovely lady named Martha Custis. When he beat the England Army, they made George the first president of the United States.

36 George W. Bush http://upload.wikimedia.or g/wikipedia/commons/6/67 /GeorgeWBush.jpg He was the 43 rd president of the United States. George was born on July 6,1946. He grew up in Texas with his family. President Bush has two daughters. George W. Bush became governor of Texas in 1995. Cary Carney George W. Bush by Mary Hill

37 http://www.realclearsports.c om/blognetwork/rcs_sideline s/larry%20bird%20shot.jpg Larry Bird Larry Bird was born in French Lick Indiana in Dec. 7, 1956. He went to Spring Valley school. He graduated in 1974.Larry started playing for the Boston Celtics in 1979 – 80. He was the rookie of the year and they won 61 games and lost 21.He was 6 foot 9.Larry was a good player. Carah byBert Rosethal Larry Bird Cool Man on the Court

38 Mrs. Morrison’s 3 rd Grade Biographies

39 Laura Bush Abby Laura Bush by Wil Mara /tools/shared/mediahub/03/17/00/sli deshow_1001732983_klw_laura_bush 01.jpg 1.Laura Bush is famous because she was The First Lady of United States of America. 2.She was born in Midland, Texas on November 4, 1946. She was the only child of Harold and Jenna Welch. 3.Laura began teaching in elementary schools in Texas in the 1960s. She also became a librarian. 4. In 1977, she met a man named George. Laura and George married a few moths later. They had twin daughters. Their names are Jenna and Barbara. 5. Laura’s husband became the 43red president of the United States in the year 2000. She went from being The First Lady if Texas to the First Lady of Texas to the First Lady of the United States.

40 Laura Welch Bush Annie Laura Welch Bush by Tanya Lee Stone blog/139445120.jpg 1.Laura Bush is famous because she was our First Lady and married George W. Bush. They lived in the White House for 8 years. 2.She had twin daughters named Jenna and Barbara. They were named after both of their grandmothers. 3.Laura Bush was a librarian and enjoyed reading to children. She loved books because of her mother. 4.Laura Bush and her future husband George were both from Midland, Texas. 5.“Take Time for Kids” is a magazine for parents that Laura helped create in both English and Spanish.

41 Gary Payton Brandon Gary Payton by Judith Mandell /assets/images/products/mc/Gary- Payton-Sonics-16x20.jpg 1.Gary Payton is famous for basketball. 2.He lived in a bad neighborhood he played street basketball. 3.Gary and is wife live in Oakland California with their three children. 4.He supports big brother groups.. 5.In August 2000 Payton was elected to be one of the three captains.

42 Jane Goodall Brendon Jane Goodall by Kristin Sterling 1.Jane Goodall is famous because she like studying chimpanzees for more than 40 years. She has been loyal to the animals she loves 2.Jane Goodall was born in Great Britain in 1934. She loved playing outside and watching animals. She was curious. She asked many questions about nature. 3.Jane liked to read stories about animals in Africa. She told her mother that one day she would study wild animals in Africa. 4.Jane went to Africa when she was 23 years old. She visited a friend that lived in in a country called Kenya. Jane decided to stay in Kenya. 5.Jane met a scientist named Louis Leaky. They work together at a museum. content/uploads/2009/11/jane-goodall.jpg

43 Abe Lincoln Bryleigh Honest Abe by Edith Kunhardt TD55XVNIXvI/AAAAAAAAAIQ/XiWtXykmw Ok/s1600/Abe+Lincoln.jpg 1.Abe Lincoln is famous because he is the sixteenth president. 2.Abe was born in Kentucky in a log cabin. He was poor. They lived in a cabin with a dirt floor. 3. Abe had an older sister. Abe’s mom died. 4. Abe read about George Washington. He chopped trees for his dad. 5.Abe saw people being slaves he thought it was wrong.

