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Birmingham Fulfilling Lives; Complex Needs Partnership Wider Partnership Meeting 20 th June 2013 Bordesley Centre 10am to 12 noon hashtag; #fulfillinglives.

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1 Birmingham Fulfilling Lives; Complex Needs Partnership Wider Partnership Meeting 20 th June 2013 Bordesley Centre 10am to 12 noon hashtag; #fulfillinglives

2 Aims for the Day Information - Find out more about Fulfilling Lives (Complex Needs) programme Sharing and Learning - Offer your expertise Sharing and Learning - Psychologically Informed Environments: Influence - Shape the business plan Influence - Find out how delivery partners will be identified Influence - Network

3 Agenda 10:00 Welcome 10:05 The story so far and the next steps 10:20 Workstreams – what's happening and how you can get involved 10:50 STALLS – you opportunity to offer your expertises either by talking to Workstream leads or leaving your details. Refreshments also available 11:20 Psychologically Informed Environments – Jean Templeton 11:40 Identifying Delivery Partners 12:00 Close – Feedback Forms

4 Complex needs as defined by BIG Lottery Two of the following: Homelessness Addiction (Drug and alcohol) Re-offending Mental Health - Free from ‘HARM’

5 How did we get here? Big Lottery Fund programme Fulfilling Lives series of programmes Complex Needs - 15 areas chosen Lead organisation appointed (BVSC) Wider Partnership developed - 120 organisations Vision document submitted in December 2012 12 areas now through to Business Planning Stage

6 12 Areas Birmingham Blackpool Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne and Hastings Bristol Camden and Islingto; Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Liverpool Manchester Newcastle Gateshead Nottingham Stoke on Trent West Yorks

7 Timescales End of March notified of success Development of work streams to tease out vision and make it ‘real’ Submit Business Plan - by 21 st September Business Plan be circulated for comment early in September for Wider Partnership to comment Informed in December if Business Plan accepted; Start January 2014 8 year programme £10 million

8 Experts by Experience- involvement essential

9 Themes / Workstreams Every Step of the Way SIFA and Turning Point Lead workers Mental Health Trust; My Time CIC; Step Out Improved signposting – “inreach and outreach” Fry Housing and West Midlands Police Intelligent Common Assessment Tool (ICAT) Midland Heart, Birmingham City Council and St Basils Virtual Hub (virtual Workstream) Also each core group member is a “champion” for some key issues including those raised by experts by experience - see papers

10 Other work in development : Developing an evidence base – research about what works and doesn’t work Data – what is already collected, what is shared/not shared/ gaps; evidence for other bids Equality Impact Assessment/inclusion Evaluation Communications/sharing and learning

11 Sharing and Learning SurveyMonkey – will create baseline of the current situation but also ‘directory’ of information for people to share Details will also be put on revamped BVSC database Dropbox- most of you will have received invites – 71 people joined can find/share information on line. Information to support bids for example Other ways – annual storytelling events

12 S.O.S Big Lottery want a focus on: System change; Outcomes for individuals with complex needs; Service Users


14 Every Step of the Way- planned Experts by experience help drive and shape the programme as it develops; 88 service users involved in vision stage; Have identified a support organisations to make sure that experts by experience are involved in a supported and positive way; ‘Involvement Champions’ as next step Experts by experience trained and supported to contribute to and check every step of the way process; Also recruit others to get involved e.g. as mystery shoppers; service designers; quality standards;

15 Every Step of the Way – Help Needed People supported by your organisation who may be ready/willing to be involvement champions; People supported by your organisation to get involved in other ways; We don’t need their names right now – but we need yours. Examples of effective practice

16 Views sought from service users on an ad hoc basis. Supported and rewarded to be at the decision-making table with the backing of a relevant forum. Expenses paid. Employed and supported to design, review or provide services. Salary paid. To be supported and rewarded to champion issues with the Core Group and wider Partnership. Expenses paid. Supported and rewarded to participate on a voluntary basis to design, review, or provide services. Expenses paid. Supported and rewarded be actively involved e.g. community researchers; mystery shoppers. Expenses paid. Regular and supported opportunities to give views. Expenses paid. Complaints and service –specific feedback used to inform process. Birmingham Fulfilling Lives: Complex Needs Partnership Ladder of Participation Rewards and support can include the provision of training and opportunities to learn new skills, food, certificates, fun, for example.

