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MATH MOUNTAIN 135 Challenge Math Questions. 1. ? Draw cubes, flats, rods, and ones to show the number: 1,583.

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1 MATH MOUNTAIN 135 Challenge Math Questions

2 1. ? Draw cubes, flats, rods, and ones to show the number: 1,583.

3 2. Write this number using words? 3,654 Write this number in expanded notation.

4 3. What number does this Roman numeral represent? XXXIII

5 4. List all of the PRIME numbers between 0 and 30.

6 5. Round 21, 579 to the nearest thousand. Write the number using digits. Write in expanded notation. Write the number using words.

7 6. Multiply 11 times 8. Is your answer odd or even? How many sets do you have? How many elements in each set?

8 7. Draw a number line that shows all numbers 3< x <15

9 8. How many more pieces of mail need to be delivered to equal 30,000? Pieces of mail delivered DayNumber of pieces of mail Thursday6,822 Friday6,832 Saturday6,382 Monday6,632

10 9. B. has 643 trading cards in his collection but he wants to have 1000 by the end of the year. About how many more does he need to collect to reach his goal of 1000? If he buys cards in sets of 10 how many sets will he need to buy?

11 10. Create an equation that shows the identity property of multiplication. Solve your problem. Create a problem for the class. Put it in the IDEA jar.

12 11. A cookie factory produced 48 packages of cookies each minute. There are 24 cookies in each package. How many cookies could the factory produce in one hour? How much could they produce in a 12 hour day?

13 12. Identify each solid figure. Select one and draw each of its sides.

14 13. Find the perimeter of this rectangle. What would the area of this rectangle be? Perimeter = h + h + l + l Area = h x l 12 20

15 14. Many times fractions can be REDUCED. Reduce these fractions to their lowest form. 40/100 10/50 3/9 6/18 30/90 25/100

16 15. Make a guess. What is the approximate angle made on each circle?

17 16. Draw each figure using translation. We used to call it a SLIDE. Does a translation change the size or shape of a figure?

18 17. Identify each angle. Which is ACUTE, OBTUSE, RIGHT, or STRAIGHT. A B C D

19 18. Show each transformation with the shape below. translation - slide 45 degree rotation 90 degree rotation reflection

20 19. If the dimensions of this yellow rectangle are 6’ X 12’ and the blue rectangle has the same perimeter as the yellow rectangle, what are some possible dimensions for the blue rectangle?

21 20. If you were standing above this flat and rod, what would you see? Draw the top view of these base 10 blocks.

22 21. Per cent = per 100 Cent = 100 Think of a flat with 100 units. If you had 2 of those units you could write it 2/100 or 2% or 0.02 How would you write it if you had 30 of those units?

23 22. Jordan wants to ride a total of 6 miles today. Which route could he follow to accomplish his goal? Grid = 1 mile x.5 mile Store Jordan’s house I mile.5 mile school playground basketball pond

24 23. Write the signs to show the relationships of these numbers. 4/7 5/7 3/9 10/30 0.06 0.006 5.4 5.400

25 24. List all possible ways to pay for a slice of pizza that costs $1.75 ( Hint: make a chart )

26 25. What is the value of each digit below? 69,341.258

27 26. What number does this Roman numeral represent? LXXXVII

28 27. Barbara invites 100 of her friends to her birthday party. The invitations come 12 to a pack. Write an equations can she use to find “p”, the number of packs of invitations she needs to buy?

29 28. Tommy works at Burger King with 2 other friends. At the end of each shift they put all of their tips together and split them. They have $27 tonight. If they divide the money equally how much will each friend receive?

30 29. Draw cubes, flats, rods, and ones to show the number: 2,948.

31 30. Claud has a box of chips he wants to share with his friends. The box of assorted chips has 28 bags in it. Claud passes out six bags, one for each friend and continues until the box in empty. How many bags will each friend get?

32 31. An airplane took off from Austin, Texas at 10:45 a.m. and landed in Orlando at 1:25 p.m. How long was the flight?

33 32. Iona wants to make a vegetable garden in her backyard. She wants to put fencing around it to keep the rabbits out. She has 70 feet of fencing. Which of the following equations can be used to find “f”, the length of each side of Iona’s garden. A. 4 divided by 80 = f B. f divided by 80 = 4 C. 80 times f = 4 D. 4 times f = 80

34 33. What number does this Roman numeral represent? LXXXVII

35 34. List all of the PRIME numbers between 0 and 39. Now add them all up.

36 35. Round 35, 494 to the nearest thousand. Write the new number. Write the number using words.

