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NAME Enhanced Observation Period NAME Science Working Group April, 2003 NAME Homepage:

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1 NAME Enhanced Observation Period NAME Science Working Group April, 2003 NAME Homepage:

2 Moisture Budget Region

3 SMEX 04 Veg. Flux Site Simple Raingauges

4 NERN : Shuttleworth, Watts, Gochis, Garatuza 100 Event logging, tipping bucket raingages 6 major W-E transects traversing SMO Major improvement in topographic and temporal sampling of precipitation Installed 2002-2003, in operation through spring of 2006 Not available in real-time Contacts:,,

5 Simple Raingage Network : Higgins and Lobato 1000 Simple accumulation gages Covering major data sparse regions in North- central and North western Mexico Daily accumulated rainfall Improved spatial representation of precipitation Maintained by IMTA Not available in real-time Contact:

6 Augmentation of Southern Arizona ALERT Network: Jamison Installation of 3 additional ALERT, automated weather stations Improved monitoring in data-sparse border region in Southern Arizona Temp, RH, Press., Wind speed and direction, event precipitation Maintained by NWS Real-time and GTS availability Contact:

7 Augmented Surface Temperature and Humidity Measurements: A. Douglas 16 recording temperature and humidity sensors Deployed along SMO transects in collaboration with the NERN and CNA/SMN observatories Will help elucidate temp/RH profile over SMO Not available in real time Contacts:

8 Land – Atmosphere Fluxes from the Deciduous Tropical Forest: M. Douglas Flux tower, sounding and tethersonde measurements over a deciduous forest site in the SMO foothills Eddy-covariance fluxes Bare ground and canopy flux estimates Soil moisture measurements Additional PIBAL and surface met. stations Not available in realtime Contacts:


10 NAME Soil Moisture Field Campaign (SMEX04): Jackson Two domains: Walnut Gulch, AZ & northern Sonora, MX Multiscale measurement and validation of near surface soil moisture content NASA-AMSRE and NASA-P3 passive microwave Ground-based, TDR measurements Not available in real-time Contact: SMEX 04


12 Realtime LDAS Tier 2 Soil Moisture Plots: Apr. 18, 2004

13 NCAR ISS NCAR GLASS NWS Tucson NWS El Paso NWS San Diego NWS Flagstaff SMN Chihuahua SMN Torreon SMN Guaymas SMN La Paz SMN Mazatlan NWS Midland NWS Del Rio M. Douglas RAOB EOP Ship RAOB NOAA ETL/AL NWS Albuquerque SMN Zacatecas SMN Monterrey NWS Las Vegas NWS Amarillo SRP Phoenix

14 Integrated Sounding Systems: Johnson 3 NCAR/ISSs deployed at P. Peñasco, Kino Bay, Los Mochis –GPS soundings, 915 MHz wind profiler, RASS, sfc. met. –EOP: 2x Daily P. Peñasco, Kino Bay; 4x Los Mochis –IOP: 6x Los Mochis 1 NCAR GLASS system deployed at Loreto, BCS –GPS sounding, sfc. met. –EOP: 4x Daily; IOP: 6x Nominal Jul 1-Aug. 15 GTS available Contacts: Puerto Peñasco - ISS Kino Bay - ISS Los Mochis - ISS Loreto - GLASS

15 Enhanced Operational Soundings: Zhou/NWS, A. Douglas and Cortez/SMN Increased frequency of GPS soundings at 9 U.S. and 8 Mexican RAOB sites : –NWS: EOP 2x daily IOP 4x daily 20 IOP Days: Tucson, Las Vegas, San Diego, Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Midland, El Paso, Amarillo, Del Rio –SMN: EOP 2x daily (Start 6/21) IOP 6x daily 20 IOP Days: Chihuahua, Guaymas, Mazatlan, La Paz 12 IOP Days: Monterrey, Zacatecas, Torreon –DOD/Yuma: (7/1-8/15) Most Stations GTS available Contacts: Radiosonde photo courtesy of Vaisala, Inc.

16 Belize Costa Rica

17 PIBAL Soundings: Douglas Atmospheric profiles of wind speed and direction Instrumented balloon tracked from surface to ~ 11 km (cloud dependent) Approx. 20 stations proposed over the NAME region Many sites will be available in ~ 2-3hr delayed reception Contact:

18 Precipitation and Vertical Wind Profiling: King, Williams and White Coastal Site (40 km NW of Spol Radar) –915 MHz vertical wind profiler w/ RASS –449 MHz vertical wind profiler –S-band reflectivity –Surface disdrometer –Surface met. and flux –Soil moisture –Cielometer May 28 – Sept 30, 2004 –*Partial deployment thru 2006 Available in near real-time Contacts:, Coastal Site: Southern SIN

19 Platform / Data LocationStatusContact NCAR SPOL RadarSinaloaFunded - NSFRutledge / Carbone NOAA P3 Airborne RadarGulf of CaliforniaFunded - OGPRutledge Upgraded SMN RadarsMultipleFunded – OGP/NSF/NASA Lang and Carbone SUMMARY OF NAME ‘Radar’ OBSERVATIONS

20 NEXRAD Yuma NCAR SPOL SMN Guasabe SMN El Palmito SMN Cd. Obregon SMN Los Cabos NEXRAD Tucson NEXRAD El Paso Radar Umbrella Radius: Approx. 150 km NEXRAD San Angelo NEXRAD Midland

21 Platform / Data LocationStatusContact Aircraft (NOAA P-3)MazatlanFunded - OGPM. Douglas/Cotton SUMMARY OF NAME ‘Aircraft’ OBSERVATIONS Budgeted flight hrs: 80 Airborne instrument package: –Flight level T, q, Press, U, V –Dropwinsonde capable –X-band Doppler Radar Some data available in real-time Contact:

22 Platform / Data LocationStatusContact Oceanographic Meas.Gulf of CaliforniaFunded - OGPM. Douglas & CICESE BI-03 R/V AltairGulf of CaliforniaFunded - OGPRutledge/Fairall w/ Mex. Navy SUMMARY OF NAME ‘Oceanographic’ OBSERVATIONS Surface and PBL meteorological measurements from a research vessel Ocean-atmosphere fluxes 915 MHz Wind profiler Cloud ceilometer Vaisala RS-90 rawinsondes CTD ocean profiles Location: 23.5 N 108 W July 5-22 : July 26-Aug. 12 Mex. Navy Vessel:

23 Oceanographic Measurements: CICESE and M. Douglas Multiple transects traversing the southern G. California Pilot balloon, tethersondes and both GPS- and non-GPS radiosonde observations Drifter deployment Sfc. met, water temp, salinity and current mapping Not available in real-time CICESE Vessel (R.V. Ulloa):

24 NAME Enhanced Observation Period Jul. 1, 2004-Aug. 15, 2004 NAME Homepage:

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