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Consensus Decision Making In the Sacramento Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous.

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1 Consensus Decision Making In the Sacramento Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous

2 A Working Definition of Consensus Derives from the Latin con meaning “with” or “together with” and sentir meaning to “think” or “feel”. So, “consensus” means to “think or feel together.” Consensus is a process by which a common mind of the meeting is sought about the wisest way forward on a particular issue at the time.

3 Consensus decision making is… A cooperative process for making decisions in which everyone consents to the decisions of the group Not everyone’s first preference necessarily, but true agreement Decisions should reflect the integrated will of the whole group Preserves the interests and integrity of all participants

4 Consensus decision making is… Focused on problem solving & working together NOT a process for determining whose ideas are best Searching together for the best solutions for our groups & primary purpose A questioning process, not the “okey-doke” An opportunity to enjoy respectful & creative conflict

5 Discussion Proposal Test for Consensus NOYES Modify of Proposal Assent, Assent w/Reservations, or Stand Aside Concerns RaisedConsensus Achieved Action PointsBlock How It Works:

6 Ideally… concerns and reservations will discussed though the consensus decision-making process When the call for consensus on a proposal is made, you have four choices: Assent (agree, approve, concur, go along with, consent) Assent with Reservations Stand Aside Block

7 Three Degrees of Dissent ASSENT = “I agree with the decision at hand, all things considered.” Assent with Reservations = “I have some reservations about this proposal, but I can live with it.” Stand Aside = “I personally can’t do this, but I won’t stop others from doing it.” Block = “I cannot support this or allow the group to support this. It is against our principles.”

8 6. Dissenting views are embraced and incorporated into our decisions. 7. No magic words or phrases necessary to ask a question. 8. The process calls for active engagement. 9. Discussion is not constrained by a motion; we can consider multiple concerns and information. 10. Requires cooperation and problem solving. Top Ten Reasons for Using Consensus Decision Making

9 1. No more “Area Circus” -- We leave the ASC feeling good about our recovery and our commitment to serve! 2. Our outstanding record of attendance, trusted servants who end one commitment and return for another, and the substantial clean time in this group must mean we’re doing something right! 3. Provides opportunities to practice spiritual principles including patience, open-mindedness, trust, faith, goodwill, and honesty. 4. The group as a whole is responsible for our decisions. 5. Shared responsibility for maintaining an atmosphere of respect; an emphasis on “WE” not “ME”.

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