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1 Color Theory. 2 What is Color Theory? Premeditated use of color.

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1 1 Color Theory

2 2 What is Color Theory? Premeditated use of color

3 3 Before we begin Binary is a number system Based on using only 1’s and 0’s (10 base 2) In binary 14 looks like this 1110 Hexadecimal is a number system Based on using 0 – F to represent 0 – 15 Hex is used to represent colors using 6 digits

4 4 What does it look like? We denote hex by placing a pound sign (#) in front of the number. Black = #000000 #333333 #666666 #999999 #CCCCCC White = #FFFFFF

5 5 Dissecting a hex color FF0000 Alternatively, you can specify the red (R), green (G), and blue (B) intensities directly }}} Red intensity Green intensityBlue intensity #

6 Web Safe Colors Add information about Web Safe Colors here 6

7 Dithering Add information here 7

8 8 The Color Wheel

9 9 Why is it in a circle? To show the relationships of the colors

10 10 Color Schemes are A collection of colors We see colors together all the time

11 11 Defined color schemes Primary Colors red, blue, yellow The three colors that make every other color

12 12 Defined color schemes Secondary Colors green, purple, orange The first three colors made from red, blue, & yellow

13 13 Defined color schemes Tertiary Colors red-violet, red-orange, yellow-green, yellow-orange, etc The mixture of one primary color and one secondary color

14 14 Defined color schemes Analogous Colors blue-violet, purple, red-violet Colors adjacent to each other

15 15 Defined color schemes Complimentary Colors red, green Colors across from each other, opposites

16 16 Defined color schemes Split-Complimentary Colors red-violet, red-orange, green A color and the two colors on either side of its compliment

17 CS-10 2008 - Session 2 17 Defined color schemes Triadic Colors red-violet, yellow-orange, blue-green 3 colors evenly spaced from one another

18 18 Defined color schemes Monochromatic blue, blue with white added (tint), blue with black added (shade) A single color and its tints and shades

19 19 What did we learn? What other cues did we gather from those schemes? How many colors? 1 - 4

20 20 More terminology Hue – color Saturation – hue purity (tainted by white or black) Shade – adding black to a color Tint – adding white to a color

21 21 Color Color is so strong it can evoke feelings

22 22 Color meaning What colors evoke hunger? What colors evoke depression? Happiness?

23 23 Logo Fail

24 24 Logo Fail

25 25 A classic misunderstanding Of color use on the web

26 26 But you said To pick a color scheme Why is there a problem? –Readability ( contrast check )contrast check –Usability –Accessibility Website Develop Color Galleries – –

27 27 Colorscheme picking Adobe Kuler Colour Lovers Color Scheme Generator See Gimme, gimme section for more color links

28 28

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