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KHS iPad Day iHomeroom Wednesday, August 20, 2014.

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1 KHS iPad Day iHomeroom Wednesday, August 20, 2014

2 Before you get your iPad, we need to cover the basics... Listen carefully and follow the directions.

3 iPad Expectations 1. Keep it educational, all the time. ●Your iPad is for academic success! ●While in school, use your iPad for academics. 2. Use with focus. ●Avoid distractions and do your work. 3. Uphold academic honor. ●Your work should be your work. 4. Respect and protect yourself, others, and your work. ●secure your identity, never share passwords/codes, protect from theft, take good care of your iPad

4 Your iPad is a TOOL for SCHOOL ●Collaborate ●Research ●Read text ●Note taking ●Resources ●Stay up on your assignments ●Keep track of your grades Keep your iPad battery charged so you are ready to learn!

5 iPad is NOT for…. ●Surfing unrelated sites ●Playing games ●Wasting time or socializing ●Taking pictures or videos without permission ●Cyber-bullying ●Filling the memory of personal apps, music, videos ●ANYTHING inappropriate for school! Remember the iPad is SCHOOL PROPERTY There are consequences outlined in the student handbook.

6 Most of your help resources are in the library. password assistance with network connection help with apps Dead low battery = Recharge in Grade Level or Library Stolen/Missing = Report to Grade Level, Find My iPad, Alert SRO, and parents. Student Support Center for Help

7 SIGN & PICK UP iPads now Teachers will distribute your iPad after you sign off on the form in your iPad packet. Students should power on their iPad now but wait for the next slide. We have some set-up to do yet!

8 SET A PASSCODE - Tap Settings app - Select General - Set Auto Lock to 10 minutes - Passcode Lock/ Set to On - Ipad Cover lock/Unlock set to ON - Move the side switch to Lock Rotation (check) - Remember Passcode or you will be permanently locked out of your own iPad

9 Settings/ Sounds - Under Settings icon - Tap on Sound - turn OFF keyboard Clicks

10 Find My iPad - In Settings app/Privacy - Turn on Location Services (this must be set to “On” in order for Find My iPad to work properly) - Tap Find My iPad at the bottom of this screen - Turn On Find My iPad

11 KHS email check If you are 9th and 10th graders, the district has set up your school email account for you. On the next slide, double check this has been done for you. If you are 11th and 12th graders or if you may be new to the district, you will need to set up your school email account. Follow the next slide for directions.

12 HOW TO SET UP/CHECK YOUR EMAIL - Tap Settings app - Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars - Tap Add Account - 9th and 10th graders Check your email account by selecting the email under Accounts. 9th & 10th graders use their student numbers: - 11th and 12th graders need to go to the next slide for set up directions.

13 11th, 12th, & new students who need to SET UP SCHOOL EMAIL 11th & 12th graders or new students will use the old convention for Kdocs that is their first initial, last initial, last three digits of student number and birth date Choose to add a google account - Enter the name for the account, email, password & description - Write this information down for your future reference!

14 Student password records for KSD Students need to go to this URL and complete the form. Take a screen-shot of this form before submitting to KHS (hold down the power button on the front and the top at the same time).

15 Did you have trouble today? Your teacher can submit any issues to 1029. If you had password issues: Login to or activate Infinite Campus Gradebook = Librarians Edline password = Mr. Chris Bond Don’t forget you can take your iPad to the Student Support Center in the Library for help.

16 Beyond the Basics The next few slides are for accessing Edline, Infinite campus, etc. Teachers, if you have time you can continue; if not you can wait until another time or work with students in your individual classes.

17 Creating Homescreen icons - From current page on Safari - Tap the share share icon - Tap Add to Homescreen - Tap on newly create App - Give it a name - Can create icons for Edline and Infinite Campus for quick, easy access

18 Accessing Edline - 1a If you have used Edline previously to access your classes, -Tap Safari App -Go to KHS homepage -Tap on Sign In

19 Accessing Edline - 1b - Enter LDAP user name and password created last year. - You will then see all your classes listed that you will be taking at KHS during 2014-15 school year. Example: Sem 1 Per 1 AP BIO Sem 1 Per 2 US History

20 Accessing Edline - 2a If you have never accessed Edline view your classes, -Tap Safari App -Go to KHS homepage -Tap on “click here”

21 Accessing Edline - 2a - Enter your personal activation code in the space provided. - Your homeroom teacher has access to this activation code in their Edline homeroom listing (under Manage Class). NOTE: This code can only be used once!! - Use your LDAP login and password. Remember these as activation code cannot be used again.

22 Accessing Infinite Campus - 1 -Tap shortcut icon or go to KHS homepage - Tap on Student Life, then Student Links -

23 Accessing Infinite Campus - 2 - Scroll down to Online Gradebook

24 Accessing Infinite Campus - Enter LDAP username and password - You will see grades from individual classes posted

25 iForgot -1 Tap KHS icon Tap on Student Life Tap Students Links Tap IForgot

26 iForgot - 2 Enter appropriate information to retrieve your password and/or username

27 App Store - Tap on App at bottom of screen - Scroll down to bottom of screen - Tap on Sign in - US store - Agree to terms - Choose none for credit source - Must enter title, first and last name, your school’s address and school phone # as 314-213-6100

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