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Making a Beaten Metal Dish. Stage 1 Use the Gabro Guillotine to cut a square of Aluminium.

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1 Making a Beaten Metal Dish

2 Stage 1 Use the Gabro Guillotine to cut a square of Aluminium

3 Stage 2 Use a Rule and a Scriber to find the centre of the square

4 Stage 3 Place the metal on a hard surface and Centre Punch the middle of the square Centre Punch

5 Stage 4 Use Dividers to mark out a circle on the Aluminium Dividers

6 Stage 5 Use the Guillotine or Tinsnips to trim the metal to the circle. Guillotine Tinsnips Safety - Remember 1)Only one person is allowed to use the Guillotine at a time 2)Keep your fingers well back from the cutting edge

7 Stage 6 Use a File, then Emery cloth, to remove any corners from the aluminium disk

8 Dividers Stage 6 Rim Use the dividers to mark out the rim of the dish

9 1. Care should be taken when carrying hot metals (particularly metals at black heat that may not appear hot) 2. Clay bricks should not be heated as they can disintegrate violently. 3. Ceramic chips remain hot for a considerable time after the heat source has been removed. 4. Foreign materials present in the forge can cause fumes. Stones can explode. 5. Quenching of hot materials, particularly tubular components can cause risk of scalding. 6. Fuel combustion can produce dangerous gasses. Pupils should be aware of the following hazards Conditions of use. Appropriate safety equipment must be worn: Goggles, Leather gloves. (Leather apron where appropriate) The Forge

10 Hearth Canopy Fire Bricks On / Off Switch Isolating Switch Ceramic Chips Spark Ignition switch Brazing Torch Spark Blacksmiths Tongs

11 Stage 7 Anneal the Aluminium disk 123 1.Mark with soap 2.Heat until soap turns black 3.Quench

12 Stage 8 Hardwood Block Panel Pins Make a sinking block The sinking block is made from a piece of hardwood and two panel pins. The pins are positioned so the edge of the wood is level with the rim of the dish Block Edge

13 Stage 9 Commencement of sinking Use a Ball Pein hammer to strike down on the aluminium disk as shown then rota t e the disk and repeat this process. Blocking Hammer Strike the Disk in the positions marked X For better results use a Blocking Hammer

14 Stage 10 As you hammer the aluminium it will work harden and will need to be re-annealed after each round of hammering. 1 Soap 2 Heat 3 Quench Annealing

15 Stage 11 This process of sinking then annealing may need to be repeated 10 to 15 times to achieve the desired results. Occasionally you will need to flatten the rim of the dish. This can be done with a scrap piece of wood as shown

16 Stage 12 Once the dish has been hollowed it can be cleaned with emery cloth then wet and dry silicon carbide paper. Clean the dish thoroughly.

17 Stage 13 Use a Round Stake and a Repousse Hammer to produce a dimpled pattern all over the dish (Take care not to strike the face of the stake directly with the hammer as this will leave a dimple and damage the stake) Repousse Hammer Round Stake

18 Stage 14 Cover the whole dish with the dimpled pattern

19 Stage 15 Finally use some metal polish and a rag to clean the dish

20 The End

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