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History and Traditions By: Carlie Dalziel Melissa St Amant Sheldon Puddicombe Erin Rankin.

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1 History and Traditions By: Carlie Dalziel Melissa St Amant Sheldon Puddicombe Erin Rankin

2 What did People Do In Midland 100 Years Before? The town of Midland was founded in 1871. It was said to be called Midland because it was “midway” between Victoria Harbour and Penetanguishene. Midland was first settled by farming families in the 1830’s and 40’s. The first store was built in 1871. Later the same year, the construction of a lumber mill started. On July 1 st 1879, Midland Railway opened for passengers and commercial service. In 1875, a Grist and Lumber mill was established. Throughout the 1920’s Midland business boomed with shipping contracts, the construction of 2 more grain elevators, expanded retail and service sectors, like hospitals, a library, and a YMCA building. In 1948 grain milling and shipping were the primary sources of employment. In 1954, the shipyards were closed down, which forced the town to diversify its industrial manufacturing, commercial and tourism base. Midland is now a great community to live in with many untouched (natural) places around town.

3 What Are the Most Obvious Habits and Traditions In our Community.  Midland and Penetanguishene are both bilingual (French and English) towns. We also have a long history of Aboriginal peoples in our area. Our population between the two towns is quite large, but in the summer the population grows to over 100 000 people due to tourism. We have a few local attractions like Canada Day Fireworks, Winterama festival, Curling Tournament, Parades, and some Contests. We also celebrate a festival called Festival Du Loup. It is held in a near by place called Lafontaine. We also have our own hockey team called the Penetanguishene Kings, which was formed in 1977. A big tourist attraction is the boat tour of the Georgian Bay Islands. Penetanguishene and Midland are both small towns with friendly people and lively summer attractions.

4 What are The Big Changes Between The Past and Present?  For centuries, a fad comes and goes. These mostly occur in public schools with the students coming to school everyday with something that wows their friends. Then before you know it everyone in the school is doing it or wearing it the next day. Over the course of 100 years, we have gone through many different changes in our clothes, foods, jobs and education.

5 Customs and Manners In Russia. How are you? or Kak dela? If you ask a Russian "How are you?" / Kak dela?", you risk to get a complete report on how he/she really is. The formalism of the Europeans or Westerners at this point can hardly be understood in Russia. Do not be surprised at the ease with which the Russians discuss their personal life. When in a train, you might hear quite intimate details of your casual fellow passenger's affaires and feelings; if you willingly support the conversation, you will be treated to some personal stories and regales, whichever your companion has at hand.

6 Conversation in Russia. The Russians are patriots. Let all the criticism and mockery you might hear from this people about this country not mislead you. It would be a great mistake of yours to join in the criticism. Especially painful are the issues of the Second World War and the war in Chechnya.

7 Russian Vodka Vodka has long become quite an independent and self-sufficient personage of Russian culture: there are jokes and songs, books and research works on this “hot” subject. Majority of foreigners have an image of vodka imprinted in their minds as the foremost symbol of Russia (along with Bear and Martyoshka). The most important point in the process of vodka production is the distillation of spirit. Vodka, as you all probably know, is a strong alcohol drink, which consists of water and ethanol refined of any admixtures as much as possible. ‘Russian vodka’ usually contains 40 percent of ethyl alcohol.

8 United Arab Emirates Heritage. The importance of marine heritage has a parallel to the legacy of land, where traditions are still building wooden ships in the arsenals of an ongoing major cities, as the skilled sailors experienced the same building the same way their ancestors used for centuries without the need to use a computer or modern equipment. Also being organized racing sailing boats and large, with institutions such as the Emirates Heritage Club, Marine and Emirates Diving Association to preserve the traditions of craft fishing or pearl diving.

9 UAE In the Past Britain announced that in 1968 its decision to withdraw from the area east of the Suez Canal, including the Arabian Gulf region by the end of 1971, so the idea emerged that the combination of the Gulf, which was still under British control, and took the Sheikh / Zayed, the first step when go to Dubai and met with his brother Sheikh / Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, may God have mercy on him, Ruler of Dubai, the eighteenth of February 1968 to discuss the possibility of a union between two Alimartin, the nucleus of the Union of the most comprehensive of all the Gulf emirates.

10 Seattle before the 1850 Seattle has been here since the end of the last glacial history which is about 4,000 years. In 1850 the Duwamish tribe had split to 13 different locations in the greater Seattle area. The Duwamish Tribe lived at the mouth of the Duwamish River (as you can guess that’s why they call it that) in what is the Seattle industrial district. The coast Salish natives lived in 17 villages with about 93 longhouses in all the villages combined. These 2 groups of natives were one of the most sophisticated tribes in Washington.

11 Seattle: Tourist Attractions Seattle is well known for all of its companies and sites. One major big site is the Space Needle. It was built for the World’s Fair in 1962. It has a restaurant and a rotating top at the top of the platform.

12 Seattle 2009 Seattle today is a very stable and secure city. The greater Seattle area is not that impacted by the economic crisis in comparison to other states in the U.S. One third of the Seattle area jobs depend on export. Seattle is voted to be one of the best cities for urban living.


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