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NDSU North Dakota State University Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Department Its about People. Students are paramount.

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1 NDSU North Dakota State University Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Department Its about People. Students are paramount.

2 NDSU At NDSU Nine academic units 1,500+ staff & 950+ faculty 235 undergraduate and graduate majors Athletically and academically, NDSU competes successfully at the NCAA Division I level For more information about NDSU visit –

3 NDSU Campus Overview

4 Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering (IME)

5 Two majors Industrial Engineering & Management –BS, Industrial Engineering & Management –MS, Industrial Engineering & Management –PhD, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Manufacturing Engineering –BS, Manufacturing Engineering –MS, Manufacturing Engineering –PhD, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

6 IME People 9 faculty 2 research associate 2 administrative staff 1 extension engineer – western ND

7 Faculty Kambiz Farahmand John Cook Canan Bilen-Green Reza Maleki Valery Marinov Jing Shi David Wells Om Prakash Yadav Jun Zhang David Lehman Mfg Extension Engineer

8 Research Associates Armon Myrick Charles Choate Administrative Staff Susan L. Peterson Dawn Allmaras

9 Faculty Primary Research Areas Application of lean principals (Maleki, Farahmand) Bio-Engineering implants (Wells) Human Factors, Safety and Ergonomics Healthcare (Shi, Zhang, Cook, Farahmand) Printed/Flexible Electronics (Wells, Marinov) Micro-manufacturing/assembly (Wells, Marinov) Nano-manufacturing/assembly (Shi, Wells) Quality Control/Quality engineering (Yadav, Bilen-Green) RFID applications (Shi, Wells, Farahmand) Robust product design/Reliability (Yadav, Farahmand) Supply chain/logistics (Yadav, Bilen-Green, Zhang, Farahmand) Tele-Pharmacy/Telemedicine (Wells, Shi, Farahmand)

10 “ Engineering is the application of math and science to create something of value from our natural resources.”

11 Industrial Engineering & Management Program As engineers design and build more complex systems, the need to oversee and ensure adequate performance of the system becomes more pronounced. IE’s as managers and engineers will have a significant role in understanding performance requirements and improving efficiency of these systems. Industrial engineers work in every type of enterprise – manufacturers of every sort of industrial and consumer product; healthcare, financial, transportation, distribution and other types of service industries; government units and agencies. Most branches of engineering are concerned with designing products, while industrial engineers concentrate on designing, installing, and improving procedures, systems, and processes for effective and efficient operation of any enterprise.

12 Manufacturing Engineering Program Is all about the production of goods – from automobiles, tractors, and airplanes, to electronic and recreational products, sports equipment, toys, to foodstuffs. NDSU is one of only nineteen universities offering this degree MfgE major special interests: –Electronics manufacturing –Process engineering –Production & manufacturing systems engineering

13 IME Department areas of expertise include: Healthcare Management Engineering Production Operations & Management Process and Production Engineering Reliability & Quality Management Computer Simulation & Modeling LEAN Enterprise Management & Implementation Specialized Manufacturing Processes »Electronics »Nano & Micro-manufacturing »Plastics »Composites

14 Department Sponsored Academic Student Organizations Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Alpha Pi Mu

15 Admission requirement Preparation for an IME majors: Two years of high school math Two years of physics and chemistry Admission requirements: 2.5 cumulative GPA 21 ACT or 970 SAT score College preparatory courses (core classes) –4 years of English –3 years of Math (algebra I or higher) –3 years of lab science –3 years of social science

16 Scholarships Awarded in the IME Department 2007 – 11 Scholarships worth $15,000 2008 – 16 Scholarships worth $18,000 2009 – 15 Scholarships worth $20,000

17 Project Management/Capstone Project Management/Capstone provides students with unique senior design experiences and may include students from various engineering programs, business, and facilities management. The course is designed to draw on the skills and knowledge obtained throughout the students’ college careers. Capstone project teams study real-world client problems, develop alternative solutions, and propose implementation strategies. The selected project activities start during the second week of Spring semester. The course concludes with the Capstone presentations and banquet during the last Thursday in April.