44 George Bush George Bush by Mack Suffin content/uploads/2012/05/presiden t-george-w-bush.jpg 1.George Bush was the forty first president of the United States of America. George Bush was born on June 12,1924. 2.George Bush was also in the navy as a pilot. His plane was shot down during the war. He was also a war hero. 3.George Bush went into the oil business. He was very successful. He also had five kids. 4.He became interested in politics in his thirties. He wanted to make the country a better place. 5.In 1988 he won the election for president. Caitlyn

45 RALH BAER Carson RALH BAER by Elizabeth Franklin ech_RalphBaer_110711~3.jpg 1.Ralph Baer is famous because he invented home video games. 2.He was born in Germany in 1922 and word to America when he was sixteen. 3.His family needed money so he worked in a factory. 4.Baer worked in a tiny locked room. 5.Baer built his first video game machine, called the Brown Box.

46 Annie Oakley Cole Annie Oakley By Jennifer Kroll http://www- media/uploads/films/heroImages/oakl ey_film_landing2.jpg 1.Annie Oakley is famous because she could out shoot any person. 2.She and Frank had a shooting contest to see who won. The winner got 50 dollars. Annie won the contest. 3.Annie and Frank got married and they had a dog named Dave as part of their act. 4.Annie had many fans and one was Sitting Bull he named Annie Little Sure Shot 5.Annie died in 1926 at age at 66. Frank died 18 days later.

47 Bill Russell Bill Russell is famous because he played in the NBA. He was born Feb. 12, 1934 in Monroe, Louisiana. He grew up poor and survived hard times with his family. His full name was William Felton Russell. Bill was 6 feet 5 inches tall as a high school senior. Two years later he was 6 feet 10 inches tall. Bill was one of the only African American players in the NBA when he joined the Celtics in 1956. Bill moved with amazing speed for a man his size. He was as quick and smooth as a cat. Bill was 35 years old when he left basketball. During his retirement, Bill made family a major part of his life. ummary_russell.jpg Bill Russell by Nick Healy Gage

48 Abe Lincoln Gregory Young Abe Lincoln by Cheryl Harness XVNIXvI/AAAAAAAAAIQ/XiWtXykmwOk/s1600 /Abe+Lincoln.jpg 1.Abe Lincoln he was the president. 2.He was born in a cabin and he was adopted. 3. His mom died because of her cold. 4.His sister died. He was sad. 5.He wanted to go to school.

49 Martin Luther King, Jr. t/lessons/elementary/mlking/king_files/ g Hailey Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was famous because he fought to make things equal for everyone. Lots of people liked him. He became a pastor. He gave speeches in churches and other places. He wanted all people to live in peace. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Pamela Walker

50 Hallie James Naismith by Sara Latta p- content/uploads/2013/10/James- Naismith.jpg 1.James is famous for invented the game of basketball in 1891. 2.James Naismith lived from 1861 to 1939. 3.He grew up in Canada when he was eight years old his mom and dad died. 4.After finishing high school, James went to school in Canada and wanted to be a minister. 5.James students played the first game of basketball In December 1891. James Naismith

51 Where Lincoln walked Hunter By Raymond Bial /abraham-lincoln-presidential-dollar-design.jpg 1.Abe Lincoln is famous because he was always honest. 2. He was not very educated. 3. When he grew up he became a lawyer. 4.He helped end slavery. 5.He became president of the United States. Abraham Lincoln

52 Hunter Where Lincoln Walked by Raymond Bial ons/1/1b/Abraham_Lincoln_November_1863. jpg 1.Abraham Lincoln is famous because he freed the slaves. 2.He was the president during the Civil War. 3.He wrote the Emancipation Proclamation. 4.Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. 5.He was also known as Honest Abe.

53 Alex Rodriguez Isaac Alex Rodriguez By Marylou Morano Kjelle content/uploads/2014/01/A-Rod-ring.jpg 1.Alex Rodriguez is famous because he is a extremely good baseball player. 2.He graduated from high school in 1993.His bating average was 419.He was six feet,3inchs,and 195 pounds. 3.Alex Rodriguez started his baseball career at the age of 18. 4.Alex was the youngest to hit 400 home runs in his career. 5.Alex stayed with the Seattle baseball team for six years. In the year 2000,he became a free agent.

