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M Venkataraman Careers advisor West Midlands Deanery.

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1 M Venkataraman Careers advisor West Midlands Deanery

2  To provide information about recruitment to specialist training: what to expect what is involved how the recruitment process works where to find out more  To help you understand yourself and the need to think very hard, very honestly and far ahead when choosing  To help you make the most of yourself  To discuss special circumstances like LTFT and OOPE

3  6,500Medical School Places  6,700Foundation Posts  6,700 ST1 posts in 2011 So why worry?

4  Risk of long term undersupply of GPs

5  Risk of long term oversupply of CCT holders

6  From student to F1  F1 to F2  F2 to specialty training National applications National timelines Transparent, equitable and fair National guidance


8 First steps

9  Choose your specialty The MMC website will list all specialty posts available in 2013. Royal College websites provide information about the specialty and what’s involved. to explore career options.  Check the application process  Plan your time  Review person specifications The person specifications will guide you in preparing your portfolio of evidence of your achievements and competences, ready to show at interview.  Register for online applications Many specialties use an online application process that requires you to register first. It’s best to do this early to avoid any technical difficulties when it comes to submitting your application.

10 Quite a few candidates are excluded at the long –listing stage. Make sure you fill in the form properly Do you know how many candidates excluded themselves by incorrectly filling in forms last year?


12 Check MMC website early Oct 2012  Details of recruitment processes (also Quick Guide)  Eligibility criteria  Updated person specifications  Latest information on vacancies  Competition ratios Check deanery and college websites  Details on programmes and locations  Application processes

13  Recruiting offices will shortlist your application form against the nationally agreed person specification, using a scoring system  Top scoring applicants invited to interview or assessment. More people interviewed than posts.  Only shortlisted candidates informed.  If not short-listed, ask for feedback

14  Typically last around 30 minutes  Structure and content will vary across deaneries, specialties and levels  Could include scenarios, through oral questions, through written exercises, presentations, demonstration of practical skills, OSCEs etc.  The invitation to interview will explain what will be required from you at the interview.

15  The deanery will give you clear information about what will be required from you at interview.  Expect to take the following documents and you may be required to take several copies:  Original proof of identity (e.g. passport or other photo-ID)  Original and photocopy of your GMC certificate  Original and photocopies of all qualifications listed on your application form (translated if necessary)  Verified evidence of competences cited on your application form – your professional portfolio  Evidence of educationally approved posts cited on your application form  Evidence of nationality / immigration status  Evidence of skills in written and spoken English

16  Deanery and College email helpdesks  For current doctors in training - Educational Supervisor, Trust Careers lead, Trust Director of Medical Education, Deanery Careers Support  For doctors in UK service posts – Clinical Supervisor, Trust Director of Medical Education, Deanery Careers Support  For doctors outside UK – contact Deanery you are applying to and/or relevant Royal College

17 Proposed coordinated offers pilot: Fixed end point for making & receiving offers - 9 th March 2011 Accepted offer – upgrade offer available Applicants can hold offers until 19 th March Just one offer can be held at any one time Upgrades on accepted or held offers will cease 23 rd March Ranking information will be provided

18  Choose wisely  Know yourself  Prepare

19 Be realistic about your skills but don’t undersell yourself Do you know your skills? (Sci 59, Windmills) Check competition ratios but don’t rely only on them Read the person specs again and again Read the job descriptions Try to match your skills, personality and aptitude to your choices Look at progression within the many years, how many exams, how many posts? Have a plan A, plan B and plan C

20 What are your skills? What would you like to do? 5 15 years? What would you NOT like to do? Have you got the skills and personality suited to your job? Identify 3 key matches for all your choices

21 Tasters Audits E-portfolio “Real” experience of specialty Read up Some hard, honest, thinking Extra “credits” (like BSS, ATLS, exams etc.) (NOT recommended by UKFPO)

22 Remember, you are much more likely to stay in your chosen field for the rest of your life than with your spouse/partner!!!!!

23  This applicant guide can be downloaded in PDF format from  Foundation Training:  GP Training:  Recruitment for Academic Clinical Fellowships in Medicine and Dentistry in England:  Recruitment to medical specialty training in Scotland:  Recruitment to medical specialty training in Wales:  Recruitment to medical specialty training in Northern Ireland:

24    


26  If you are unable to train full time, you may apply for less than full-time training, provided you can show that training on a full-time basis would not be practical for you for well- founded reasons. Well-founded reasons would include, for example disability, ill health, carer’s responsibilities, religious commitments and unique opportunities for personal or professional development.  Less than full-time training must meet the same requirements in specialty and general practice training as full-time training, except that there will be fewer hours of work per week.  The Associate Dean for LTFT in West Midlands Deanery is Dr Helen Goodyear




30  Experience out of planned programme of training  To improve skills (usually)  In training post for at least a year  Not in last year  Forms at least 6 months in advance  Notify employer at least 3 months in advance


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