17 No Wrong Door Network Overarching Outcomes To establish a “Network of Organisations and or Services” which are committed to not sending people away To facilitate the design of a NO WRONG DOOR network and its interface with other work-streams To facilitate an “Experts by Experience” process that will set and check the standards of all participating Organisations To encourage cultural shifts within Organisations

18 No Wrong Door Network We will achieve this by: Identify priority needs of the initial user group Complete a service mapping exercise Engage with Organisations to establish interest and commitment to participation in potential “pilot” sites Engage with Experts by Experience to support, influence and monitor the model design (s) Establish across work –streams interactions Work with all engaged Organisations to influence change

19 No Wrong Door Network – Help Needed Looking for a range of organisations to nominate their interest in being an initial player in the pilot (s) Your views on what criteria they believe should be established to determine pilot site participation / selection: e.g. Size; Services provided; Geographical delivery; Specialism and Niche; Also potential organisations to be a critical friend to the work-stream and pilot (s). What methods would be beneficial and most effect from their opinion in how we as work-streams should communicate with them to: Will gather information on service mapping; Keep them informed of progress; Opportunity influence and suggest What are the initial barriers to participation and how may they be overcome?

20 Lead Workers Talk to the same person Gets to know you well Helps you to get the right services

21 Lead Workers – help needed Experience of Lead working type role; Survey monkey/ questionnaire on stall; Groups not often reached;

22 Signposting, Inreach and Outreach We will: establish new signposting and referral pathways and facilitate easier access to services Target support and interventions at key transition points for known clients with complex needs Target intensive outreach to those who are disengaged or outside of the system (i.e. guns and gangs, excluded from many/all services) Have in place “trusted points of contact” and “information points”

23 Signposting Inreach and Outreach – Help Needed Where are the key transition points for known clients with complex needs? How/where can we engage with people with complex needs who are disengaged from services? Where/who would be seen as “trusted points of contact” for people with complex needs?

24 Tell your story once Common assessment Sharing information Confidentiality

25 Intelligent Common Assessment Framework – Help Needed What would attract your organisation to buy into this What would be your concerns? Do you use/ have you used a common Assessment Framework?

26 Women Exploring if/what specific arrangements are needed for women; E.g. Different ‘trusted point of contacts’; different information needed in the ICAT?; Meeting tomorrow to explore this as these questions; Making sure women Experts by Experience get involved;

27 STALLS Offer your expertise. Discuss your concerns; Use forms, paper and business cards; Refreshments;

28 Delivery Partners

29 Competitive process based on contract- especially for work more than the value of £10,000; Core Group members and others involved in developing a particular area of work will withdraw from the process and have no involvement – if they are considering bidding for a delivery contract – before contract is drawn up; Experts by Experience on tender panels; (trained and supported); Smaller orgs - how can we ensure opportunities for them; A reasonable timescale (there will be information in the business plan); all contract is one place – a notification system; Contractors will need to demonstrate SOS – earlier slide; What would reassurance around ‘fairness’ would you want to see?

30 Questions?

31 Follow up actions Get on our radar – complete survey monkey; Check if your organisation is SOS one? Join Dropbox- find lots of information about complex needs ; Participate/offer your experience in Workstreams; Encourage Experts by Experience to get involved; Feedback form – what sharing and learning would you like to see/next event. Check the wider Partnership list – anyone not on there who should be? Contact: Pam Dixon t: 0121 678 8877 e:


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