54 Jessica Sarah Breedlove Walker Vision Of Beauty by Sarah Breedlove Walker http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfron 1.She was the first kid to not have slavery. 2.It said she was very young person. 3.She is an African American. 4.Her name is Sarah. 5.Her house caught on fire. 6.The stories settings were in the 1870’s.

55 Kody Babe Ruth Saves Baseball by Frank Murphy 1.Babe Ruth is famous because he hit hundreds of home runs. 2.He was one of the greatest baseball players ever. 3.In 1915 he hit his first home run. 4.In 1919 he hit 29 Home runs. That was the most home runs in baseball. 5.He hit 714 home runs in his entire baseball career. Babe Ruth

56 George W. Bush Lilly George W. Bush Bby Wil Mara ons/d/d4/George-W-Bush.jpeg 1.Geoge W. Bush is famous because he was the 43 rd president of the United States. 2.He married Laura Welch. 3. He had twins Barbra and Jenna. 4.He went to Yale where most of the presidents went for collage. 5. He was in a race for the United States president against Al Gore. It was the closest race in history.

57 Abe Lincoln Lily Abe Lincoln by Martha Brenner s/Biography/Images/Profiles/L/Abraham- Lincoln-9382540-2-402.jpg 1.Abe Lincoln is famous because he was president of the USA in 1860. He was the 16th president. 2.Abe Lincoln lived in Illinois. 3.Abe Lincoln was a lawyer. He fought to free slaves. 4.He was born February 12, 1809. He died April 15, 1809 5.He pushed letters into his hat so He would not lose them. The idea worked most of the time.

58 Noah J. Lyndon B. Johnson 1.Lyndon B. Johnson is famous because he as elected 36 th president of the United States in 1964. 2.He was born in Stonewall, Texas on August 27,1908. 3.He went to Southwest Texas State Teacher College. 4.He married Claudia Alta Taylor in 1934. 5.In 1965 he signed the Voting Rights Act. This made sure African Americans could vote. ons/c/c3/37_Lyndon_Johnson_3x4.jpg Lyndon B. Johnson by Paul Joseph

59 Louis Armstrong Noah Louis Armstrong, King of Jazz by Patricia and Frederick McKissack http://www.stars- LOUIS/armstrongpaper01.jpg 1.Louis is famous because he was a great jazz trumpet player and jazz singer. 2.He was born August 4,1901 in New Orleans Louisiana. 3.His nickname was “Satchmo” which is short for “Satchel Mouth”. 4.When he played trumpet his mouth got really big like a full satchel. 5.He was a grandson of slaves and was born into a poor family.

60 Daniel Boone Payton DANIEL BOONE BY Tom Streissgutb /Unfinished_portrait_of_Daniel_Boone_by_Chester_Ha rding_1820.jpg 1.Daniel Boone is famous because he led groups of families to Kentucky hoping to build homes there. The settlers brought food, clothing, guns, tools, horses, and cattle. 2.When Daniel was young he met many Indians. Daniel learned many things. He learned about setting traps how to handle a long gun, how to track bear and deer. 3.When Daniel was 6 years old small pox came to his town. The disease killed people he could not go outside one night he went outside and got sick he did not die. 4.In 1775 Daniel and Richard Henderson visited the Cherokees, Daniel told them where they wanted to live. The Cherokees agreed to sell the land. 5.In March, Daniel gather 50 men they went to Northern Tennessee together to build the Wilderness Road, they started on a Indian trail called Warrior trail.

61 Anne Frank Rachel The Story of Anne Frank by Brenda Ralph Lewis wikipedia/en/thumb/4/47/An ne_Frank.jpg/200px- Anne_Frank.jpg 1.Anne Frank is famous because of her spotlight personality. Anne wrote in her diary “Even though people hurt us I believe people are good at heart”. 2.She hid in an attic for two years, because she was hiding from Nazi concentration camps. 3.She had a sister named Margot( Margo) a mom, Edith and a dad Otto. 4.Anne was born on June 12 th, 1929, and died in February or March a few days after her sister. 5.Anne was 15 years old when she died. 6.The secret annex behind the offices at 263 Prinsengracht are still there today.The rooms were emptied long ago, but in 1960 they were opened as a museum called the Anne Frank House.

