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An initiative of the ABIM Foundation Overview of the MiHIA Regional Campaign.

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1 An initiative of the ABIM Foundation Overview of the MiHIA Regional Campaign

2  Waste in Health Care Spending* o $750 Billion o 30% Unnecessary Care  Americans Living Longer, Quality of Life Decreasing o U.S.A. ranks 26 out of 34 OECD** Nations *Estimates from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies and the Congressional Budget Office **Organizations for Economic Cooperation and Development 2

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5  Choosing Wisely is an initiative of the ABIM Foundation to help physicians and patients engage in conversations about the overuse of tests and procedures and support physician efforts to help patients make smart and effective care choices.  Choosing Wisely recommendations should not be used to establish coverage decisions or exclusions. Rather, they are meant to spur conversation about what is appropriate and necessary treatment. As each patient situation is unique, physicians and patients should use the recommendations as guidelines to determine an appropriate treatment plan together 5

6 Focus groups with physicians revealed they:  Recognize there are a lot of unnecessary tests and procedures  Do not see themselves as the problem - responding to patient requests for more tests and procedures  Do not consider themselves “stewards” of resources  Want to do the right thing for their patients - deliver the best care possible and not cause undue harm  Want to be part of the solution, and terms like “wise choices” resonated





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14 Regional Collaboratives  Better Health Greater Cleveland  HealthInsight Utah  Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement and Minnesota Health Action Group  Iowa Healthcare Collaborative  Maine Quality Counts  Massachusetts Health Quality Partners  Michigan Health Information Alliance  Puget Sound Health Alliance  Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality Specialty/State Medical Societies  American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine  American Academy of Ophthalmology  American College of Physicians  American Society for Clinical Pathology  American Society of Echocardiography  American Society of Nuclear Cardiology and Massachusetts Medical Society  Minnesota Medical Association  Oregon Medical Association  Society of Hospital Medicine  Tennessee Medical Association  Texas Medical Association  Washington State Medical Association 14

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16 Mi chigan H ealth I nformation A lliance, Inc. Regional community collaboration working to achieve a community of health excellence for the 14-county region it serves Based on a core belief that solutions to our health and health care problems can be found and designed at a regional level, accelerating regional competitive advantage and sustainability.

17  Aetna  Blue Cross Blue Shield  Central Michigan University College of Medicine  Central Michigan University Public Radio  Covenant HealthCare  The Dow Chemical Company  Ezekiel Project  Gratiot Family Practice  Health Delivery, Inc.  Hospital Council of East Central Michigan  Midland Medical Society  MidMichigan Health  Public Health Departments – Midland, CMDHD, Saginaw, and Bay  Saginaw County Medical Society  Saginaw Valley State University School of Nursing 17

18  Providers  Employers  Consumers o Hospitals, FQHC’s, Independent o Local Medical Societies o State Medical Specialty Associations o Health plans o Human Resources o Occupational Health o Public Affairs o Community organizations o Faith-based organizations o Media o Health Plans o Public Health Departments o Patients 18 * Specific materials and tactics will be determined for each group and for each organization

19  Number of Physicians who receive Choosing Wisely materials  Number of patients/consumers who receive Choosing Wisely materials  Number of organizations/institutions contacted  Amount of media coverage  Effective solutions to identified barriers  Physicians knowledge of Choosing Wisely guidelines (pre/post)  Number of Physicians actively referring to the Choosing Wisely guidelines in practice (pre/post)  Number of CW identified tests/procedures administered by specialty (pre/post) 19

20  MiHIA Resources o Choosing Wisely Microsite o LINK: o Presenters, Custom Resources as Needed  ABIM Foundation Resources o LINK: o LINK: o The Medical Professionalism Blog:  Consumer Reports Resources o LINK: 20

21  Website  84 pamphlets for consumers in English and Spanish:  5 videos  2 Posters (revised “5 Questions” poster coming on July 15!)  Wallet card  Newsletter

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23  Choosing Wisely is not about cost. First and foremost, Choosing Wisely is about quality and patient safety, not dollars and cents.  Our Action Item is simple and non-threatening – have a conversation! – and it positions us for tremendous impact across our region. 23

24 For more information: Project Leader Gary Billotti 989-486-9454 Internet Links:  Choosing Wisely:  ABIM Foundation:  The Medical Professionalism Blog: 24

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