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Presented By: Khalid Nour Muhammad Rizvi Raghuram Vempali Surekha Vemuri.

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1 Presented By: Khalid Nour Muhammad Rizvi Raghuram Vempali Surekha Vemuri

2 Outline Background Business Need Fact Table Dimension Tables Star Schema Snowflake Schema Data Dictionary Information Package Table Hierarchies

3 Background Apex Supermarket is a supermarket chain with 4 stores in South Texas, Central Texas, North Texas and East Texas They have stores in: South Texas: Laredo Central Texas: Midland North Texas: Denton East Texas: Houston

4 Business Need Help executive staff study the sale of products by Categories, Regions, States, Cities, Stores, and Time Executive Staff will be able to figure out sales revenue through the different dimension combinations Give strategic information for the Executive Staff to make decisions on optimizing prices of products

5 Data Warehouse Fact Table Sales Fact Table Keys OrderID CardID ProductID DateID StoreID Non-Key Columns TotalSales TotalCost Gross Profit

6 Data Warehouse Dimension Tables Order Table Product Table Promotion Card Table Store Table Time Table

7 Data Warehouse Star Schema

8 Data Warehouse Snowflake Schema

9 Data Dictionary Sales Fact Table Product Category Table

10 Data Dictionary (Cont’d) Product Table Vendor Table

11 Data Dictionary (Cont’d) Order Table Store

12 Data Dictionary (Cont’d) Promotion Card Table Region Table

13 Data Dictionary (Cont’d) Time Table Quarter Table

14 Data Dictionary (Cont’d) Day of Week Table Month Table Year Table

15 Information Package

16 Dimensional Hierarchy

17 Order Hierarchy Invoice Number Date Ordered Date received Package cost Size Small (1-3 billion turnover) Medium (4-10 billion turnover) Large (>11 billion) Type Organic Vendor Traditional Vendor Category produce beverages staples spices canned baby condiments paper cleaning personal Frozen diary

18 Store Hierarchy Store name City State Zip Regions South Texas Central Texas North Texas East Texas Each store location is in one region

19 Date Day of Week Quarter Year Quarter Values Quarter I January February March Quarter II April May June Quarter III July August September Quarter IV October November December Time Hierarchy

20 Products Produce frozen diary Eggs Milk Cheese Broccoli Beans Peas Corn Potatoes Fruits Veggies Spinach Beverages canned baby paper condiments spices Staples cleaning personal Shampoo Conditioner lotion Shaving cream Bleach Detergent Dish liquid bags wipes Ketchup Mayo Salad dressing Olive oil Diapers Wipes Formula Baby food Baby water Olives Beans Soups Seasoning Salt/pepper Cereals Bread Grits Sodas Juices Water Alcohol Plates Cups Napkins Categories Product Hierarchy


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