62 Tom Brady Scott content/uploads/2013/08/tom-brady.jpg 1.Tom Brady is famous because he is a star football player. 2.Everyone likes Tom Brady because he was in the NFL. 3.Tom Brady is a good quarterback. 4. Tom Brady and the Patriots lost to Peyton Manning and the Broncos this year. 5. Tom is a good player. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots : Super Bowl XXXVIII by Michael Sandler

63 Thomas Jefferson Tayla Thomas Jefferson by Cheryl Harness as-Jefferson.jpg 1.Thomas Jefferson is famous because he was the president of the united states. 2.He was born on April 12,1743. 3.He was 16 when he went to college. 4.He went to the college of Williamsburg. 5.He died the Fourth of July in 1826

64 Mrs. Gauer’s 3 rd Grade Biographies

65 Estrella Jacqueline Kennedy Jacqueline Kennedy by 1. Jacqueline Kennedy was famous because she became First lady. 2. Jacqueline was born in Southampton, New York. 3. She liked writing and painting and liked learning about other countries. 4. After college she became a newspaper reporter. 5. In 1953 she married John F. Kennedy they had four children but two died as babies. Lucia Raatma V_fWOvnQGpU/UUQwkjSKk3I/AAAAAAAAt3w/ 0QuAuYVlY_g/s1600/Jacqueline-Kennedy.jpg

66 Haley Alexander Graham Bell Alexander Graham Bell by Victoria Sherrow 1.Alexander Grand Bell is famous because he made the first telephone. 2.Alexander Graham Bell and his brothers help his dad do visible speech. 3.Alexander went to college in 1864. He loved science class. 4.Alexander became ill they left Scotland for a Farmhouse in Southern Canada. 5.In less than a year, Alexander felt well enough to work with deaf children. ikipedia/commons/7/71/Alexa g

67 George Washington Henry 1. George Washington helped people in the war. 2. George was the first president of the United States. 3. The leaders choose him to lead the fight against the England. 4. George was president for 8 years. 5. On December 1799 George became ill and died in the after noon on December 14. content/uploads/2013/02/george- washington.jpg Abraham Philip

68 Barry Bonds Josh Barry Bonds by Mr. Excitement 1.Barry Bonds is famous because he was the best batter on the San Francisco Giants baseball team. 2.Barry Bond’s dad was a baseball player. They lived in California. 3.Barry was drafted in 1982 by the Giants. He went to college instead. 4.Barry Bonds won a Golden Glove award for his fielding and he was the National League MVP. 5.Barry hit a double in his first major league game. ons/9/95/20060825_Barry_Bonds_follow_thro ugh.jpg

69 Wilson Bentley Mircea inphoto.jpg Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin 1. Wilson Bentley is famous because he was born on February 9th 1865, in the heart of the Snowbelt on a farm in Jericho. 2. He had attended school after he was 14, but only went for a few years, his mother taught him at home before that. 3. He kept record of the weather and did many experiments with raindrops. He enjoyed studying about all forms of moisture. 4. He spent 50 years developing his technique of micro-photography. 5. He inspired many designers and artists through his photograph.

70 Madam C.J Walker Tayah 1.Madam C.J Walker is famous because she made scalp ointment to make a women’s hair grow back. 2.She showed the women how to use it properly. 3.Also her hair was falling out and, her ointment helped her hair grow back. 4.Madam C.J Walker went door to door selling her ointment. 5.When she grew up she was rich and lived in a mansion. Walker gave money to schools and charities. Walker wanted to help others. She changed their lives too. Hair Care Millionaire by Mary Kay Carson /BH_MADAM_CJWALKERnew_2011020112425 0_640_480.JPG

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