37 36. Multiply 7 times 11. Is your answer odd or even. Write your answer using expanded notation.

38 37. When the numerator of a fraction is equal to or greater than the denominator, the fraction is call an IMPROPER fraction. Change each improper fraction to a whole number or a mixed number. 5/5 7/4 12/3 18/5

39 38. Draw a number line that shows all numbers 16< x <54 Create a equation that is outside these parameters.

40 39. Estimate the number of pieces of mail that will be delivered on Wednesday based on the chart. Pieces of mail delivered DayNumber of pieces of mail Thursday6,822 Friday6,832 Saturday6,382 Monday6,632

41 40. Complete the pattern. What is the rule? + 8 = 10 + 80 = 100 + 800 = 1000 + 8000 = 10000

42 41. Round this number to the: Hundreds place ___________ Thousands place ___________ Ten thousands place ___________ Hundred thousands place _________ 753,642

43 42. M. ate 3/5 of a pepperoni pizza. Y. ate 4/8 of a cheese pizza. R. ate 6/9 of a stuffed crust pizza. Which child ate the most pizza?

44 43. J. and E. want to sell key chains at the farmer’s market. J. ordered 203 and E. ordered 419. How many key chains did they order in all? If each costs $.20 how much money do they need? If they sell each for $.50 what will be their total profit?

45 44. Complete the pattern. What is the rule? 4 - 2= 40 - 20= 400 - 200= 4000 - 2000=

46 45. M. and K. conducted a scientific experiment using trout and salmon. They studied 572 trout and 468 salmon. About how many fish did they study in all? How many more fish will they need if they want their sample to total 1500?

47 46. associative - commutative - identity ( I + j ) + k = I + ( j + k ) Which property of addition is shown? What is the definition of each property?

48 47. Create the largest number possible using these digits. 1 3 7 4 2 9 Now, rearrange the digits to make the smallest number possible.

49 48. L. and W. conducted a survey about computer usage at school. L. counted 834 surveys while W. counted 752 surveys. About how many surveys did they count? If each survey had 10 questions, how many questions need to be processed?

50 49. The cafeteria will be serving hot dogs this Thursday. They think about half of the students will purchase a hot dog for lunch. If there are 630 students at Port Orange Elementary, about how many hot dogs should the cafeteria cook?

51 50. Complete the pattern. What is the rule? Can you extend the pattern? 515 1030 60 30

52 51. A farmer in Flagler County sold 800 bags of potatoes at the market. Each bag holds approximately 20 potatoes and weighs 25 pounds. About how many potatoes did he sell? About how many pounds of potatoes did he sell? Challenge: what is the average weight of each potato?

53 52. Four hundred fifty six parent surveys were returned to Port Orange Elementary. There was a total of 26 questions on each survey. How many total answers need to be processed? If it takes 5 minutes to process each survey, how long will it take to process all of the surveys?

54 53. Which sign will make this math sentence true? 1000 50 X 22

55 54. L. wants to sell ice cream at the school picnic. She thinks about 600 people will attend the picnic. The store sells ice cream bars in packages of 24 for $4.50. How many boxes should she buy if she wants to have enough for half of the people. How much will she spend? Challenge: if she sells every ice cream for $.75 each what will her profit be?

56 55. If 700 ÷ 70 = 10 Then 70 X 10 = Which property does this illustrate? Design another equation that illustrates the same property.

57 56. M. made 487 pieces of candy to give out in goodie bags at her birthday party. She put 8 pieces of candy in each bag. How many goodie bags can she fill? How many friends can she invite to her party?

58 57. Which two numbers in the box have a quotient of 9? 2 6 8 10 14 72

59 58. Port Orange Fruit Co. needs to ship an order for 7,200 oranges to New York. If each lug box can hold 90 oranges, how many boxes will the company need? The boxes will ship by truck. The trucking company charges $1.50 per box. What will the shipping charges be?

60 59. Practice writing decimals as words. 0.2 is two tenths. Write each of the following decimals as words. 0.8 4.5 0.3 Read the decimal as “and” 3.1 reads: three and one tenths

61 60. Florida budgeted $410, 900 for new science textbooks for Volusia County. Each book costs $87.00. How many new textbooks can the state purchase? If there are 5000 students in Volusia County, will every student get a new book? Explain your answer.

62 61. Quadri means 4 and lateral means side. All 4 sided polygons are quadrilaterals. Draw and identify at least 4 different quadrilaterals.