18 Helping businesses with projects is intended to be a multidisciplinary course for senior-focused students designed to draw on their college careers. The IME Department has a proven success record in working with regional businesses to study their industrial or manufacturing engineering problems, developing alternative solutions, and proposing implementation strategies. Our research help organizations in areas such as: Manufacturing Retail Healthcare Distribution & Supply chain Packaging equipment Food processing Service

19 Career Outlook for Engineers More than 1.5 million engineers work in the U.S. today, making engineering the nation's second largest profession. The Distribution of Employment By Engineering Specialty Top 10 Civil, 256,000 Mechanical - 227,000 Industrial /Mfg - 201,000 Electrical - 153,000 Electronics - 138,000 Aerospace - 90,000 Computer hardware - 79,000 Environmental - 54,000 Chemical – 30,000 Health and safety – 25,000 Data from 2006 Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor

20 Annual Employment Report Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Graduates Year Graduates Male Female Minority Unable to Survey Post Baccalaureate & Professional Entering Job Market Employed Related to Major/Minor Employed Unrelated to Major/Minor Active in Job Search Percent Employed Salary Range ($1,000k) Average-High 2008 1615102014130193%52-59 2007 15960519900100%49-56 2006 1817123114 00100%40-48-58 2005 1812610018142289%31-46-59 2004 1411310212 00100%43-48-55

21 List of Employers who Have Hired NDSU IME Graduates From 2000 – 2008 3M Corp. Accenture AGCO Equipment Co. Amity Technology Andersen Consulting Helicopter Bobcat Ingersoll-Rand Boeing Corp., The Scientific Buz Manufacturing Cargill, Inc. Case New Caterpillar, Inc. Cirrus Design Corp. Cloverdale Foods Co. Composite Cresent Electric Crown Plastics Cummins Engine Co. Custom Fab Solutions, LLC Dakota Molding Digi-Key Corp. DMI Industries Dura Suprême, Inc. Embry Riddle Fargo Assembly Co. Federal Express Ford Motor Co. Gremada Industries Hitchcock Industries, Inc. Honeywell Infinity Windows Integrity Windows & Doors Intermountain Health Care Lockheed Missiles & Space Co. Mastercraft Medcenter One Health Systems for Nanoscale Science and Engineering Nilfisk Advance, Inc. O‘ Day Tank & Steel Pella Corp. Phoenix International Corp. Pillsbury Company Premier Prime Wood, Inc Vision Ease Lens Progress Casting Group, Inc. Red Prairie Corp. Riverway Clinics Saint-Gobain Norton Industrial Ceramic Corp. Steffes Corp. Memorial Healthcare Tecton Products Turtle Mountain Corp. United Parcel Service (UPS) US Air Force US Postal Service Vansco Electronics Inc. Velocimed

22 List of regional companies we interact with



25 Just in 2008-2009 Alien Technology, Fargo Phoenix International, Fargo Case New Holland, Fargo Indigo Sign Amity Technology Edwards Manufacturing Goodrich, James Town VA Hospital, Fargo Midland Garage Door Manufacturing, West Fargo Neals Industrial Painting, Inc., West Fargo Northern Contours, Fergus Falls Arctic Cat, Inc., Thief River Falls Johnston Fargo Culvert, Inc., Fargo Custom Data, Inc.; Dickinson

26 Curriculum





31 Beyond the Academics IME department sponsors activities such as: –Bison Best Competition –Engineering Week –Student and Professional Conferences –Picnics –Engineering & Technology Expo –Engineering & Architecture Ambassadors –TechGYRLS –NDSU student clubs

32 Bison BEST Competition



35 Engineering Week




39 Surface Mount Technology Conference


41 Institute of Industrial Engineering Conference


43 Institute of Industrial Engineering Picnic


45 Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering North Dakota State University, Fargo, North Dakota 58105 Phone: (701) 231-7287, Fax: (701) 231-7195 For more information about Industrial & Manufacturing Department visit our Web Site:

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