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Health and Justice Commissioning

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1 Health and Justice Commissioning
Kevin Heffernan Telford Conference June 2013

2 CRISIS Opportunity for Personal Growth Danger/risk and Adversity
Characters represent CRISIS Danger/risk and Adversity Opportunity for Personal Growth

3 NHS England NHS England are playing a key role in the Government’s vision to modernise the health service with the key aim of securing the best possible health outcomes for patients by prioritising them in every decision it makes. Formally established as the NHS Commissioning Board on 1 October 2012, NHS England is an independent body at arm’s length to the Government. Over the past decade, the role of commissioning, as a key driver of quality, efficiency and outcomes for patients, has become increasingly important to the health system in England.

4 NHS England At its simplest, commissioning is the process of planning, agreeing and monitoring services. However, securing services is much more complicated than securing goods and the diversity and intricacy of the services delivered by the NHS is unparalleled. Commissioning is not one action but many, ranging from the health-needs assessment for a population, through the clinically based design of patient pathways, to service specification and contract negotiation or procurement, with continuous quality assessment. The NHS commissioning system was previously made up of primary care trusts and specialised commissioning groups. Most of the NHS commissioning budget is now managed by 211 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs). These are groups of general practices which come together in each area to commission the best services for their patients and population.

5 NHS England - CCG’s – CSU’s - PHE
CCGs and NHS England are supported by new commissioning support units (CSUs). Their role is to carry out: Transformational commissioning functions, such as service redesign; and Transactional commissioning functions, such as market management, healthcare procurement, contract negotiation and monitoring, information analysis and risk stratification. Commissioning of public health services is undertaken by Public Health England (PHE) and local authorities, (although NHS England will commission, on behalf of PHE, some of the public health services delivered by the NHS)

6 NHS England A single operating model
1 Chief Executive and a central head office 4 Regional Area Teams (Midlands and East of England, North of England, South of England and London) 27 local Area Teams (A.T.s) across England ( 3 in the West Midlands) 10 A.T.s will undertake health and justice commissioning (Shropshire and Staffordshire A.T. lead for West Midland region) 211 Clinical commissioning groups (CCG’s) of which 21 are in the West Midlands

7 West Midlands Commissioning Structure
Shropshire and Staffordshire Area Team) Arden Hereford and Worcestershire Area Team Birmingham , Solihull and the Black Country Area Team Leading on Health and Justice Separate offender and victim focused commissioning Maintain links with locality- police, third sector, LA

8 The Single Operating Model
“A single approach for agreeing what will be commissioned, to what standard within available resources” “To move away from regionally and locally isolated commissioning to a clear and consistent national approach, with national standards based on the best available evidence to ensure efficient provision of care, and improved health outcomes.”

9 Commissioning Arrangements for Health and Justice
NHS England Sexual Assault Referral Centres Offender Healthcare in custodial settings Liaison and Diversion (national projects) CCGs Acute paediatric services. Healthcare provided to offenders who are in the community (including locally developed police and court diversion schemes) Emergency care services for offenders. Local Authorities Open access sexual health and genitourinary medicine (GU) clinics. Ongoing support and social care for victims of assault (including part funding ISVAs) Public health services for offenders not in detention Substance misuse services Police FME input (until proposed transfer to the NHS) Home Office Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs) – part funded with L.A.s

10 Commissioning Arrangements for Health and Justice
Some of the many forums we come together in as collaborating agencies Health and Well-being boards Healthcare partnership boards (Police) Mental Health expert reference groups Integrated Offender Health regional/national forums SARC strategic management boards

11 Settings for the WM Health and Justice team
Prisons Police Forces SARCs Diversion Schemes Brinsford Stoke Heath Staffordshire Cobridge Birmingham Drake Hall West Midlands North Staffs (A) Dovegate Long Lartin West Mercia Walsall Warwickshire Featherstone Hewell Nuneaton Sandwell x2 Oakwood Bransford Wolverhampton (Y) Stafford Wellington Staffordshire (Y) Swinfen Hall Werrington

12 NHS England - work to date with you
Early adopter programme (Healthcare in police custody) – Honest broker’s Primecare contract – Not business as usual IT requirements MH and LD screening A and E protocols Improved clinical governance (e.g. complaints) Increased use of Primecare’s care coordination centre Top 100 frequent flyers – a collaboration between police, healthcare provider and L and D projects (e.g. Stoke MH diversion project and Primecare) Being a gateway into complex health systems. e.g. medical statements

13 This is not just about danger, risk and adversity….it’s about
We now have the new structures, we have a willingness, a commitment and passion to make a real positive difference for those vulnerable people we connect with who have a mental health distress along the offender health pathway This is not just about danger, risk and adversity….it’s about Opportunity!

14 NHS England Contact Details
West Midland Health and Justice Commissioning Team Head of Health & Justice Commissioning Sarah Forrest Kevin Heffernan Offender Health project manager Lynda Parkes Offender Health Commissioning manager Becki Hipkins Offender Health project manager Chris Randall Offender Health Commissioning manager

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