63 62. S. wants to ride the Ferris wheel, the roller coaster, and the flume ride at Bush Gardens. He only has 3 tickets left. How many more tickets will he need? If each ticket costs $.75, how much money will he need? ROLLER COASTER4 TICKETS BUMPER CARS2 TICKETS FLUME RIDE5 TICKETS FERRIS WHEEL3 TICKETS

64 63. 13,739 X 1 13, 749 Which sign makes this math sentence true? Create an equation that uses the same sign.

65 64. Draw cubes, flats, rods, and ones to show the number: 2,724.

66 65. Write this number using words? 7,315 Write the number in expanded notation. Challenge: What is special about these digits?

67 66. What number does this Roman numeral represent? CLXXVII What are the Roman numerals for the date: 2013

68 67. Forty students went on a class fieldtrip to a fort. Thirty students enjoyed the trip to see the fort. This is ¾ = 75/100 of the students. What decimal number shows how many students liked the fort? What decimal number shows how many students did not enjoy the trip?

69 68. List all of the PRIME numbers between 0 and 100. Use all of them to create an equation. Put it in the IDEA jar.

70 69. Round 64, 428 to the nearest thousand. Write the new number. Now, write the amount as if it were money. Divide by 10. How much money do you have now?

71 70. Multiply 12 times 11. Is your answer odd or even. How many sets do you have? How many elements are in each set? Draw an array of your sets.

72 71. Draw a number line that shows all numbers 1< x <74 Create an equation within these parameters.

73 72. Use the chart to estimate the number of pieces of mail that will be delivered each month. REMEMBER: MAIL IS NOT DELIVERED ON SUNDAYS Pieces of mail delivered DayNumber of pieces of mail Thursday6,822 Friday6,832 Saturday6,382 Monday6,632

74 73. Orange Elementary is having a softball game to raise money for field trips. One hundred fourteen fans are sitting on the home team side and 76 fans are sitting on the visiting team side. Each fan paid $2.50 cents to get into the game. Popcorn and soda sales brought in an additional $438.00. How much money was donated to the field trip fund?

75 74. Write an expression for the sum of X and 48 If X equals 18, what is the sum? What would the sum be if X equals 73?

76 75. W. collects CDs. He already has an entire cabinet full. C = CDs He purchased a box of CDs at a garage sale with 47 CDs in it. Write an expression that shows how many CDs W. has now. Solve if C = 394

77 76. The Awards Banquet will be held at the Hilton Hotel next week. The hotel wants to arrange 150 flowers in vases for the banquet. If each vase can hold 5 flowers, how many vases are needed? How many tables will be used if one vase sits on each table? How many students can attend if there are 8 chairs at each table?

78 77. Complete the chart. What is the rule? 5 ÷= 1 50 ÷= 10 ÷= 100 5000 ÷=

79 78. Solve for N 3 X 7 + 8 + 3 – 16 = N N = What was your Order of Operations?

80 79. C. and R. work at a bakery after school. They baked 81 doughnuts, 92 brownies, and 167 chocolate chip cookies. The bakery sells each treat for $.90 What is the gross profit from sales if the bakery sells all of the treats the girls baked? Can you find the net profit from the information you have? Explain.

81 80. S. saved $38 in September, $49 in October, and $43 in November. She spent $114 on a video system. How much money does she have left? If she wants to buy two video games for $45 each, how much more will she need to save? About how long do you estimate it will take her to save the money?

82 81. It takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to drive to Bush Gardens from Daytona. If the park opens at 9 a.m., what time do we need to leave in order to arrive when the park opens?

83 82. B. needs a container that will hold 1000 cubits of dirt for a science experiment. She measures a containers length at 15 centimeters, width at 6 centimeters, and height at 10 centimeters. Will this container meet her needs? Explain. Draw a picture of her container.

84 83. Solve for C 162 X 2 – 15 + 200 = C + 47 = C What was your Order of Operations?

85 84. The city of Port Orange is holding a foot race. The winner finished the race in 88 minutes last year. If the winner finishes in 1 hour and 23 minutes this year, will they beat last year’s time? EXPLAIN

86 85. Which sign makes this sentence true? 786 X ½ 391

87 86. Is 4880 divisible by 10? Write the math equation. Now create a division problem with a remainder of 3?

88 87. D. collected bugs for a school project. She caught 61 in the backyard, 87 in the park, and 35 on the playground. About how many did she catch? Twelve bugs escaped. Create an equation to solve for B. B = Bugs

89 88. Choose two numbers from the box to complete the division sentence. ÷ = 8 4 6 48 57 81

90 89. A group of 421 campers wants to takes row boats out on the lake. If each boat holds 6 campers, how many boats will be needed? Write the equation.

