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4-Brittany ● Brittany is situated in the north-west of France. ● The capital town is Rennes. Rennes is situated in the north- east of Brittany, in Ille-

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1 4-Brittany ● Brittany is situated in the north-west of France. ● The capital town is Rennes. Rennes is situated in the north- east of Brittany, in Ille- et-Vilaine. ● Brittany became French in 1532, thanks to Duchess Anne de Bretagne.

2 Brittany Breton is a celtic langauge. It is similar to Welsh and Cornish in the United Kingdom. Breton is spoken in Brittany (the ''little Britain ''). We can learn Breton at school : it is an option. In the Breton class we learn the language, we learn the culture and the history of the brittany. Some words in Breton : Demat = Hello, Kenavo =Good Bye, Trugarez =Thank you, Nedeleg laouen =merry Christmas, Bloavezh mat =Bonne année Britain Ermine Little Britain Great Britain

3 Carnac ● Carnac is situated in the south of Brittany, in Morbihan. It's a prehistoric site, where you can see many Menhirs( dolmens). Menhirs are very tall stones of grey granite. They look beautiful.

4 St Mickael Mount ● St Mickael Mount is situated in the North- east of Brittany, in Ille- et-Vilaine. It's situated on a big rock of granite. 80 inhabitants live on this little island. On the summit of this island, there is an abbey.

5 LANNION Lannion is situated in Brittany (in the west of France). There were 19733 inhabitants in 2008. Lannion is twinned with : -Günzbourg (German) -Vivero (Spain) -Caerphilly (Wales) Lannion was founded in 836. Lannion

6 You can visit : -The church of Brélévenez, where the templans treasure is hidden -The staircase of Brélévenez -The chapel St Joseph -The chapel St Roch -The castle of Cruguil -The manor of Langonaval -The manor of Kerprigent

7 You can : - do sports ( swimming, football, basket, tennis, handball, dancing, cycling,... and practising canoeing : there is a modern water- stadium) - do manual activities (paint, draw,...) Water-stadium

8 Côtes D'Armor The côtes D'Armor is situated in the North of Brittany. The côtes d'Armor is a county in northwestern France.Before the Côtes d'Armor was called Côtes du Nord.In 1790 the Côtes d'Armor was created. The Flag of the côtes d'Armor is blue which represents the sea and green which represents the countryside. The white band represents a gull and the bay of Saint Brieuc. Archipelago of the seven islands Pink granite coast Bréhat Island The House between two rocks in Plougrescant Fort La latte Lighthouse of Ploumanac'h

9 The legends of Britanny. Land of Druids and sorcerers, the forest is the land of Broceliande légends. Beware spells, listen to stories, enjoy the fabulous epics and leave with the secrets of this mythical place. The forest of Broceliande BROCELIANDE

10 The Forest of Broceliande. The famous site of the forest of Broceliande is the Val without Return : The Breton Legend tells, this is a succession of valleys and the fairy Morgane locks the unfaithful lovers in these valleys. As a result of her enchantments, young knights lose the sense of reality and wander in these places without hope of return. These spells were foiled by Lancelot who remained faithful to his love for Queen Guinevere. This legendary place is near Fairy Mirror, a lake in which the fairies could read the future by throwing a grain of wheat, the colour of the lake is red because fairies died there. According to the legend, Merlin the enchanter was imprisoned in the Valley, in an invisible prison of air, by the fairy Viviane. The Fairy Mirror Merlin and the fairy Viviane

11 Fountains ● Fountain Barutton ● According to the legend, a beautiful fountain in the heart of the forest Brocéliande has a supernatural power: its water can unleash storms and has healing power for all diseases, mental or physical. It is in this scene that the wizard Merlin meets Viviane the fairy. ● the Fountain of Youth ● Once a year newborns are baptized at the Summer Solstice, those who were not baptized, could come back on the following year and were one year younger. It is said that if one bathes in it, he will rejuvenate like these children and if you drink some water you can live forever.

12 Kouign Aman

13 Ingredients : 250g wheat flour 200g salted butter 200g sugar 10g yeast 2 pinch of salt 10cl water

14 Preparation : In a cup, mix the yeast with 3 spoonfuls of warm water. In a bowl, mix the flour with the salt. Make a hole and pour the yeast. Knead the dough on the floured counter top until it becomes soft. Let rise the dough 3 hours at the normal temperature.

15 Preparation : Take the butter out of the fridge and let it soften. Butter a pan. Now, flatten the dough on the counter pan in a square of 1 cm thick. Butter the dough and sprinkle sugar up to 3 centimeters of the sides.

16 Preparation : Fold the dough into thirds. Roll the dough into a circle. Put the dough in the pan and leave 30 min.

17 Preparation : Preheat the oven to 210° C. Bake for 35 minutes. At 10 minutes and every 5 minutes, add some butter on the cake. Remove from the oven and leave for 15 minutes. Sprinkle 3 spoonfuls of sugar. Serve the kouign-aman lukewarm.

18 Les crêpes Ingredients: 250 g flour 3 eggs 2 spoonful of oil or 50 g butter 2 spoonful of sugar 1 pinch of salt

19 Preparation 1) Put the flour, the sugar and the 1 pinch of salt, oil or butter ( optional)and eggs in a bowl. 2) Blend and add the milk 3) Mix Crèpes

20 Two breton drinks

21 Breton whisky ● This is the breton whisky made in Lannion. ● The colours on the label are the colours of the breton flag.(black and white)

22 Cidre ● It's an alcohol drink made with apples.

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