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1920: Kroger Recession (economic slowdown) as WW1 end affects company prices Price Down: 80.

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1 1920: Kroger Recession (economic slowdown) as WW1 end affects company prices Price Down: 80

2 1920: Radio Corp Sales slow, little demand. People unsure if Radios are “just a Fad” Price Down: 80

3 1920: Mammoth Oil 9 new wells start pumping oil in a Wyoming field. Price Up: 120

4 1920: City Corp Bank declares the usual 10% profit for the year. Price up slightly: 110

5 1920:Durant motors Company is slow starting, it fails on loan to City Corp Bank Price down: 70

6 1920: Midland Power Midland extends its power lines west, to Michigan and Wisconsin. New area means new profit Price Up: 120

7 1920: K&P Railroad Federal government deregulates the railroad, gives K&P free tracts of land in the Midwest. Price Up: 120

8 1920: Tel-Tone Dial phones installed in parts of New York City. They expect Millions of new phone users. Price UP: 150

9 1921: Kroger Federal government passes a tariff (increases taxes) on imported food from Europe. Kroger benefits. Price up: 100

10 1921: Radio Corp First radio station KDKA begins broadcasting in November. Sales of new models improve. Price Up: 110

11 1921: Mammoth Oil Oil Lease in Teapot Dome, Wyoming leads to HUGE profits. Price UP!: 140

12 1921: City Corp Business as usual. Up 10% again Price up: 120

13 1921:Durant motors Sales depressed as competitor, Ford, produces “Model T” very cheaply. Price down: 60

14 1921: Midland Power Competitor, Commonwealth Edison begins to rise. Price down: 110

15 1921: K&P Railroad Company expands into southwest mining area. Profits rise. Price up: 130

16 1921: Tel-Tone New Dial technology leads to more success. Price up: 160

17 1922: Kroger Merger with eastern food chain leads to more stores and higher sales! Price WAY UP: 150

18 1922: Radio Corp 15 new patents purchased. Sales improve. Price up: 130

19 1922: Mammoth Oil Company continues rise, hottest stock on the market! Price up: 160

20 1922: City Corp US Foreign Debt commission begins talk of repayment of French and English loans to American Banks. Price up: 130

21 1922:Durant motors Durant car sales are depressed as Ford mass produces cars using an assembly line. Durant is behind the times Price down  : 50

22 1922: Midland Power Fianacial genius Samuel Insull’s shady business deal allows Midland to take over Edison Power. Price up : 125

23 1922: K&P Railroad Price rises as agricultural (Farm products) shipments from Southwest begins Price up : 140

24 1922: Tel-Tone Due to more widespread use of the telephone, this company shows the greatest increase of any on the market Price up : 170

25 ***news flash*** Business friendly president Warren Harding dies, replaced by Calvin Coolidge. Stocks suffer as unknown new president “Silent Cal” takes over.

26 1924: Kroger Corn suffers a crop “Blight”. Agricultural prices lower, causes stock to suffer. Price down  : 140

27 1924: Radio Corp Price: new models well received by the public. Sales BOOM! Price up : 142

28 1924: Mammoth Oil Teapot dome SCANDAL breaks! Congressional investigation of oil leases finds bribery and fraud! Secretary of interior Albert Fall arrested for fraud. Price down  40

29 1924: City Corp Company announces another good year. Business as usual. Price: 140

30 1924:Durant motors Powerful Du Pont family begins to buy large portions of Durant stock. Price Up slightly: 60

31 1924: Midland Power Insull announces dividends (profits from stock) will not be paid for one year as a result of Edison merger. Price down: 100

32 1924: K&P Railroad Reason: Competition from the new trucking industry. Profits down. Price down: 130

33 1924: Tel-Tone Company announces completion of a merger with several East Coast companies. Price up: 180

34 1926: Kroger Company begins buying fresh fruit from California. Profits up… Price up: 155

35 1926: Radio Corp Government statistics show over 200 new radio stations open in 2 year period beginning in 1924 Price up 160

36 1926: Mammoth Oil Company still hasn’t recovered from Teapot Dome scandal Price down  : 30

37 1926: City Corp French government begins to pay back WW1 loans. Stock Jumps Price up: 160

38 1926:Durant motors Fisher body company joins Durant in a merger. Price up: 70

39 1926: Midland Power Cryus Eaton of Cleveland Power co. maybe trying to take over Midland power. Proxy fight may begin. Price: 130

40 1926: K&P Railroad Profits from Southwest expansion not panning out. Price down: 120

41 1926: Tel-Tone Bell Telephone makes an offer to buy the outstanding stock from the company, price jumps Price up: 200

42 1927: Kroger Company begins opening markets in most major east coast cities. Price up: 175

43 1927: Radio Corp Over 700 stations now exist. Sales excellent. Price up: 160

44 1927: Mammoth Oil The owner of Mammoth renames the company “Sinclair Oil” and issues new stock. Price up: 45

45 1927: City Corp Profits up, business good… Price up: 170

46 1927:Durant motors Louis Chevrolet is hired to design an inexpensive car to compete with Ford’s model T… Price: 80

47 1927: Midland Power Cyrus Eaton begins dumping large blocks of midland stock on a depressed market Price: 90

48 1927: K&P Railroad Flood Damage causes railroad to lose money Price down: 110

49 1927: Tel-Tone The company is taken over by Bell System Price: 220

50 1928: Best year in market history!

51 1928: Kroger Sales improve as agricultural surpluses keeps farm prices low Price up: 180

52 1928: Radio Corp Reason: RCA becomes one of the hottest on the market Price up 240

53 1928: Mammoth Oil (Now Sinclair oil) Company begins to recover from scandal Price up : 70

54 1928: City Corp Steady stock, price up again Price: 200

55 1928:Durant motors Durant motors and Fisher body co. announce a merger of over 300 auto parts companies, to form a new company named General Motors Price: 150

56 1928: Midland Power The Chicago Tribune discloses Insull’s company is a house of cards and ready to crumble. Price: 70

57 1928: K&P Railroad New oil field opened along the right of way in Kansas and Oklahoma Price: 150

58 1928: Tel-Tone Stocks continue to rise…. Price: 250

59 1929: Stock Market Crash!

60 Stock Market Crash!

61 Outcome for 1929: Thursday, October 24 1929: (Black Thursday) 12 million shares of stock are traded in 1 day. 700$ million is lost by stock holders as the market takes the greatest dive in history!

62 1929: Kroger Price: 100

63 1929: Radio Corp Price: 50

64 1929: Mammoth Oil Price: 30

65 1929: City Corp Price: 150

66 1929:Durant motors (GM) Price: 50

67 1929: Midland Power Price: 10

68 1929: K&P Railroad Price: 20

69 1929: Tel-Tone Price: 100

70 Stock Questions: 1. What causes prices to rise and fall? 2. What would you have done differently if we did the game over? 3. What do smart investors do to make more money?

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