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March 14, 2005 Strategic Scheduling Mary Beth Cahill Your schedules.

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1 March 14, 2005 Strategic Scheduling Mary Beth Cahill Your schedules

2 Setting Course: A Congressional Management Guide -Congressional Management Foundation

3 Strategic Scheduling “Creating a focused framework for the scheduling process that reflects the office’s strategic plan.” Proactive: decide where to go rather than responding where to go Goal oriented Creative Inclusive

4 Steps to Developing a Schedule 1. Defining Office Goals 2.Evaluating the Impact of Office Goals on Scheduling 3.Communicating Goals to Staff 4.Getting Your Scheduling Team in Place 5.Developing Your Scheduling Criteria: “The ability to say ‘no’ is key to your success…” 6.Strategic Review of Schedule

5 District Trips Develop a long-range scheduling plan Create events Accept selected invitations around which the remainder of the schedule will be built Review pending requests

6 Washington Schedule Fewer logistical concerns (eg: driving to and from events) Floor schedule dictates members schedule = less control for office Typical events –Tuesday through Thursday schedule predictable –Party caucuses and conference meetings –Late nights, weekend sessions, votes

7 Common Problems Excessive travel time because of district shape/size Overscheduling Missing events in the district because of an erratic Congressional schedule Member unwilling to commit or slow to make decisions Member over-involvement in scheduling Member’s family demands time Scheduler problems: can’t judge importance, inadequate coordination between offices Scheduler provides inaccurate information Scheduler does not obtain complete information

8 Family Issues Clarify the roles and outline procedures for family input Comfortable relationship between scheduler and family is a MUST Encourage family to work with scheduler Have family give adequate notice to scheduler Establish clear limits on spouse’s claim to Scheduler Spouse’s agenda is different than the Member’s

9 District Scheduling Washington Scheduler and District Scheduler is an option Consider how often member will be in district Advantages and Disadvantages to each set up

10 EVENTDESCRIPTIONTIME March 13, Sunday MORNING "This Week in Cambridge"Radio interview, Capital City 8-8:30 Gotham City 10KFire starting gun for race 8-8:15 Rally for DivestitureAt Cambridge Tech - remarks only8-9:00 Convocation, Cambridge TechFive minute speech to students10-11:00 Boyne Natural Resources TrustPie-eating contest, NRT Fundraiser9-11:00 Republican Caucus BrunchAt the Capitol Building, DC9-11:00 AFTERNOON Girl Scouts BloodmobileGive blood; Boyne businesses sponsor12-3:00 Boyne County FairJudge livestock; farm groups sponsor1-3:00 House Demo-Rep SoftballAnnual Congressional game, DC2-4:00 Gotham High vs. CentralHigh school game; give halftime award1-3:00 Chinese Arts FairDisplays and lunch in Gotham City2-6:00 EVENING Friends of Trent LottPolitical dinner (est. 250 people), DC7:30-? Midland Co. Town MeetingAgenda includes school – Midland7-9:00 Reception for James BakerHosted by William Buckley, Capital City6-8:00 Daughters of the American Rev.Dinner (est. 150 people) Gotham7:30-? Local 239 (Mill workers)Dinner (est. 200 people) Gotham7-?

11 Credits Presentation based on: Congressional Management Foundation, Setting Course: A Congressional Management Guide. (Washington: Congressional Management Foundation 2004), Chapter 15, pp. 239-263. Image on Cover from: Congressional Management Foundation, Accessed 2/19/2005

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