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Welcome The Music Equipment Project Fund. Investing in Midland’s Musical Future The Midland Public Schools Music Equipment Project Fund.

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1 Welcome The Music Equipment Project Fund

2 Investing in Midland’s Musical Future The Midland Public Schools Music Equipment Project Fund

3 Mission To complement the new high school music rooms by providing equipment not covered through the sinking fund which is necessary to maintain the degree of excellence we have established in our music programs

4 Why is this fund drive needed? The new music rooms are funded by the sinking fund that was passed by the voters in 2002 The new construction provides much needed space for the music programs However, sinking fund money cannot be used to address the equipment needs

5 Why have this fund drive now? The excitement generated by the addition of valuable classroom space for the music programs has also brought the need for new equipment into sharp focus To help situate MPS music programs for the future and to ensure the continued excellence of the programs

6 Who is on the committee? The steering committee includes Clint Struthers, Doug Vincent, Grace Daines, Jan Doty, and Jim Huber The music staff at Midland and H.H. Dow High Schools have provided information on the urgent needs of the music programs Bob Ralston, a very familiar face in the history of music at the MPS, is the honorary chairman of the project

7 How will this money be used? Funds will be used to purchase large instruments and other music room equipment The music directors at the two high schools have prioritized their needs The money will be divided between the two high schools based on the building music enrollment

8 Why can’t the Board of Education pay for this equipment? The budget issues facing schools are common knowledge Flat revenues and rising costs have made music equipment increasingly difficult to purchase and maintain

9 Growth of the high school music programs Since 9 th grade was added to the high schools in the 1997-98 school year: Total enrollment in music has grown 36% Enrollment in choir has grown 19% Enrollment in orchestra has grown 52% Enrollment in band has grown 38%

10 Enrollment growth in high school music since 1996

11 Traditions of Excellence The high school choirs, orchestras, and bands have consistently scored superior ratings at regional and state level festivals Our high school music ensembles frequently share the stage with one another, demonstrating a superior working relationship Our music staff have frequently received significant awards at the state level

12 The cost of growth Orchestra and band have large instruments commonly provided by schools throughout Michigan; these two programs have experienced significant growth at MPS These instruments include tubas, string basses, percussion equipment, pianos, bassoons, cellos, French horns, et al. Smaller instruments such as violins, clarinets, trumpets, and flutes are usually owned by the student

13 The impact of growth More students in the programs increases Uniform needs Equipment needs Sheet music needs Instrument storage/security

14 Music Instrument Maintenance The MPS district owns roughly 1000 band and 500 string instruments, including 47 pianos Over $40,000 was spent last fiscal year on instrument maintenance This maintenance expense represents real spending restraint and “band-aid” repairs on instruments that have exceeded their life spans

15 The aging inventory Almost one third of the instruments and equipment were purchased prior to 1970. This aging inventory creates significant maintenance costs, and increasing numbers of instruments are not worth the repair expense Most music repair technicians agree that the average life-span of student line musical instruments is 20-25 years, at best

16 What happens without the fundraiser? The current degree of excellence already established in our music programs will suffer The quality of our program will begin to degrade, due to the age and condition of our equipment Increasing numbers of our existing instrument inventory will become unplayable and unrepairable

17 Fundraising plans A parent and community driven effort The music parent committees of both high schools have donated $5000 to open the fund at the Midland Area Community Foundation (which also brings state tax advantaged status to donations) Brochures and pledge cards

18 Fundraising ideas Music organizations in the community (such as Midland Concert Band and the Midland Symphony Orchestra) will work jointly with our parent groups for fundraising events Foundations and businesses will be approached for support, with consideration of matching donations

19 What is the goal? To raise $750,000 to be shared between both Midland and H.H. Dow High Schools music programs

20 Tuning Up! proposed timeline February 2005 - present to Board of Education study committee Spring 2005 - approval by the Superintendent & Board of Education Fall 2005 - kickoff fundraising efforts October 2005 - four (4) concert events (Oct 1, 5, 13, 30) December 2005 - presentations at all holiday music programs 6-12

21 Tuning Up! Timeline (con’t) June, 2006- phase one of bids and purchases Fall 2006 - fund raising continues Spring 2007 - project concludes with bids and purchases

22 For tonight, we need things: Volunteers to sign up for the planned events in October Oct 1 - Midland Symphony Orchestra Oct 5 - Marching Band Showcase Oct 13 - combined HS orchestra concert Oct 30 - Midland Concert Band, featuring the MHS & H.H. Dow choirs

23 The next step is up to you Contact information: Doug Vincent 835-9469 Clint Struthers 832-0984 Jim Huber 923-5081 Midland Area Community Foundation 839-9661

24 Enrollment in Music Programs YearDow HSMidland HSTotal 1996-97164197361 1997-98*245345590 1998-99273372645 1999-00299388687 2000-01297348645 2001-02336347683 2002-03355395750 2003-04338401739 2004-05357444801 *9 th graded added to high school

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