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UFS Spring Plenary Saratoga Springs 2014 Empire State College.

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1 UFS Spring Plenary Saratoga Springs 2014 Empire State College

2 Sector Meeting-University Colleges Budgets-declining high school enrollments (except for campuses downstate) General Education revisions Some ready to implement, others still working. Moving some gen eds to “graduation requirements” to keep it down to 30 credits.

3 Sector Reports-University Colleges Questions for the chancellor: What is your vision for where we fit in the system and where might we be in five or 10 years? Do you think our mission will fundamentally change? How can we begin to have a dialogue about our future?

4 Chancellor Response The sector due for the greatest impact and shift in mission is at the comprehensive level. It is built on a residential model with a particular demographic. Now that is changing to non-traditional, but university colleges are well-situated for non- traditional people in the local area. The biggest adjustment is to online courses and we are almost as different within this sector as we are across this sector.

5 Con’d One way is to drill down and reflect on this for university colleges, because our online commitment is not going away. There has been a second request for putting online degrees up, and to shift from enrollments to outcomes. We need to think about what would attract more state investment. Every sector invited to participate in SUNY 2020, StartUp NY. Research Foundation wants to invest more time in the comprehensive sector. It might be time to really “drill down” on the future of our comprehensive colleges.

6 Chancellor Zimpher Report 4 Guidelines (outcomes and indicators should): College Readiness, Degree Completion, Success (Value), Research and Innovation. By November-solidify process, try to get new dollars by improving in these areas. Obama creating a rating system to tell the government how colleges are doing to serve under-served populations-those students access to increased financial aid. Others would have financial aid reduced. Metrics-Completion and Jobs (ie. Income tax) Comments from Senators: about over emphasizing STEM to the detriment of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Adding the A to STEM=STEAM. Need to have recognition that “English” majors do not necessarily get jobs immediately in their fields.

7 Provost-Beth Bringsjord Seamless Transfer Campus reviews complete Implementation Fall 2015 Data-informed policy making Input on metrics Gathering information: Graduation rates, Stem, graduate retention, AAS and AOS degrees, institutional mission, etc. Access, completion and success Universal PSAT as early as 10th grade, if college ready then encourage them to take SUNY courses. If not, then early intervention. 4th year of math, but common core does not require that, but we don’t have enough math high school teachers in NY.

8 Budget-Robert Haelen The 2014-15 budget for SUNY doesn’t provide enough to cover mandated costs, including negotiated salary increases and inflationary costs. However, SUNY ended up with a better financial situation than the last couple of years—a small increase in State operating aid, an increase in EOP funding, an increase in the maximum TAP award (which could be beneficial to SUNY), and a substantial increase in capital funds.

9 LICH-Long Island City Hospital Allowed to exit by May 22 nd Accepted bid of Brooklyn Health Partners ($250 mil) Need to determine if they can deliver what was asked-a fully functional hospital, if not go to next bid. Not sure what is going to happen on campuses with the $300 mil SUNY still owes even after sale.

10 Resolutions on Textbooks Asking that if over $150 copies be available in library Request that people make every effort to use open sources, ebooks, etc to help students with the cost of books. Referred back to committee (issues with putting the burden on the library).

11 edTPA Resolution Passed without Dissent To remove the use of the edTPA as a requirement for initial certification in New York beginning May 2014 and thereafter; and To establish a task force involving college faculty and administrators to review the role of externally evaluated performance-based assessment in teacher education programs, and whether or how edTPA (or other measures) might be used in those programs; and To postpone the use of edTPA data in the profiles of teacher education programs until the 2015-16 academic year at the earliest.

12 Board of Regents s/2014/April2014/413hea4Revised.pdf Allows conditional certification

13 Evaluation of President’s and Shared Governance An assessment of a campus president must include an evaluation of his or her commitment to the essential principles and practices of shared governance. It is imperative that the president acknowledges the importance of shared governance and the roles of various stakeholders) in decision-making processes. Based on a review of a variety of materials the University Faculty Senate believes that descriptors, with supporting evidence, should be used to evaluate SUNY presidents’ commitment to the principles and practice of shared governance. Passed without dissent

14 Resolution on Presidential Searches University Faculty Senate reaffirms its support for the process for selection of campus presidents outlined in the 2012 State University of New York Guide to Presidential Searches at State-Operated Institutions, and recommends to the Chancellor and the SUNY Board of Trustees that the applicability of that policy extend to positions equal in authority and responsibility to a president regardless of title, other than interim or acting. Passed without dissent.

15 Information CGL Orientation on June 5th and 6th Information to be sent out next week. Some StartUpNY proposals returned to campuses, because they didn’t have adequate governance input.

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