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Mobile Go Centers Midland Independent School District & Midland College December 6, 2007.

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1 Mobile Go Centers Midland Independent School District & Midland College December 6, 2007

2 Mobile Go Center Agenda  College For All Texans Campaign  ACC’s Mobile Go Centers  MGC Uses  Preparing to Launch  Specialist, Driver  Reservation Procedures  Procedures Manual  MGC Assistance


4 College for All Texans Campaign  Created by the Texas Legislature  Encourages individuals to attend/graduate college  Brings college information directly into communities

5 Support for Mobile Go Centers “For our state to have a strong and vibrant future, we must all continue to work to ensure that every Texas child who dreams of attending an institution of higher education gets the opportunity to do so.” John Montford AT&T Senior Vice President, State Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Board Chairman, College for All Texans Foundation


7 ACC’s Mobile Go Center #1  Trailer Length, 34 Feet Air-Conditioned  Equipped with: 14 Computers Printers Scanner Copier Satellite Internet

8 Truck Specifications  2007 Chevrolet Silverado  GVW Rating – 11,400 pounds  Allison 6-speed automatic transmission  Duramax Diesel 6.6L V8 Turbo  380 Horsepower  Price: $32,000  Austin Community College Owns

9 Mobile Go Center #1 Funding  Provided by: AMD AT&T College for All Texans Foundation  Funded to College for All Texans Foundation Received in November 2006 Mobile Go Center #1 leased to ACC for one year Lease extended for three years  Cost: $67,000 (approximately)

10 ACC’s Mobile Go Center #2  Trailer Length, 42 Feet Air-Conditioned Goose-Neck Trailer  Equipped with: 16 Computers Printers Scanner Copier Satellite Internet

11 Mobile Go Center #2 Improvements  Battery/Generator stored in cabinets over hitch for additional security

12 Mobile Go Center #2 Improvements  Handicap lift/elevator is stronger and has additional safety features  Grates are stronger and retractable for each entrance

13 Truck Specifications  2007 Chevrolet  1 Ton Crewcab Dooley  Dual Rear Wheels  Allison Automatic Drive  Heavy Duty Diesel Power  Gooseneck Hitch not installed by dealer  Cost: $40,980  Austin Community College Owns

14 Mobile Go Center #2 Funding  Provided by: Texas Pioneer Foundation College for All Texans Foundation  Funded to Austin Community College Received in November 2007 Austin Community College owns MGC #2  Cost: $84,449


16 ACC’s Mobile Go Centers  Provides college information: Texas postsecondary education Austin Community College District  Staffed by ACC student services personnel

17 ACC’s Mobile Go Centers  Virtual one-stop, college-information facility  Visits: Festivals Sports Events Supermarkets Shopping Malls Schools Other  Assists students: College Admissions Financial Aid

18 ACC’s Mobile Go Centers  Enables ACC to reach individuals where they live, work, and/or attend school  Supports College Connection program activities  Assists in expanding ACC’s outreach efforts

19 Mobile Go Center #1 Usage Statistics  In operation since November 2006  102 scheduled requests from November 2006 to October 2007  3,728 participants through October 2007  68 requests already scheduled between November 2007 and May 2008


21 Preparing to Launch a MGC  Secure Funding  Place orders or purchase Trailer construction Installation of signs Installation of satellite internet system Laptop computers, printer-scanner-copier Purchase/install software Wheelchair lift and necessary parts

22 Preparing to Launch a MGC  Place orders or purchase (cont’d) Safety cones Chairs DPS Inspection Register and apply for exempt plates Donor acknowledgement plaque Add trailer, equipment to liability and property insurance

23 Preparing to Launch a MGC  Inspect trailers before final payment  Deliver trailer to college  Post position, hire, and train MGC staff  Develop operation and maintenance manual for MGC  Plan MGC deployment  Plan launch celebration and media coverage  Launch MGC

24 Mobile Go Center – Specialist, Recruiting/Advising – Mobile Go Center Driver

25 Job Purpose  Title: Specialist, Recruiting/Advising – Mobile Go Center Driver  Reports To: Director, Community Outreach  Job Purpose: Responsible for driving the Mobile Go Center in the Central Texas area set up and operation of related equipment, computer laptops assisting/advising potential students and their families with college-related information. represent Austin Community College to the general public, public and private agencies and local school districts expected to be an enthusiastic advocate for access to higher education.