91 90. School Publishing Co. needs to ship 418 new textbooks to Port Orange Elementary. If each box holds 20 books, how many boxes will they need in order to ship the books? Write the equation you used to solve the problem.

92 91. Complete the function table. What is the rule? INOUT 42 84 18 20 100

93 92. J. found 25 agates near the river’s bank. N found some also. When they put them together they had a total of 39 agates. Write an equation to show how many agates were found by N. Make A equal Agates

94 93. There are 300 chairs set up in the auditorium for an assembly. After the assembly, the chairs will be put away in stacks of 16. How many chairs will be in the last stack? The side closet can only hold 1/4 of the stacks of chairs. How many stacks will be stored in the stage closet?

95 94. Examine the table Which grade level consumed the most pizza in 2005? 2008? 2011? Has pizza consumption increased or decreased over the last six years? Prove your answer. Grade Level2005 2008 2011 KINDERGARTEN 110 121 116 FIRST 108 100 111 SECOND 97 103 86 THIRD 118 120 111 FOURTH 88 93 104 FIFTH 79 86 105

96 95. There are 273 people in line to ride the roller coaster before the park closes. If 36 people can ride each time, how many times will the ride have to run for everyone in the line to have a turn? Will the cars be full on the last ride? It takes 4 minutes for the ride to run and to reload the cars. How long will the last group of people have to wait to have their turn?

97 96. This cylinder has been cut on the vertical. Draw the pattern that will result if you open and flatten the cylinder.

98 97. An electrician needs to buy 81,000 centimeters of electrical tape. How many rolls of tape should she order if each roll holds 900 centimeters of tape? If each roll costs $25 what will the total price be? How much will she save if she uses her 10% off coupon?

99 98. L. eats some plain pizza and S. ate some pepperoni pizza. This is a picture of the pizza they ordered. How much pizza did L. eat?

100 99. Draw a horizontal number line using whole numbers 0 – 10. Draw a vertical number line using the same origin as your first line using whole numbers 0 – 10. Label X and Y Plot points ( 4, 2 ) and ( 2, 2 ) How far apart are the points?

101 100. Complete the function table S = d + 20 dS 6 7 8 9

102 101. What geometric solid can you make using this pattern? Use construction paper to create this pattern. Make the solid.

103 102. G.G. Cereal Co. produces 48,000 ounces of corn flakes each hour. Each box contains 40 ounces of cereal. How many boxes of cereal are produced each hour? Each box sells for $2.60 each. How much does G.G. Cereal Co. make each hour? Is this the net profit or gross profit?

104 103. Part of the 4 th grade is going on a field trip next Thursday. Thirty-three students will be traveling by van. Each van can hold 7 students and the driver. How many vans will be needed for the trip?

105 104. Look carefully at the angles below. What degree is each angle? What is the total degrees of each shape?

106 105. Port Orange needs about 8,000 slices of watermelon for the town picnic. If each watermelon can be cut into 20 pieces, how many watermelons should the city of Port Orange buy? Watermelon is on sale for $4.50 each at the farmer’s market. Each slice will be sold at the picnic for $.50 What will the net profit be?

107 106. Draw a grid with horizontal and vertical lines. Mark whole numbers 0 through 15. Label the X and Y axis. Place the objects on the grid. What are the coordinate points for each? ( X, Y ) school library food home

108 107. Volusia County had 443,000 residents in 2000. At the last census, in 2010, there were 495,000 people living in Volusia County. How many new people moved here during the last 10 years? If 25% of those people are under 18 years of age, how many people are under 18 years of age?

109 108. S. is cutting lengths of ribbon for the school parade. He wants to divide a piece of ribbon 150 inches long into 40 equal lengths. How long should be make each length?

110 109. The bake sale has brownies left over after their sale. Each pan holds 8 brownies. These amounts were left in each pan. 3/8 5/8 1/8 5/8 2/8 How many pans of brownies are left over?

111 110. Complete the function table What is the rule? INOUT 6010 488 427 5 3 2 1

112 111. J. ordered 3 pizzas for the club meeting. V. ate 2/5 H. ate 3/10 L. ate 6/5 and J. ate 4/10. How much was left over? Show your answer as a fraction. Show your answer as a decimal.

113 112. The city of Port Orange was established in April of 1867. How old is Port Orange today? How much older is Port Orange than you are?

