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Midland Hotel Customer Service. Customer? ► Paying Guests using facilities and services of the hotel ► Potential future customers who are in the hotel.

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1 Midland Hotel Customer Service

2 Customer? ► Paying Guests using facilities and services of the hotel ► Potential future customers who are in the hotel to make an enquiry ► General Public are all potential customers ► Staff members & colleagues are customers of each other.

3 Why do we need customers? ► We rely on paying customers for our livelihood. ► Customers pay for service & services ► After paying for costs, operational costs, wages, and Repairs and Renewals of equipment, Profit is the result ► Generally each £ we take 15p goes in direct F & B costs, 30p in Wage costs, 20p in Operational Costs, and 10p for repairs. 25p is profit.

4 Why strive for Customer Loyalty? ► Reducing customer defections can boost profits by 25- 85%. ► 68% of customer defections take place because customers feel that they have been unfairly treated. ► It can cost 5 times more to attract new customers than retain existing ones. ► Where customer satisfaction levels are high it can reduce payment of bills by 14 days.

5 What do we do? ► Recruitment of the right people, Customer focused individuals ► Train in-house, Welcome Host courses, have a customer focused ethos ► Giving information verbally and in print ► Strive to understand our customers needs, by listening to their requests, action, and repeating for their next visit. ► Dealing with problems fast and efficiently ► Staff levels promote good customer service ► Give the staff a good working environment ► Empower Staff & Management to do anything we can for the customer ► Always Going the Extra Mile

6 We need to be able to… ► Listen carefully and ensure the customer has finished. Repeat their request to let them know you understand them. ► Talk politely and coherently ► Look at the customer…not at what’s going on somewhere else. ► Dress in proper, clean and well presented uniform ► Be properly groomed, with correct levels of make-up, and not too much jewellery (Rings, Necklaces and Earrings) ► Be well groomed, and Men need to be clean shaven at all times. ► Don’t smell of too much perfume, but don’t have Body Odour or Bad Breath. ► Management and supervisors need to keep their staff under constant scrutiny when on duty. ► Staff need to come to work having the correct attitude to customers, other staff and colleagues. Be professional at all times, no larking about, being too noisy etc.

7 Who are our Customers? ► Business and Private Individuals staying for Business or pleasure, mid- week or weekends ► Customers attending meetings, conferences, Restaurant & Bar or Banqueting Customers ► Elderly Groups, Disabled, Special Needs ► Our Customers are people who come from different backgrounds, cultures, religions, businesses, organisations. Some of our customers come from abroad and often do not even speak the language. ► If we know and understand our customers then we can help make their experience at the hotel far superior.

8 How do we benefit from Good Customer Service? ► Increased customer loyalty resulting in Repeat business & Recommendations ► Marketing and Advertising costs are less ► Less Complaints, and refunds ► Customers talk about us as being ‘better’ than other Hotels. ► Customer service these days is generally poor or average. Striving to be the best gets you recognised ► Feel good factor in the hotel, results in better working environment for staff, better feed back and gratuities. Gives staff a sense of a job well done ► Leads to reduced staff turnover. It is estimated that it costs a minimum of £1500 per staff member to recruit.

9 Complaint Handling ► Listen fully and be attentive ► Have open body language…. Not folded arms, or head down looking at the floor. ► Let the customer finish ► Apologise sincerely, tell them that you will take ownership of the situation. Take an empathetic view…but do not patronise. ► If the problem is complex, investigate, report back and suggest a solution. ► If you can put the problem right there and then, Do it and make it right. ► If you feel out of your depth, apologise and suggest that you call someone more senior. ► Ensure that you report all facts and details to the senior staff member/ or manager away from the customer.

10 Records & Marketing ► Accurate records give us mailing lists ► We use Post Code recognition and house numbers for effective address finding. ► We can search using any criteria, e.g. Customers who live 50 mile radius away. ► Accurate client comment records lead to improved customer service, e.g. Mr Jones likes room 225 each time he stays ► Each individual staff member remembers a customers likes and dislikes if they stay on a regular basis, they have their own ‘computer records’ in their head. ► We need to be aware of Data Protection Act with customer details.

11 What are we striving for? ► The best recognised levels of customer service in the city with Investors in People and Servicemark Awards Resulting in ► Increased Business Levels from Loyalty & Recommendation Resulting in ► Improved morale and sense of achievement for staff & management Resulting in ► Lower staff turnover Resulting in ► More benefits and higher wages for staff, and lower price increases for customers as hotel becomes more profitable Resulting in ► Being more competitive in the market place with improved and increased investment in facilities and services for customers Resulting in ► Increased Business Levels from Loyalty & Recommendation etc etc etc…

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