26 Qualifications Knowledge of:  College admission and financial aid procedures.  Educational institution programs and functions.  Public relations, sales, recruitment, and other related activities.  Driving and towing safety rules and regulations.

27 Qualifications Skill in:  Maintaining a varying work schedule, including some evenings and weekends.  Effectively using interpersonal and communication skills, including tact and diplomacy.  Effectively using organizational and planning skills, with attention to detail and follow through.  Interacting with persons of diverse backgrounds.

28 Qualifications Skill in:  Following safe driving and towing practices and procedures.  Maintaining accurate travel and vehicle maintenance and repair logs.  Effectively presenting information to individuals and groups.  Following established procedures for set up and storage of equipment.

29 Qualifications Skill in:  Planning logistics of travel, reading maps, estimating trip timing, researching site access and potential challenges for set-up of trailer and equipment.  Connecting truck and trailer, driving and towing, and disconnecting trailer, and trailer set-up.  Connecting, using and oversight of visitor use, disconnecting and storing electronic equipment such as computers, projectors, satellite dish, and multimedia equipment.

30 Qualifications Skill in:  Educating potential students about the importance of attending college.  Maintaining confidentiality of work related materials and information.

31 Qualifications REQUIRED WORK EXPERIENCE: Two years related work experience with student outreach, recruitment, or advising and the equivalent of one year related experience (paid or unpaid) driving tractor trailers, commercial trucks, or full size pick-up trucks and trailers, or safe driving record and valid Commercial Driver's License.

32 Qualifications REQUIRED EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree. REQUIRED LICENSES/CERTIFICATIONS: Must have valid current Texas Commercial Driver's License and no more than one moving violation in a three year period. REQUIRED OTHER: Satisfactory drug test, criminal background check, and additional application information required.|

33 Mobile Go Center Reservation Procedures

34 ACC’s Mobile Go Centers’ Website

35 Reservation Process  Request is made through website at  Once submitted, reservation confirmation is made by phone If not available, alternate dates are suggested  Reservation is logged into online calendar available for public viewing



38 Mobile Go Center Procedures Manual Information

39 Driver Daily Vehicle Inspections  Use Driver’s Inspection Report (JJ Keller 652-FS-F3)  Must be completed per Federal and State law  Review completed report from previous trip to see if any noted repairs have been made  Note new deficiencies

40 Periodic Inspection and Maintenance Requirements  Inspect annually both the trailer and truck in a qualifying shop  Retain maintenance records for one year

41 DOT Controlled Substance and Alcohol Program  Drug screening must be performed prior to driving the MGC and will be subject to random testing throughout employment  Testing required after any collision involving more than $500 in repairs  Supervisor must be informed of any prescribed medication prior to next scheduled trip

42 Driving Performance  Avoid fatigue with regular breaks  Observe speed limits – unsafe driving is reported to college  Cell phones are not to be used while driving  Each driver will complete an Annual Certification of Violations

43 Mobile Go Center We Couldn’t Have Done It Without Them…

44 These Are he Great Groups That Helped Make the MGCs Possible  Advanced Micro Devices  AT&T  College for All Texans Foundation  Magnum Trailers  Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board  Texas Pioneer Foundation  Texas State Technical College  Wells Cargo

45 Fred Markham President Texas Pioneer Foundation 215 West San Antonio Street, Suite 2001 San Marcos, TX 78666 512-396-2164 Contact

46 Don Brown, Ph.D. Executive Director College for All Texans Foundation 1200 East Anderson Lane Austin, TX 78752 512-427-6108 Contact

47 Mary Hensley, Ed.D. Vice President, College Support Systems and ISD Relations 512-223-7618 Contact

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