114 113. A decimal is like a fraction. It shows part of a whole. Anything on the right of the decimal point is less than 1 whole. The farther we move to the right the smaller the number. Express these numbers as decimals. 1/4 2/5 8/100 47/100 ONEStenthshundredths.

115 114. Practice writing decimals as words. 0.27 is twenty-seven hundredths. Write each of the following decimals as words. 0.45 1.73 0.72 Read the decimal as “and” 3.2 reads: three and two tenths

116 115. Identify the diameter and the radius of this circle. A W D If the diameter is 12, what is the radius? Q

117 116. There were 4 people who ran for president of the Science Club. This table shows the fraction of the total votes each person received. Which person got the most votes? How many votes were cast in all? PERSONFRACTION OF TOTAL VOTES 124 / 100 24 / 100 312 / 100 460 / 100

118 117. A small city has a population of 156,000 people. What is the place value of each digit in the number 156,000? How many more people do they need to have a population of 200,000?

119 118. In a survey, 40 out of 100 people said they eat cereal for breakfast morning. What decimal shows the value 40 out of 100? Write it as a fraction. Reduce the fraction.

120 119. Write an expression that is equivalent to ( 6 X 3 ) X 9 Solve your equation.

121 120. The heaviest house cat on record weighed 47 pounds. The heaviest dog on record weighed 319 pounds. Write an expression to find the difference between the cat’s weight and the dog’s weight. Solve your equation.

122 121. List all of the factors of 24. What do you notice about each of these numbers?

123 122. Jimmy wants to buy enough chicken so each of the 8 people at his party can have 3 pieces. How much chicken should he buy? The chicken is sold 10 pieces in each bucket. How many buckets should he buy? How much will be left over? REMEMBER JIMMY NEEDS TO EAT TOO.

124 123. You are downloading a game onto your computer from the Internet. Look closely at the bar below to see about how much of the game has already been loaded. Show your answer as a fraction and a percent.

125 124. The highest temperature ever recorded in Florida was 109 degrees. The highest temperature recorded in the United States was 134 degrees. How much hotter is 134 degrees than 109 degrees? Predict the location of the 134 degree temperature. Support your answer.

126 125. When I went to the Sea World I saw an anglerfish that was 4 feet 6 inches long. How many total inches long was the anglerfish? What do you know about the anglerfish? Describe or draw a picture of this very unique fish. Remember: 1 foot = 12 inches

127 126. The plane figure below is a rectangle. The 4 sides are marked A, B, C, and D. A B C D Which sides are parallel? Which sides form right angles? Which sides are the same length? Which sides are perpendicular?

128 127. Playing a game of checkers is lots of fun. What is the area of this checkerboard? What is the perimeter?

129 128. The function table below shows the value of boat over a 4 year period. Draw the chart and continue the pattern to show the value after 7 years. VALUE OF BOAT IN DOLLARS AGE OF BOAT IN YEARS $12,0001 $11,5002 $11,0003 $10,5004 5

130 129. Use graph paper to draw a grid that is 10 X 10. Label X and Y Draw a triangle at point (2, 7) Draw a heart at point (3, 2) Draw a square at point (7, 2) Draw a star at point (8, 1)

131 130. A fisherman will pay you 10 cents for every worm you find. Let W stand for the number of worms you find. Write an expression to represent what you will be paid. Now solve for W if you find 18 worms.

132 131. I need a new refrigerator. What unit of measure is MOST appropriate for measuring the height, width, and length of a refrigerator? I have an opening in my kitchen that is 32 inches wide and 66 inches tall. Will a new side by side refrigerator fit if it’s dimensions are 3 feet X 3 feet X 6 feet?

133 132. The County Fair has a large Ferris wheel with 18 seats. Remember that there are 360 degrees in a circle. At what degree is each seat located? Draw the Ferris wheel to show your answer.

134 133. You must be at least 18 years of age to vote for the president of the United States. Let A stand for the age of a voter. Write an expression to show the age of a voter. The oldest person to ever vote was 103. If she voted in ever presidential election, how many times did she vote. (PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS ARE HELD EVERY 4 YEARS )

135 134. I have ordered a new washer and dryer. I must pay to have them shipped. What is the most appropriate unit of measure for finding the weight of a washer and dryer? I had to pay $50 in shipping costs. If the shipping company charges 25 cents per pound how much do my washer and dryer weigh?

136 135. The fourth grade class took a field trip to the fort in St. Augustine. The trip lasted a total of 7 hours. The students climbed on the bus at 8:30 a.m. Draw a clock to show what time the students returned to school after their trip to Castillo de San Marcos.

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