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Member Forum Wednesday, March 19, 2008 Monday, March 24, 2008.

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1 Member Forum Wednesday, March 19, 2008 Monday, March 24, 2008

2 Task Force Activities Reviewed and assessed other community theaters nationally. Surveyed and interviewed select community theaters. Conducted an organizational assessment. Conducted planning sessions Developed recommendations. Reviewed with Boards Review with Members

3 Expenses are growing Season tickets are down Individual ticket sales are up







10 Ticket Sales Consistent Quality Show Selection # of Performances Grants Disappearing Resource Fund Raising Board Composition & Ability Development Director Community Image – do we fill an important need?

11 What Did We Learn from Other Theaters? Salina Community Theatre, KS Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, MI Topeka Civic Theater, KS Little Theatre of Winston-Salem, NC Midland Community Theater, Midland, TX (among others)

12 Common Themes Increasing dependence on fundraising and long-range planning Board heavily involved in fundraising Board focused on governance vs. productions Community involvement in Board Boards typically number between 15 and 20 Extensive committee structure manned by members What Did We Learn from Other Theaters?

13 How is OTP Viewed by the Funding Community?

14 What Does the Community Expect? 1999 Capital Campaign We entered into a new contract with the Traverse City Community. We are the caretakers of a greater community trust. –$400,000 –Refurbished building –New community contract – Higher expectations

15 OTP Life Stage Organization Life Stage Board StageBoard Characteristics Idea/Start-upOrganizing Board Hands-on, fills role of staff, volunteer -driven Growth Governing Board Staff implements day-to-day activities; board transitions to oversight & building infrastructure MaturityBoard concentrates on planning, oversight, fundraising Review and Renew/Decline Board leads process of renewal or dissolution Variations: Founding Boards, Institutional Boards (Source: Jay Connor, The Collaboratory for Community Support, 2003 )

16 Results of OTP Organizational Assessment Areas rated as having highest capacity: –Shared understanding of mission –Shared beliefs –CEO organizational, analytical & financial skills –Skills/abilities of volunteers –Computers/applications/network - Telephones/ Fax –Program replication –Constituency involvement

17 Results of OTP Organizational Assessment Areas identified as having lowest capacity: Shared Goals Fundraising Board involvement in fundraising Research/ data support Fund development planning Knowledge management HR planning Management development & retention Volunteer management

18 Recommendation 1 Expand the Board of Trustees to create a more community-based organization and ensure success of fundraising. Up to 15 members 3 members selected by members Remainder selected by Board of Trustees Add specific skills & connections Primary focus on governance Change bylaws to reflect changes Where Does OTP Go From Here?

19 Recommendation 2 Get the community more involved Need donors and volunteers of all types Consider the success of the State Theater and TSO Where Does OTP Go From Here?

20 Recommendation 3 Establish a professional fundraising function including a Development Director Need dedicated time and commitment Need systems and procedures Rigorous and persistent relationship building Where Does OTP Go From Here?

21 Let’s Discuss. What questions do you have? Can you support these recommendations? How can we ensure success? What key elements do we need to address to bring along the membership? What messages do we carry back to our colleagues?


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